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HIGHER Nicotine Levels Are Safe

Quit smoking patch gum

HIGHER nicotine levels are SAFE.

A new study shows higher nicotine levels are safe – “nicotine on its own, outside of tobacco products, has limited addictive potential, and that higher doses are safe and well tolerated

As I typed the title of this blog, I could almost hear the thump of foreheads hitting desks of various alphabet soup groups, the heads of the FDA and other distinguished ‘experts’.

You know what? Good.

Thirty+ years of outright lies (or incompetence) need to stop.

“We’ve always done it this way”

If you’re in the business specifically of “helping smokers”, pay attention.

I’ve said this before. It is imperative: do not limit nicotine strength.

Now new research shows HIGHER levels of nicotine may help.

  • Of the 50 participants, 90 per cent progressed to at least three patches, while 72 per cent progressed to four patches.
  • 82 per cent of participants achieved four weeks validated abstinence from smoking, and experienced no significant increase in withdrawal symptoms, including urges to smoke.
  • Cigarette consumption, smoke intake and enjoyment of smoking declined significantly during the pre-quit period, and the intervention was rated as helpful and easy to adhere to.

I didn’t see this coming.

  1. Evidence then emerged that nicotine on its own, outside of tobacco products, has limited addictive potential
  2. higher doses are safe and well tolerated

Are you intrigued? I’m intrigued. You ponder that, dear reader, I’ll move along.

Now two questions!

  1. Will quitlines and tobacco control groups be able to say those two things above without hurting their lies and egos for the past 30 years?
  2. Will drug companies rush to make levels of nicotine higher to get back in the game and bring their success rates up?

On #1, I expect abruptly changing their standard nicotine statements – or changing public opinion – would not be difficult to do, but will be difficult to swallow. Face it, if they succeed doing what they’re designed to do – helping smokers quit, they will go out of ‘business’. They don’t want that.

On #2, Will drug companies begin offering increased nicotine levels/strengths in patches? I’ll bet they will. It makes good business sense.

Above, I typed the words “do not limit nicotine strength”. You’ve been taught scolded like a child about nicotine “addiction”.

Dependence, like caffeine? Possibly. I’ll almost accept dependence. I’m still on the fence.

Nicotine is not addictive.

Addiction? No. You can see my short answers here, the (much) longer version here, or take my challenge here.

The study went on to say “Our results also suggests that one of the reasons e-cigarettes are so much more popular and potentially more effective than other nicotine replacement treatments is that smokers can adjust their nicotine intake according to their needs.”

Here’s the link:

Trying to quit smoking? New research suggests higher levels of nicotine may help

Nicotine: It is not you, it is them.

How many times have you tried to stop smoking? Did you think to ask about success rates with the product you were using? Slick marketing, heavy support from ‘non-profit’ organizations of ineffective products having 93% failure rates make big companies donating big money to those non-profits richer.

It is not you. It is them.

It also gives a license to the “morally superior” ‘authority’ to blame you. Keep trying. Try harder. You can do it. You’re not trying hard enough.

They’re not trying hard enough.

Nicotine Failure Rates

While patches (and presumably gums, inhalers, etc.) are at certain strengths, we know they have very low (7%) success rates, and it takes an average of THIRTY tries for smokers trying to quit.

“Morals are standards set by those who want their standards met by others.”

Interesting, because the stigma wrongly associated with nicotine is addictive” and “bad”. Public health professionals have been instilling fear in soccer moms by demonizing nicotine for over 30 years- while beating smokers to death with hate and pointing fingers as if it were your fault.

“Convincing smokers that nicotine is addictive is a multi-billion dollar global lie.”

Things they don’t talk about in public. That’s the agenda. By actively concealing the truth (or doing as they’re told), they’ve lied about nicotine very effectively for a very long time.

Nicotine Experts Are Not Experts

According to this article from 2017, Philip Morris studied nicotine replacement therapies in the 90’s and found they were not hurting sales. No worries. This makes sense, and they were obviously right. Those are experts.

Tobacco control cult member Professor Glantz admits anti-smoking is 20 or 30 years behind the tobacco companies. In fact, self-proclaimed experts like Glantz have falsely recommended these products for years without a grasp on how they, or nicotine works.

