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Vaping In The News – September 30th, 2017

scream test bw

Letter to the World Health Organization ~ Deception ~ Bad Laws ~ Tobacco use on the rise ~  Classification of Twitter Users ~ Social Media Snooping ~ De-Addiction ~ Key issues, health impacts of “ends”.

There seems to be a pattern…….The scream test, deception, bad laws, mining tweets and manipulation of the public continues.

Meanwhile, sales of “approved” nicotine products, and the ethical responsibilities of those “in charge” continue to decline.

This is Vaping In The News –  for the week ending September 30th, 2017

Letter to the World Health Organization

Derek Yach releases a statement responding directly TO the World Health Organization.

Their statement is here.

This is #louder.

“It also commits that we will support independent scientific research free from the influence of any commercial entity that may be affected by the research outcome.”

Letter to the World Health Organization

André Calantzopoulos CEO of Philip Morris had this to say:

Open Response to Letter of 14 September 2017 calling on PMI to stop selling cigarettes


When and where will the line be drawn for those who are allegedly in the care and custody of what is the best interest of public health?

Think for a moment. If e-cigarettes were only “half” as “harmful” as cigarettes, where is the obligation by “professionals” to relay this to the public immediately?

I’ve asked this question a thousand times… why are they promoting smoking?

What are the ramifications of their deceit?

‘Deception’ Over The Risks Of Smoking Alternatives Violates ‘Public Health Ethics’


Related: Withholding differential risk information

SCOTT GOTTLIEB, M.D., Commissioner
of Food and Drugs, and
of Health and Human Services

Bad Laws

This was posted in a group I belong to on Facebook. There is common sense in the world. When I, or someone else finds common sense content, I get a little giddy…

“Full Disclosure: I’ve never smoked tobacco in my life. And, I personally don’t like candy or sweets.”

“Stop inane, petty laws before they hurt people.”

Bad Laws Hurt People

Tobacco Use On The Rise

Speaking of BAD laws. The “Tobacco 21” movement can already suffer a loss. Seems the town of Cohasset had enacted the law last year and can already show a “spike”… in 12th graders – it went from 9% to 33% in two years…

Here’s where they blame the perception, and of course the children, not the ineffective law.

Survey shows Cohasset teens’ tobacco use on the rise

Related: Up North Prevention efforts support Synar Amendment

Now where have I… … … oh, yes….

Here it is:

Tobacco 21: Synar Amendment and Nanny-State Funding.

Classification of Twitter Users

I’m beyond grateful an investigation of e-cigarettes includes tweets. How could the world survive without this study? Certainly, there’ll never be any progress without finding valuable information about Twitter users tweeting what experts can’t figure out – and I’m glad to be of service.

Classification of Twitter Users Who Tweet About E-Cigarettes

Social Media Snooping

Now, if they spent more time reading the tweets rather than investigating them…My friend Paul takes a look at

Social Media Snooping


This is more like “de-addiction” to their revenue……….and they don’t LIKE it.

I LOVE it when the disruption is SO blatant and clear… and it’s in print.

Pfft… “de-addiction”…

“This has resulted into implementation of regulations and legislations for drugs and electronic cigarettes, which will further curb growth of the market in North America.”

Smoking Cessation Nicotine De Addiction Products Market to Record a Sluggish CAGR of12.3% by 2025

Key issues  –  Health Impacts of “ends”.

Here’s where the American Cancer Society decides it concludes it doesn’t have any conclusions after more than ten years, in classic “run on sentence” and confusing fashion.

Key issues surrounding the health impacts of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) and other sources of nicotine 

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Tobacco Harm Reduction For Life




Medical, Research, Science Professionals:



E-Cigarette Politics 

A Billion Lives

A Billion Lives

There is definitely more to come.

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Vaping In The News: August 26th, 2017


This edition includes the FDA’s “game changing” propaganda tour, taxes… and the tobacco control gateway claim still seems to be taking tickets.

Glantz is a punchline – Christopher Snowden explains that better than I could dream, and smoking and e-cigarette rates are down among teens. Again.

Oh yeah, lung cancer risks.

That’s in here as well. Thanks for being a reader.

A Smoker’s Manifesto ~ The FDA’s words and actions do not match ~ Speaking of taxes ~ Alan Beard ~ Gatway Theory, Truth or Myth ~ 18 year olds ~  Game Changer ~ Negligible Evidence of Radical Nicotine Reduction Benefit ~ Twitter ~ Glantz Gone Mad ~ Christopher Snowden ~ THR4Life ~ Smoking and E-cig use among teens is down ~ Lung Cancer Risks ~ Canada Bill S-5 ~

Vaping In The News – August 20th-26th, 2017

A Smoker’s Manifesto

As vapers, we’re almost all former smokers. An astounding read and a great reminder of where we’ve come from, what we’re fighting.

