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Legal Child Abuse: Terrorizing Children About Nicotine

Does it concern you that legal child abuse and terrorizing children about nicotine has become acceptable, ethical and permissible? Is convincing other children to bully and shame each other now mainstream? Is fear-based embarrassment and coercion promoted by adults suitable for children?

The recent reported physical and mental child abuse, and terrorizing children about nicotine has me asking questions.

Oh, and it’s pissing me off.

UPDATE 3/09/2022:

Turns out they were LYING.

Now there’s a study. It states:

“However, e-cigarette use was not related to the development of depression symptoms over time.”

That link is here:

Adolescent depression symptoms and e-cigarette progression

Now, let’s move on….

WHY is this encouraged?

Are campaigns like “depression stickbelittling and stigmatizing children, who may already be dealing with depression and mental illness, a truly proactive or healthy approach? Is it acceptable to stigmatize someone who might be self-medicating (and doesn’t realize it) because they suffer from depression or other mental health issues?

What happens when non-profit political front groups lie about #nicotine, and a child, using it to cope with feelings of depression & anxiety, is pressured to stop using it, and does something drastic?

Who encourages that? Narcissists.

Contradiction Of Themselves

Truth Initiative states in 2016 here:Nicotine is used for a number of reasons, stating “Some nicotine users benefit from self-medication effects for alleviation of stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health and medical conditions, including schizophrenia and Parkinson’s Disease.”

What if these kids

  • have food insecurities
  • have parents who ignore them
  • experienced verbal or sexual abuse
  • are from broken, one-parent homes
  • have depression, or PTSD from unknown reasons…

Have you heard “nicotine” ‘alters’ teens brains? Yeah, me too. They didn’t tell you the ‘teens’ were MICE, did they?

What about humans?

Well, put your coffee down. No?

It’s VERY clear in humans: “Preclinical models and human studies have demonstrated that nicotine has cognitive-enhancing effects, including improvement of fine motor functions, attention, working memory, and episodic memory.”

It’s no more harmful than, and like caffeine.

Caregivers And Takers

Meanwhile, nanny-state adult(s) who know all, didn’t talk with them to understand or recognize why? Instead, they’re told to stop what helps them cope… and to belittle others, because caregivers didn’t think to ask WHY they are (were) using nicotine (or any other substance), didn’t trouble themselves to seek answers to all the possibilities of underlying issues? Is this the best we can do? Really?

Promoting Bullying

At the beginning of the year, The City of Jacksonville, Florida launched a $200,000 campaign, deciding it was a healthy approach to encourage children to stigmatize, demonize, and bully other children.

Mayor Lenny Curry stated, ironically: “This isn’t about shaming young people,” said Mayor Lenny Curry. This isn’t about putting them down” and more in this article. I’ll let you decide if it isn’t about encouraging the shaming of others.

They released this video:

Exploiting Children

How about tasing kids?

This summer in Maryland, use of force on teenagers by police included one teen being tased, tackled, and hogtied by police. Another teen already on the ground was kneed by an officer.

How about photos under a bathroom stall?

In Auckland, New Zealand, a principal of a school was photographed peering under stalls in the bathroom “in order to be assured it is a healthy and safe environment for our students and staff” she said.

Still agreeable to the atrocious behavior displayed by the adults?

How about when insanity

causes administrators to temporarily close” some of the restrooms at a high school?

How about finding it ‘reasonable’

for teachers or administrators asking a 9th grade child to drop their pants to search for vaping products? Because that’s happened as well.

How about cameras?

closed circuit surveillance cameras in the school’s toilets?

How about corporal punishment?

Is that taking this too far? Because they’ve done that in Singapore by caning a boy.

How about getting tackled by a police officer in 2019?

Caught on video: Keene High School resource officer tackles teen

How about a tragic DEATH in 2018?

Would a complete misdiagnosis have occurred had it not been for propaganda?

I’ll repeat this: “There has been speculation that Kyle’s brain injury was due to a reaction from nicotine, but the autopsy showed that no nicotine was present in his system.” A child died due to deliberate #propaganda.

That’s here from a previous blog of mine:


Update 2/15/2022:

Not enough above?

How about “strip searching” students?

“Under no circumstance shall a school official ever conduct a strip-search of a student….”

“Suring High School officials accused of strip-searching students; Oconto County prosecutor won’t bring charges”

Update 3/08/2022

What about this…..

“Recently in Twin Falls, a teen was allegedly pulled into the office of an establishment and questioned by the owner over vaping in the bathroom.” Is this acceptable? That’s here.

What Would You Do? Teen Accused of Vaping in Twin Falls |

Update 3/25/2022:

How about ANOTHER tasering?

Follow up:

Social media video shows tasing of teen, family alleges ‘excessive force’

UPDATE 5/24/2022:

Here’s a running list of incidents from our friend Skip:

Tasing teens Google Doc

Added 6/29/2022

“These devices are so easy to conceal, so one of the thoughts we had was, well … if they have enough metal components … would a wand work?” Carlson said.

That’s here:

Maple schools add metal detector wands to detect vaping devices


Research shows @ParentsvsVape, @truthinitiative, & @TobaccoFreeKids sociopolitical opinions increase voyeurism, restricting bathroom access, dropping pants, brute force & tasing as socially acceptable punishments for children caught vaping by 100%.

They’ve utilized physical, psychological, sociopolitical, and psychotic measures. They’ve installed ‘vape’ detectors to try to catch those pesky 11% who have vaped once in the past 30 days, and the 3% of those kids (with alleged undeveloped brains) who actually vape daily, clearly, and quickly, have outwitted the adults.

Will they suggest shock therapy next?

Iowa’s Attorney General Tom Miller wrote, and I quote:

“The most intensive adolescent e-cigarette users are far more likely to also be smokers. They may potentially benefit from e-cigarette use. There is no ethical basis for ignoring public health harm reduction benefits to those under 18.”


Deputy Director of Drug Policy Alliance Sheila Vakharia PhD MSW, wrote, and I quote:

Unpopular opinion: I am totally fine with vaping among teens. Nicotine is a performance-enhancer (like caffeine in many ways) and the fewer teens smoking cigarettes, the better for public health. They are practicing #harmreduction.

Link to tweet

So, what are the consequences of these actions?

What are the ramifications of non-profit groups stigmatizing children (and adults)?

I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Skip Murray.

It’s time for the adults in any capacity of authority, tobacco control, or public health to smarten up and stop lying. I suggest a little nicotine.

Does nicotine frighten you? It shouldn’t.

Mitch Zeller said, and I quote:

“How could the same compound associated with so much death and disease be so safe that you can buy it without a doctor’s prescription?” he asks. “The answer is that it’s about the delivery mechanism, not the drug.”


It’s harmless. It shouldn’t scare you. If it does, You Don’t Know Nicotine.

Update 12/22/2021:

You can read what American Council on Science and Health (ASCH) has to say:

Vaping And Mental Health: Does Nicotine Use Cause Teen Depression?

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