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Smoking and E-cig use among teens is down, again – (Don’t tell Stan)


Smoking and e-cigarette use is down again. It’s a long standing whine from inefficient tobacco control “experts”, “those damn kids”.

Wait a minute…

Forgive me, I don’t know where my head was at by typing “those damn kids”.

It’s Think Of The Children ™ .

Future income for tobacco control.

There. Clear conscience. I hope we both feel better.

This graphic is just to make you laugh before we can move on.

I’ll wait.

glantz tweet

All set?

Moving on.

Smoking and E-cigarette use is dropping

The last chart I saw (from 2015) showing tobacco use among middle and high school students is below, and smoking rates at the bottom was going DOWN.


Seems in the chart on the bottom, the significant decrease in cigarettes use… was – well, ignored. Instead, it added in in the “overall useage”of tobacco.

Huh. Seems in the chart at the TOP, it increased. That made progress “No significant change”.

Well, after National Tobacco Day, that chart is accurate according to the arbitrary law.

I believe this grapic was made during the Surgeon General’s propaganda tour when I snipped this, so I apologize in advance on the source.

I’m sure they were made by someone much more important than I am before I put my remarks and drivel all over theirs.

I think the source is somewhere, if you can bear to go, in here.

lie kids rates.JPG



I’d like to believe the children surveyed in the latest findings are telling the truth to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). I’d also like to believe those organizations were truthful in relaying that information to the public. Not sure. You?

Not sure. You? Haven’t seen Puff-N-Stuff metanalyze it yet… for all I know this is cause for children to pick their noses…I’ll move on.

Either way, smoking is down, e-cigarette use (now called tobacco) is down.

  • Down 20% for “any tobacco product”.
  • Down 20% for “any combustible tobacco product”.
  • Down 26% for any “two (dual use) tobacco products”.
  • Down 29% for “e-cigarette use”.
  • Down 33% for “hookah use”.

Imagine taking away e-cigarettes as a choice.

Would any of the other categories have gone down?

I think not.

Between 2013 and 2015, e-cigarette use rose substantially, and then it dropped in 2016…while “experts” were claiming, screaming, yelling and making a general ass of themselves that they are a gateway to smoking. Yeah. About that…  They’ll be making an ass of themselves and taking credit for the lower rates… any minute now.

kids youth smoking drops again low.jpg

Fool me once… keep babbling…. I’ll make it clearer.

Stop that – you’re starting to look silly.

Youth Tobacco Use in the U.S.

Meanwhile, the Tobacco 21 crowd gears up and wants to restrict tobacco from 18-20 year olds from having that choice. (E-cigarettes). From Adults.

Now look back up at that chart.

Now look without giggling at this graphic tweet from “well respected” our National Tobacco Control Professor, Stanton “Puff-N-Stuff” Glantz, again. It’s like he’s trying to be convincing and all…

You know you want to.

glantz tweet

Added 8/26/17

“The implications of the rapid rise in electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) use remain unknown.”

Huh. Unknown. Maybe knowing they’re much less dangerous than conventional cigarettes is a start?

Nicotine dependence is not a significant mechanism for e-cigarettes’ purported effect on heavier future conventional smoking among young adults.

Evaluating the Mutual Pathways among Electronic Cigarette Use, Conventional Smoking, and Nicotine Dependence.

“most e-cigarette experimentation does not turn into regular use, and levels of regular use in young people who have never smoked remain very low.”


Cumulatively these surveys collected data from over 60,000 young people.

Young People’s Use of E-Cigarettes across the United Kingdom: Findings from Five Surveys 2015–2017

“When tobacco use decreases, less smoking occurs.”

“If “children” are *already smoking, they’re *smokers regardless of age.

Legislators who say 18-year-olds are not adults are hypocrites



Clive Bates has been saying the same thing since 2013.

We need to talk about the children – the gateway effect examined

It’s also here from the Capital Research Center and Dr. Steve Allen:

Oh, and here:

Vaping Rates Are Falling For Teens Despite Alleged ‘Gateway’ Effect To Smoking

I’ve covered it, among other places, here:

The FDA can’t prove nicotine addiction or gateways exist.

