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Freedom of Assembly

If you’re going to Washington D.C. for this consumer rally, I hope to shake your hand. If you’re unable to attend, please know you are being represented by some of the most passionate consumers in the country who are defending your rights (and future rights of others) for keeping flavored products and less harmful alternatives on the market. Period.

United Vapers Alliance press release is here.

“The right to freedom of association is recognized as a human right, a political right and a civil liberty.”


History is full of people fighting for civil liberties.

The history of the United States is full of motivated people. Immigrants came to find a better life, traveling in uncomfortable conditions for a better life, seeking freedom and civil liberties…

In 1920, the 19th Amendment granted women the right to vote.

Rosa Parks sat down on a bus in 1955 to defy unjust laws saying she couldn’t.

In 1963, there was a civil rights movement called the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom where Martin Luther King gave his iconic “I have a dream” speech.

In the 1970’s, students were gunned down here in Ohio at Kent State for protesting the bombing of Cambodia by U.S. forces.

In the 1980’s, protesting went directly to the FDA while their broken system would turn law abiding citizens, AIDS patients, into criminals.

What else will they take from Americans?

I’ve heard – since 2014 – we should go to Washington, D.C. and protest for our, and future rights to have access to less harmful alternatives. Now we are going… Like many before us, we will have our collective voices heard.

Is our cause as important as a right to vote or a right to have a seat on a bus over another? I believe it is the the exact same fight. Those same people expressed their rights, in the same way facing disapproval of, or objection to something “someone else” didn’t like. In our case, unjust laws, junk science, propaganda, and control are still being utilized to deny freedom and liberty of choice with the same disapproval and objection.

The freedom of assembly is part of our First Amendment. I plan, with a few of my friends and fellow consumers, to exercise that right in Washington, D.C. on November 9th.

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The World IS Watching.

We are consumers. If you CAN attend this historic rally, you are taking your seat on the proverbial bus. This is FEDERAL property. Please know the do’s and don’t list.

On November 3rd, this is where we discussed logistics, planning and rules to the rally.

Please see Jim McDonald’s take on this here (short videos within from both Matt Cully & Grimm Green.)

Vapers Will Rally Saturday in Washington D.C.

If you are going, Vaping 360 had a fabulous idea for those unable to attend, and want your photos!

If you have last minute plans to join, AWESOME. All other information for this rally is here on the Facebook page and the here on the website.

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