“The assertion of nicotine “addiction” by “public health” is profitable and absurd.”

Glantz, while blaming lack of money “they have much more resources”, has had no problem (*wink*) taking money to promote (nicotine replacement therapy”) as proven (*wink*) to help smokers quit, (*wink*) adding that smokers need “regular counseling to use it properly” and displays ZERO expertise or integrity.

“Nicotine on its own, outside of tobacco products, has limited addictive potential, higher doses are safe and well tolerated”

Why do ineffective products continue to be promoted – giving smokers the false impression they work?

Because the hype and propaganda of nicotine ‘addiction’ without tobacco and MAOI’s, and ‘brain damage’ in teens, in humans, are unfounded.

Because there is no focus on helping smokers quit.  Because more money to help regulate tobacco products and to study the effects of new ‘tobacco’ products keep rolling in.

Think of the progress “anti-tobacco” could have made if they only applied themselves… and tried harder.

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Vapers and shops.

With all that above, higher nicotine levels are safe. They are imperative. Think of the popularity (and ease) of Juul. Love them or hate them, they have high nicotine strength. My Grandmother would have adapted to those with ease. No filling, no fuss. Gram wouldn’t have joined Facebook groups to try to figure out ohms, watts, coils, builds.

Out of disgust, Gram would have tossed a blinking or non-working frustrating ‘best thing ever’ mod she paid $150.00 for in the trash the first time it wouldn’t have worked and lit her Pall Mall non-filter without hesitation. She’d have gone for cig-a-likes or ego style kits because nicotine strength and throat hit is that important.

Had I not started with 18mg (I’m still on it), and started on 3, 6, or 9mg nicotine – I might not be writing this blog, or maybe eventually I’d have picked up a *shudder* Juul.

“I know why the patch & gum didn’t work for me. I was afraid of becoming addicted to nicotine.”

Now, look around your shop – or if you’re not a shop owner, look around the shop you frequent. What is being offered? What is being sold? What nicotine strengths do you carry? Are there ‘old-school’ starter kits or cig-a-likes?

Are there strengths up to at least 18 or 24mg? Choice.

Preaching to the choir.

If you’re using a high powered device and very low nicotine, theories and titrations have been discussed here by our friend Alan Beard:

Evolving Nicotine Usage and Consequences

In The End

As a consumer, I’m excited and commend this forward-thinking progress for nicotine patches. It is intriguing and solidifies my ‘do not limit nicotine strength‘ in a whole new light – even for me.

As I am of the ‘whatever works’ (and choice)  to reduce harms from smoking.

I also see this as the beginning of the fall of ivory towers of what is called “tobacco control“.

I’m not shutting up.

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Can you quit smoking with patches and gums?

Quit smoking patch gum

CAN you quit smoking with patches and gums?

Are attempts with these quit smoking products successful? Can you find success rates for them? Do they work? Can you quit smoking? I’m sure there are a few who will say yes. I say it is a deceptive practice to say you can.

In fact, the practice is on the smoker with an average of THIRTY tries.

That’s right.

“Understanding that for many smokers it may take 30 or more quit attempts before being successful may assist with clinical expectations.”

Estimating the number of quit attempts it takes to quit smoking successfully in a longitudinal cohort of smokers

To quit smoking with any approved method is a challenge. Why is that?  Can you quit with Nicorette® patches and gums? I asked, not so innocently, for success rates with Nicorette® product(s). I was given an 800 number to get personalized attention.  Has anyone ever thought to ask as they were purchasing their product? I’m always asking silly rhetorical questions. It’s a hobby.

Will quitting be successful for you?

If they were as successful as commercials and graphics are intended to make you “feel” by helping people quit smoking, wouldn’t they say so immediately? Give me something, like a 94% satisfaction rate. 85% of our customers are smoke-free. Repeat the successful rates of the product to potential customers, not the success of repeat customers trying again. Fine, I’m reaching for the perverbial stars, I suppose.

I’m guessing a 7% success rate.

What are success rates for Nicorette® patches and gums? I don’t know. Nicorette® evidently doesn’t either. It is that time of year, with New Years Eve coming up, ads will be convincing you that you can succeed. Keep trying. Do your best. Their subtle guilt trip illusions are coming.