And Dr. Cranfield, who did this

has covered the gatway theory in this video. Well worth the listen

Added 8/26/17

My Data Driven Meta-Analysis: E-cigarettes Cause Less Smoking

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Smoking Rates Among Youth Now At “Unimaginable” Levels


Smoking rates are now dropping MUCH faster than anticipated.

That is against the master tobacco control “endgame“.

The propaganda of e-cigarettes being “gateways” and creating “new addicts” are unfounded. The ever-popular phrase “think of the children™” squealed by experts is another contrived and unsuccessful effort to keep themselves relevant.

Smoking rates have now plummeted “among youth” AND adults.


Matt Myers, of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is in shock. The decline of tobacco use and e-cigarette use is so dramatic, the claims of a gateway or addicting new smokers is now plenty of reason for the whole world to pause for a moment – or two.

Statistic have been manipulated,  creating mythical gateways, pretending there is such a thing as nicotine addiction.

The December U.S. Surgeon General propaganda train was covered here, here, here, and here.

You still haven’t answered my question.

LESS smoking concerns you “how”?


Keep The Lies On Your Side

Smoking and e-cigarette use is declining so dramatically, Matt Myers, President of  “Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids” said “This is unimaginable, extraordinary progress” in this Washington Post article.

What were you thinking when you co-sponsored this letter?

You still haven’t answered this question, either:

WHY aren’t you working on reducing or eliminating the non-compliance level – evidently acceptable – TWENTY percent of sales of tobacco to minors by retailers?

Where is that press release? Where are signatures from all your groups?

Why can two out of ten children still possibly purchase tobacco?

Synar Amendment.


The Heat Is On

“Approved” products do not work.

With snus largely ignored, the advent and success of e-cigarettes, heat not burn products coming into the market, the public is generally unaware of you deceiving them and withholding information about MUCH less harmful products.

Since its inception and invention, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and President Matt Myers has done anything and everything to keep people smoking.

Less smoking and e-cigarette use is still concerning you, Mr. Myers?

If e-cigarettes and flavors are a gateway to smoking, where are all the new smokers?

This graph from the Centers for Disease Control – even with my amateur assessment – is the general experimentation of smoking with kids, which will happen with, or preferably without you. Don’t flatter yourself.

You didn’t cause that rate to drop. E-cigarette availability and preferability did.

What the hell is wrong with you?

YOU want e-cigarettes regulated, which will, in turn, create more smokers.

youth kids decline decline decline cdc

Yes, Mr. Myers. Unimaginable to believe after more than thirty years of manipulation, you’ve got your work cut out for you. You need to figure out how to remain suitable to shareholders to continue the business of being a front group.

In order to retain your status, your “non-profit” business model must have new smokers whether they’re kids or adults.

You can pretend your “efforts” brought these numbers down all you like, posturing as a hero and gloating…but you, and tobacco control’s agenda-driven irrelevance is drivel dripping down your chin.

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Why Can Children Still Purchase Tobacco? Ask “Tobacco-Free Kids”


There is an illusion that the front group, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, is in the business of reducing and preventing children from smoking. As CEO and President, Matt Myers has done more to keep tobacco use in the United States than any tobacco executive could hope for.

In fact, as a tobacco executive’s wet dream, Myers promotes smoking to adults and eludes to protecting children. What a guy.

Adults have choice. Meanwhile, children have opportunity.


Tobacco Free Kids was invented in 1995 and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Johnson & Johnson, makers of smoking “cessation” products).

Matt Myers has negotiated with Philip Morris to determine terms of the Master Settlement Agreement, and”helped” create legislation with his friends once again in 2004 to create legislation for the Food and Drug Administration to regulate tobacco.

You know, to keep it around.

