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Vaping In The News – August 4th, 2018

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“The largest threat to Public Health is an informed consumer.”

It seems controversy is the theme this week. Excellent.

Is It Safe for Non-Smokers to Chew Nicotine Gum? ~ The Vaping Boom ~ Social Media Reach ~ Comparison of Dependence across Different Types of Nicotine ~ Advancing Tobacco Regulations…AND THEN…~ Big Scary Headline ~ Smoking Related Stigma

Is It Safe for Non-Smokers to Chew Nicotine Gum?

Well… ehem.

Is It Safe for Non-Smokers to Chew Nicotine Gum?

Seems nicotine is controversial  – to those who pay attention. Maybe I should babble on about it…

The Vaping Boom

Dr. Tevi Troy, vice president of public policy at JUUL Labs, sheds light on the threats to the electronic cigarette industry with Lindsey Stroud of the Heartland Institute in this podcast:

The Vaping Boom

Social Media Reach

Certainly, it isn’t the first ” list ” I’ve been on… L.O.L.

They seem overly desperate and very concerned about their propaganda being undermined… to have to do a study like this…If they would just focus on… oh never mind.

We, as individuals – at least on Twitter – are, without concerted effort, interrupting professional algorithms, advertising – propaganda & manipulative “campaigns” like

#CDCTips #Curbit #StillBlowingSmoke… and they don’t like it…

We’re pissing them off, and I’m very proud, and humbled, to be in such great company. Keep doing that, ya bunch of impugning ne’er-do-welling sheep… #LOUDER.

Different Anti-Vaping Campaigns Attracting the Same Opponent Community

Unfortunately, “they’ll” keep wasting our money and valueable time.

This has happened before…here… I’ve covered it here. They’ve whined before here. And where they spent $199,665.00 doing it here.

Related from Mawsley over at Planet Of The Vapes:

Twitter Twaddle

Hold it….  keep your knickers on…. they are like trained monkeys…

After all that hard work to impugn… now we’re bots!

That’s right… bots:

Vaping Draws Strong Support – From Bots.

“Okay, We Get It. You Vape”: An Analysis of Geocoded Content, Context, and Sentiment regarding E-Cigarettes on Twitter

Comparison of Dependence across Different Types of Nicotine

Well… imagine that. VERY important.
Karl Fagerstrom, out of Sweden:

Advancing Tobacco Regulations

—> To protect children and familes

Laws allegedly “protect” children.

Pay attention: After celebrating an anniversary, the first bullet point in this blog from Mitch Zeller and Scott Gottlieb is “lower nicotine” and more cigarettes… THAT’s how you manipulate the public into believing… you’re advancing tobacco…and revenue… for years…

Below Dr. Gottlieb – along with Zeller, continue their incompetence by celebrating the 9th anniversary of the “Tobacco Protection Act” written by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids & other political front groups – while killing off innovation & collectively ignoring science & consumers.
Advancing Tobacco Regulation to Protect Children and Families

I hate blogging within a blog….


But wait… with the “smartest” and brightest in the country assigned to figure this out…. They’re tobacco products…and with the precision of a 9 year old… within a day.. they want e-cigarettes to be drugs. Well, that’s not true. They can’t prove nicotine is tobacco, so now they’re going back to the drug route.

They can’t

“To be a medical product, it must have the ability to prevent or treat a disease and, therefore, provide a beneficial effect on human health,” the court’s ruling read.

do the drug route either… any attorney worth their weight…

Now within 24 hours:

Gottlieb has gone from a “comprehensive plan for nicotine” (above) to “development of novel nicotine replacement drug… therapies…”

New steps the agency is taking to support the development of novel nicotine replacement drug therapies to help smokers quit

Big Scary Headline

A big scary headline “U of M researchers identify link between e-cigarettes and cancer” was noticed by a source today… The truth? “the overall exposure to NNN in e-cigarette users is dramatically lower than in smokers”.