I asked  “What are the success rates with your product” directly to Nicorette®,  made by Glaxo-Smith Kline on Twitter. I didn’t think it would be a hard question.

Not that Glaxo-Smith Kline would ever do anything to deter any other method of…..

Can you quit smoking?

People spend hours looking up the reviews on the latest appliance they’re thinking about purchasing, but spend 30 seconds deciding on an “approved” method, because you know, if it isn’t an approved method, it must be (bad, dangerous, unproven, deceitful, not taxable, pharma’s idea) just plain wrong.

There are times in some smokers lives where they either choose to quit smoking, or because of various reasons, want to quit. In my instance, I switched to vaping accidentally. I had, however, tried the patches and gums years before and they just didn’t work.

I didn’t even think to ask the doctor about success rates, I assumed they worked. So does the rest of the world. I’d like to see success rates after 6 months, 1 year, heck, call me crazy, 5 years – with relapse rates. (With all that data-driven stuff people like to blab about). Implying that it works isn’t enough any more. Proof by assertion isn’t enough.

How about real world stuff… still waiting.

I’ll direct you here:

Whistleblower sues GlaxoSmithKline over nicotine product

I am guiding you to this by Amy Renshaw from Vanderbilt University:

The Real Story Behind The Nicotine Patch and Smoking Cessation

DO they work? This article stated “the most rigorous long-term study” said no”.

Mine, where, ~dare I say~ patches and gums do not work because you are not addicted to nicotine itself. You are possibly addicted to the other chemicals or chemical reactions within smoking tbacco, but nicotine “addiction” without tobacco simply does not exist. Period.

There is no data or science showing nicotine “addiction” without tobacco and MAOI’s.

It’s like I’m a mind reader… really….

In fact, (added 12/21/17)

Why Is Smoking Addictive? It’s Probably Not Just Nicotine, Despite What We’ve Been Told For Years

Then this came up 12/22/17:

Nicotine patches and medications aren’t enough to quit smoking, a study finds

Nicotine is not addictive.

I rephrased my question, at the time of publishing this blog, there was no response.

My guess is a 93% failure rate.

Don’t take my word for it.

The patches and gums “may, could, might” work. I would say percentages of success are 7%, and I’m being very optimistic with that. For your own sanity, call the company and ask them about success rates. Ask your doctor. Let me know how they respond.

Here’s one (2009) with “effectiveness”… (Thanks, Jenny!)

Effectiveness and safety of nicotine replacement therapy assisted reduction to stop smoking: systematic review and meta-analysis

One with the Patch (1993)

Effectiveness of a nicotine patch in helping people stop smoking

What about Zyban or Chantix?

Pfizer’s quit-smoking Chantix fails study in adolescent smokers

From my survey:

Taking Chances with Chantix or Zyban to Quit Smoking

One with e-cigs (Thanks, Elaine!)

EffiCiency and Safety of an eLectronic cigAreTte (ECLAT) as Tobacco Cigarettes Substitute: A Prospective 12-Month Randomized Control Design Study

Another with e-cigs (Thanks, Jenny!)

Electronic Cigarettes As a Smoking-Cessation Tool

Effectiveness of Pharmaceutical Smoking Cessation Aids (Thanks, Skip!)

“pharmaceutical aids for smoking cessation, despite strong evidence for efficacy from randomized trials, have not been effective at increasing successful quitting”

Effectiveness of Pharmaceutical Smoking Cessation Aids in a Nationally Representative Cohort of American Smokers

I don’t want Nicorette feeling singled out, I also asked Pfizer quite a while ago:


Added 01/01/18

Smokers Willing to Try E-Cigarettes More Successful at Smoking Less, Study Says

Ask your government, they’d tell you, because they care, that every try counts.

Speaking of timing

Here’s Carl V. Phillips with his latest timely post over at The Daily Vaper:

Science Lesson: Smoking Cessation Is Not Medical Treatment


You can see here what the FDA charts with all “approved” methods here:

Table Data: FDA Approved Drug

Added 2/01/2018

Easiest Way to Quit Smoking

This is pretty awesome.

Not only does this wonderful company love you as a group, they are also ready to give you their “personalized attention”.