Below is a quote from SenatorJudd Gregg, chairman and ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee at the time:
[S]ignificant, I think, is the fact that … we are claiming that we are actually harming the tobacco companies. This argument is being
made in the market-place of ideas around here that this tobacco
bill is somehow, in some way, an attack on big tobacco, when with
the immunity language in it, it is just the opposite – it is a protective blanket.
It is an iron curtain of protection for big tobacco…..
[W]e made a deal with the devil – or somebody made a deal with
the devil…. I just wanted to highlight that at this point because I
think the debate has gotten a little topsy-turvy.
It is a little topsy-turvy when a bill is giving, for the first time in
the history of our Nation, and in the jurisprudence history of our
Nation, product liability protection of immense value to an industry that has produced a product that is inherently deadly and is addictive and is targeted on kids – the first time we are going to do that, and that bill is, for some reason, perceived as being anti- tobacco.
It is not anti-tobacco. It is actually very pro-tobacco.

Forfeiting Federalism: The Faustian Pact with Big Tobacco

Enacted by Congress

in 1992, the Synar Amendment was enacted and

“requires states (that is, all states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and six Pacific jurisdictions) to enact and enforce laws prohibiting the sale or distribution of tobacco products to individuals under the age of 18. States must comply with the Synar Amendment in order to receive their full Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant (SABG) awards.

It also has an ambiguous “ambitious” goal of 80% success when retailers sell to minors.

2 of ten children could purchase tobacco in their “compliance checks” and STILL be IN compliance? WHY is this so lenient, still acceptable and still in “practice”?

Negotiate interim targets and a date to achieve a noncompliance rate of no more than 20% (SAMHSA requires that each state reduce its retailer violation rate to 20% or less by FY 2003)

“Failure to promptly and adequately correct all violations and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations may lead to enforcement actions, including Civil Money Penalties or No-Tobacco-Sale Orders.”


So what if you’re a retailer?

Obviously there are penalties and fines, right? The WeCard program and individual retailers are responsible to check the identification at the point of sale, just like alcohol.

According to Transform Tobacco, “FDA inspections of retail establishments have shown a 95% retailer compliance rate when it comes to checking identification prior to sale”.

Transform Tobacco is a project of RAI Services Company on behalf of the tobacco company, Reynolds American.

Obviously, they do more to reduce underage tobacco sales at the point of sale than the law requires.

Added 6/15/17

Nothing’s changed:

PDF from Public Health Law Center

Added 9/1/17

Now the FDA has added this:

FDA Announces Retail ‘This Is Our Watch’ Program

Prepare yourself

What if a retailer breaks the law? Of course there are tough and stringent consequenses to selling tobacco – right?

“Under the law, the FDA may pursue a No-Tobacco-Sale Order (NTSO) against retailers that have a total of five or more repeated violations of certain restrictions within 36 months.”


Wait. What?

There are groups like Tobacco Free Kids and Truth Initiative dedicated to reducing tobacco use –


— and the acceptable rate of sales of tobacco to minors has a noncompliance rate of no more than 20%?

FIVE infractions?

Well….c’mon in kids.   We’ve got tobacco.



Pay no attention to the man behind the front group.

WHAT exactly are the front groups like Truth Initiative and Tobacco Free Kids doing?

They’re keeping an acceptable amount of smoking for children and adults under the pretense of “kids and truth” with no integrity or accountability for their actions – more specifically, their inactions.

David Goerlitz



David is the only man alive that’s seen every aspect of the tobacco, anti-tobacco and tobacco control world –  and talks about the seedy side of the corruption starting in the ’80’s here with Fergus Mason.

“The deals they made in these meetings should have been about protecting the nation’s health – but, far too often, they were about money.”

David Goerlitz Interview: The Winston Man Talks Tobacco and Vaping

He talked about it throughout the award-winning documentary A Billion Lives.

WHEN will “Tobacco CONtrol” figure it out?

Skip’s got a question about CONtrol here.

They won’t. They can’t. It isn’t in their – or their founders – best fiscal interests.

After more than 30 years of “fighting” tobacco, (they) can’t “figure out” how to keep tobacco out of children’s hands?

