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Nannies: Butt OUT of nicotine, kratom use

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Nannies: Butt OUT of nicotine, kratom use

I must admit to having an “addiction to clickbaitable” articles on nicotine. In any given week, they seem to find me as if I had a dealer (Skip) who likes to bring them share them with me.

That said, another crossed my eye this morning and pissed me off.

So with that, here we are.

No bias here.

The “article” quoting an evidently “highly qualified” optometrist… an EYE doctor, titled “Butt in: Ask patients about nicotine use”.

It opens with

“A new study links the use of electronic cigarettes (vaping) among teenagers to more vaping and cigarette smoking”

In the first two paragraphs, the words “irritant” “risk” and “cause” accompany “teenagers” and “students”.

I left comments on the article (many won’t even allow comments any more) and at the moment, as usual, they are not showing up or deleted.

I didn’t see an author on that article. Enough of that idiotic twit or twits.


I don’t normally sway from my chosen topic of e-cigs – but I will today.

While speaking recently about nicotine (use, “addiction”) to a relative (a licenced Arborist), I learned in about 20 minutes what I needed to “know” about kratom.

I’d never heard of kratom. I didn’t know it existed and know next to nothing about it.

Within that conversation, I looked kratom up. Imagine my surprise when I see testimonials eerily similar to what e-cigarette users are saying about nicotine.

Funding a nanny state

The government does not like consumer movements interrupting their war on nicotine. Examples of misconduct are here, another great explanation (thanks Ed!) is here.


The government does not like consumer movements interrupting their “war” on opioid addiction and “treatment”, so they are discouraging kratom use.


You can find out more about kratom here: americankratom.org.

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Butt Out

I will believe one consumer as an “anecdote” before the pharmaceutical funded FDA says a word.

BUTT OUT of what you pretend you do not understand, you irritating twits. STOP twisting the drug company sponsored campaigns to discourage or erraticate what consumers know by disguising it with “regulations”.

I, for one, am tired of reading contrived “expert” opinions. I, for one, am tired of my government ignoring the consumer voice.

Here is one consumer I adore:

“If you see vaping consumer advocates constantly ranting on, it’s because we are trying to stop you lot fucking it up”.

That quote comes from this video below.

Please, get your favorite beverage and take the 20 minutes to listen to Sarah Jakes.

23 Sarah Jakes from The E-Cigarette Summit on Vimeo.


Nicotine is covered herehere, here, and of course the results of my challenge, here.

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