Easiest Way to Quit Smoking

Added 6/14/2018

I didn’t know there was “preloading” of…. never mind:

No clear evidence that nicotine ‘preloading’ helps smokers to quit

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Trying to quit smoking? Patches, gums and “experts” are useless – without counseling you.

patch 2.JPG

Are you trying to quit smoking? Have you tried the patch or gum? Did you ask about the success rates when you did? Of course you didn’t. Did you have great expectations? Excellent. That’s what I experts want to hear.

If you’re afraid of trying e-cigarettes, I’m even more enthused. If you didn’t plan correctly, you’re up ten points over the others!

Let us move on quickly before you realize this is futile.

Are patches and gums useless?

Well…. of course not, unless you use them without “counseling“!

That’s also what tobacco companies wanted to hear as they welcomed you back. Also, there’s the public health “expert” sector trying to guilt and shame you, and they miss you as well.

Hang on. Steady yourself. The pharmaceutical companies – you forgot about them, didn’t you? I’ll keep the government out of this blog for time & space.

Did you plan for success?

Of course not. They know better than that.

Feeling a bit dizzy? Outstanding. It’s not your nicotine, you know –  or lack of nicotine intake making you feel that way. It’s them. Public health and organizations make you feel like insinuate you could succeed in your journey to not smoking. Then, of course, you fail.

Yep. Shame on you, too. You didn’t try hard enough! You didn’t plan!!!

Your failure? That’s what they’re counting on. It’s just around the corner.

Knock, knock.

So are your favorite cigarettes.


nicotine in print.JPG

Still didn’t plan for success?

Go on, now… make a commitment, set a date, get your choice of snake oil patches, gums or prescription medication – and once you didn’t, couldn’t or… well – failure is just a part of the process.

Don’t give up. PLAN!!!! Try again! Keep trying! Sure, the patch & gum have about a 7 % success rate, but – what do you care?

Why plan ahead? That would be silly. Half the time they give these ineffective methods away for free!!!

You will be held accountable.

cdc keep trying.JPG


You get ready, (nowadays, don’t forget your quit app so your friends can get in on the guilt giving sessons as well!)

Your favorite cigarette brand is waiting, your ash trays want to be dirty again.

Folks, this is 2017. Don’t you think by now there’d be a better way?

Smoke. Try to quit. Get “quit smoking aids”. Try. Fall short. Feel guilty and let them pretend to console you, but smoke again. Keep spending your money.

Nice businesses if you find the work in tobacco, public health or the pharmaceutical sectors, eh? Lack of success is their success.

Quit Attempts:

Attempts is what public health and the pharmaceuticals like. The more the merrier. Repeat business is key.

Lets take a quick peek at quit attempts:

quit attempts the vaper


Thank you to The Vaper for the above graphic!

What about side effects?

Public health says “ask your doctor if it’s right for you”. They never mention success rates, and you never ask.

I’ll let you ponder the side effects of the different “government approved” methods here:

Choose your method at the top here: FDA approved method.


What ABOUT nicotine?

Now, consider nicotine. A startling thing, nicotine. A scapegoat for all things tobacco.

Without tobacco and the MAOI’s, it is not addictive.

So, with all the fuss from some pie-filled mouth in California, (Puff-N-Stuff I affectionately call him) there’s this that inspired this impromptu blog….

Before I go stop trying to help you, I’d like to thank Gregory Conley of the American Vaping Association for this screenshot:

Glantz behind.JPG


This is why you’re here.

The Shady Link Between Big Tobacco and Nicotine Gum


Tobacco Industry Research on Nicotine Replacement Therapy: “If Anyone Is Going to Take Away Our Business It Should Be Us”

Oh… yeah, the counseling – like my title said…. Staying in business is hard.

The tobacco companies want to stay in business, and who can blame them. The pharmaceutical companies want to stay in business, and who could blame them?

I’ll blame tobacco control experts. Screw ’em. They know better.

Like my title said…. “experts”…are useless without patches & gum to offer. Don’t get me wrong – they mean well – they’ve got good intentions.

Don’t get me started on the Government tonight, they just want you to smoke.

Staying in business with any sense of relevance or truth, is hard.


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