While many of us are (or should be) always watching for anything detrimental and damn sure want to know it, this shows another way to use a headline to place fear into the heads and manipulate the public. This is where they got the scary headline:


This has a “do not link to the original “story” if you’d like to see it without giving them traffic: DO not LINK.

Here’s that:

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Keep ON #Vaping On.


Vaping In The News – September 30th, 2017

scream test bw

Letter to the World Health Organization ~ Deception ~ Bad Laws ~ Tobacco use on the rise ~  Classification of Twitter Users ~ Social Media Snooping ~ De-Addiction ~ Key issues, health impacts of “ends”.

There seems to be a pattern…….The scream test, deception, bad laws, mining tweets and manipulation of the public continues.

Meanwhile, sales of “approved” nicotine products, and the ethical responsibilities of those “in charge” continue to decline.

This is Vaping In The News –  for the week ending September 30th, 2017

Letter to the World Health Organization

Derek Yach releases a statement responding directly TO the World Health Organization.

Their statement is here.

This is #louder.

“It also commits that we will support independent scientific research free from the influence of any commercial entity that may be affected by the research outcome.”

Letter to the World Health Organization

André Calantzopoulos CEO of Philip Morris had this to say:

Open Response to Letter of 14 September 2017 calling on PMI to stop selling cigarettes


When and where will the line be drawn for those who are allegedly in the care and custody of what is the best interest of public health?

Think for a moment. If e-cigarettes were only “half” as “harmful” as cigarettes, where is the obligation by “professionals” to relay this to the public immediately?

I’ve asked this question a thousand times… why are they promoting smoking?

What are the ramifications of their deceit?

‘Deception’ Over The Risks Of Smoking Alternatives Violates ‘Public Health Ethics’


Related: Withholding differential risk information

SCOTT GOTTLIEB, M.D., Commissioner
of Food and Drugs, and
of Health and Human Services

Bad Laws

This was posted in a group I belong to on Facebook. There is common sense in the world. When I, or someone else finds common sense content, I get a little giddy…

“Full Disclosure: I’ve never smoked tobacco in my life. And, I personally don’t like candy or sweets.”

“Stop inane, petty laws before they hurt people.”

Bad Laws Hurt People

Tobacco Use On The Rise

Speaking of BAD laws. The “Tobacco 21” movement can already suffer a loss. Seems the town of Cohasset had enacted the law last year and can already show a “spike”… in 12th graders – it went from 9% to 33% in two years…

Here’s where they blame the perception, and of course the children, not the ineffective law.

Survey shows Cohasset teens’ tobacco use on the rise

Related: Up North Prevention efforts support Synar Amendment

Now where have I… … … oh, yes….

Here it is:

Tobacco 21: Synar Amendment and Nanny-State Funding.

Classification of Twitter Users

I’m beyond grateful an investigation of e-cigarettes includes tweets. How could the world survive without this study? Certainly, there’ll never be any progress without finding valuable information about Twitter users tweeting what experts can’t figure out – and I’m glad to be of service.

Classification of Twitter Users Who Tweet About E-Cigarettes

Social Media Snooping

Now, if they spent more time reading the tweets rather than investigating them…My friend Paul takes a look at

Social Media Snooping


This is more like “de-addiction” to their revenue……….and they don’t LIKE it.

I LOVE it when the disruption is SO blatant and clear… and it’s in print.

Pfft… “de-addiction”…

“This has resulted into implementation of regulations and legislations for drugs and electronic cigarettes, which will further curb growth of the market in North America.”

Smoking Cessation Nicotine De Addiction Products Market to Record a Sluggish CAGR of12.3% by 2025

Key issues  –  Health Impacts of “ends”.

Here’s where the American Cancer Society decides it concludes it doesn’t have any conclusions after more than ten years, in classic “run on sentence” and confusing fashion.

Key issues surrounding the health impacts of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) and other sources of nicotine 

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Keep ON #Vaping On.