Well beyond excellent. Stellar, in fact.

A Smoker’s Manifesto

The FDA’s words and actions do not match

The New England Journal of Medicine published this letter last week. In essence, it is FDA funded propaganda at its finest:

The FDA’s words and actions do not match

Do you know about THR4LIFE?


Breaking News

A picture is worth a thousand words: Electronic cigarette content on Instagram and Pinterest.

Speaking Of Taxes

Selling tobacco is a profitable business. It creates revenue for the government(s), grants and endless streams of cash for states to spend on balancing budgets, “roads and education to museums and even funding in support of the tobacco industry“,and more.


They wanted to raise replace revenue with ecigs… A “replacement revenue source as revenues from cigarettes and other tobacco products fall“.  Period.

Their budget woes for you & I not smoking have become a new goal to replace “their” money.

THIEIR budgets are in the red.

I have it in black & white.

tax revenue single.jpg

Then, I blogged about it.

The FDA can’t prove nicotine addiction or gateways exist.

Alan Beard

On a two-fer, Mr. Beard  -a consumer like I am, is well worth the read:

Challenges for Vendors and Desirability of Compulsory Membership of a Trade Association

Lengthy reply Removed by Moderator

Do you know about NNA?


The Eclipse

Excellent from Mr. & Mrs. VaEHp:

Speaking of Gateways

Dr. Cranfield, who released this study some time ago, now has this video explaining the gateway theory truth & myths – responsibly.

18 Year Olds

To restict someone who could vote for you is interesting…. Tobacco 21 is gaining Nanny status in the United States.

“This law subverts the United States Constitution”.

Legislators who say 18-year-olds are not adults are hypocrites

Game Changer

Nix the “end game”-now it’s a “game-changer

#TobaccoCONtrol Rule #6,743:

Keep as much tobacco burning as possible. Note who the article is written by, a lesson in history 10 years after implementation should be done, of course, we’d need more studies.

Spoiler alert: My favorite part is:

“Smokers would be able to start or quit at will”

FDA’s new plan to reduce the nicotine in cigarettes to sub-addictive levels could be a game-changer

Negligible Evidence of Radical Nicotine Reduction Benefit

Brad Rodu, always informative & intriguing: as he explains the “game changer” above and the

“$93.3 million in grants from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the FDA:

Negligible Evidence of Radical Nicotine Reduction Benefit


It seems the ANALyzing of tweets is still going on. “Surprise”.

Researchers hope the Food and Drug Administration can use their findings to make the government’s anti-electronic cigarette messages go viral.

“We expect these results will help Health agencies, the FDA, and Researchers gain insights into observed viral nature of certain messages and designing effective strategies to maximize diffusion of their messages,” the grant states.

Feds Spend $199,665 Analyzing Tweets About E-Cigarettes

Here’s the grant via NIH:


Are you familiar with INNCO?

Glantz Gone Mad

I’m not sure if he’s drunk, lost his mind or just wants more attention.

People who quit with ecigs may have more relapse

So much for the gateway, Stan. In fact, shut your piehole.

Smoking and E-cig use among teens is down, again – (Don’t tell Stan)

Nicotine dependence is not a significant mechanism for e-cigarettes’ purported effect on heavier future conventional smoking among young adults.

Evaluating the Mutual Pathways among Electronic Cigarette Use, Conventional Smoking, and Nicotine Dependence.

Christopher Snowden

has a few words to say another idiotic statement from Stuff-N-Puff Glantz and “big tobacco”:

“This is the David and Goliath delusion on crystal meth. “

That shady link between Big Tobacco and nicotine gum

Smoking and E-cig use among teens is down, again.

Between 2013 and 2015, e-cigarette use rose substantially, while “experts” were claiming, screaming, yelling and making a general ass of themselves that they are a gateway to cigarettes. A gateway to smoking.

Fool me once…

Youth Tobacco Use in the U.S.

Jenny Hoban of THR4Life is interviewed here

“She gives the group’s views on reducing tobacco usage, and the city of Detroit Lakes considering raising the age to buy tobacco products to 21.”

Jenny Hoban–Tobacco Harm Reduction 4 Life

Lung Cancer Risks


“<1% of tobacco smoke and falling within two orders of magnitude of a medicinal nicotine inhaler”

E-Cigarettes Carry Much Less Risk of Lung Cancer Than Cigarette Smoke, Study Finds

Canada Petition:

Canada needs signatures:

Senate Bill S-5, a prelude to prohibition

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Medical, Research, Science Professionals:



E-Cigarette Politics 

A Billion Lives

A Billion Lives


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