Why aren’t they paying attention and CHANGING existing idiotic loopholes instead of patting themselves on the back for not doing a damn thing?

Someone get a letter together to “convince” these assholes to change this friggin’ Synar law.

Imagine if you didn’t do your job for 30 + years…

Ask yourself – why they are still “in business”?

The illusion – “Think of the children™” posed to the public to create the illusion is just that. An illusion. A lie. The “children” are expendable and profitable casualties of their made up, self-serving war.

Tobacco control stays in “business” with what looks like good intentions.

Added 03/25/2018:

“Increasing the MLPA to 21 years in NYC did not accelerate reductions in youth tobacco use any more rapidly than declines observed in comparison sites.”

Impact of New York City’s 2014 Increased Minimum Legal Purchase Age on Youth Tobacco Use.

“Judge Franklin Theis issued a permanent injunction Thursday barring Topeka’s city government from enforcing an ordinance its governing body approved in December”

Judge bars Topeka city government from enforcing ordinance raising smoking age




Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids contributed to youth cigarette addiction

The Truth Shall Set Ye Fret

Dear Matt Myers, President of Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

Reducing smoking, a challenging “Campaign” for Tobacco Free Kids

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Vaping In The News 3-18-17


Vaping In The News – March 12th – 18th, 2017

Surgeon General Lies ~ Neil Boortz ~ Bill Godshall Update ~ Think Of The Children™ ~ There is no gateway ~ Brian Fojtik ~ Chaos ~ Cole-Bishop HR1136 ~ Nicotine Addiction

Dr. Michael Siegel:

Lies and misinformation are the core of regulations. We’re not loud enough.

“There is no tobacco in electronic cigarettes. Using e-cigarettes, even if they contain nicotine, is not a form of tobacco use. You are not using tobacco if you vape because the e-liquids do not contain tobacco.”

Surgeon General Continues to Lie about Tobacco in E-Cigarettes

Neil Boortz

The “Talkmaster” Neal Boortz (was once a fan) has no luck with seeing a puppy blown up, so, he instead, wants to watch e-cigarettes blow up. At least that’s what I got out of this idiotic tweet.

It is all how you word things, “talkmaster”.

Stay Informed

The Bill Godshall Update via ecigarette-politics:

Always an informative list:

Bill Godshall Update 2017-03-09

Think Of The Children™”

My thoughts? Time and time again, special interest groups around the world use and exploit children.

It is free child labor after all.


Youth thought of all this.png

There is no gateway

If “children” are *already smoking, they’re *smokers regardless of age.

Two things focused on in the battle to regulate, restrict, tax and ban are “nicotine” addiction and still unsubstantiated gateways to children.

New peer-reviewed research published in Drugs Education Prevention and Policy shows that e-cigarettes are not increasing the likelihood of tobacco consumption and may in fact be contributing to negative perceptions about smoking among young people.

Young people do not associate e-cigarettes with increased likelihood of smoking

Via Brian Fojtik

It’s not always about vaping, nicotine or children. In this instance, it is about failing to adhere to their own rules.

The Proposed Tobacco Product Standard for NNN Level in Smokeless Tobacco Should Be Withdrawn

Laws are being manufactured to satisfy everything but public health concerns. More on gateways and assertions by a belief system controlled by special interest groups and politicians within.

This, b

Vaping isn’t smoking, it’s a disease prevention method

If you DON’T know

If you are unaware about HR1136, please join the rest of us on planet earth.

Nicotine Addiction


I want to, in the words of my late Father, “Know For A Fact“.

The claim of nicotine addiction is the basis for “regulations, restrictions, taxes and bans“.

They don’t need to prove me wrong, they need to prove themselves right.

Early next week, Tomorrow, I have released

Nicotine Addiction: A 30-Day Public Health Challenge“.


It includes a GoFundMe for ecigarette-research.org for further research by Dr. Farsalinos and his colleagues.

It also includes an incentive for “Public Health” to prove me wrong.


NEWS from my friends across the pond: Vapers.org.uk.

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This isn’t over:

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