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Vaping In The News–May 20th, 2017


Vaping In The News – May 14th – May 20th, 2017

Dr. Gottlieb’s First Remarks to FDA Staff ~ Save A Billion Lives ~ A Billion Lives ~ Bladder Cancer ~ Guidance From CASAA ~ Vaping and Confused ~ Tax on e-cigs should be zero ~ The Trump Administration ~ Corruption ~ Biochemically verified smoking cessation and vaping beliefs among vape store customers ~ Nicotine Enhances Bee’s Activity ~ Speaking of lowering nicotine ~ Titration Theories ~  RUBBISH ~ The TPD

Dr. Gottlieb’s First Remarks to FDA Staff

“We need to redouble efforts to help more smokers become tobacco-free. And, we need to have the science base to explore the potential to move current smokers – unable or unwilling to quit – to less harmful products, if they can’t quit altogether. At all times, we must protect kids from the dangers of tobacco use.”

Dr. Gottlieb’s First Remarks to FDA Staff

The Thunder From Down Under

Save A Billion Lives

The Electronic Vaping Coalition of America (EVCA) has released this video.

A Billion Lives

The fight continues.

Last week, Iceland had a premier of A Billion Lives. They, like many other places, are facing regulations. People enacting those – were listening.

This includes the conference with Linda Bauld, Prof Peter Hajek, Prof John Britton, Clive Bates, Director Aaron Biebert and more.

A Billion Lives: The Fight Continues

Bladder Cancer

From Dr. Farsalinos:

Headlines news about e-cigarettes causing bladder cancer based on non-specific biomarkers

Guidance From CASAA

CASAA Guidance to Members Regarding EVCA’s “Coordination” Fundraising

“Vaping and Confused”

The following Truth Initiative survey consisted of an online sample of 701 current smokers and 300 former smokers.

“Nearly all (95%) of these respondents think e-cigarettes are effective at helping smokers quit and 94% would recommend them for this purpose, suggesting that e-cigarettes are a satisfying quit product for those who have successfully used them for that purpose.”

Vaping and Confused


In 2014, I conducted a survey with a total of 7,238 responses from around the world.

42% stopped smoking in one day.

Flavors helped 88+%.


Tax On E-Cigs Should Be Zero

Tax on e-cigs should be zero

Via Jeff Stier – National Review

“…health groups, including the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, and the American Cancer Society, are actively lobbying against e-cigarettes and misrepresenting the science about both the safety of e-cigarettes and how they can help cigarette smokers significantly reduce their risk.”

The Trump administration should no longer defend FDA’s indefensible vaping ban.

“We do not have sufficient data to determine what effects e-cigarettes have on public health at the population level. We also noted that some individuals report using e-cigarettes to successfully quit smoking….”

Lawsuit against HHS over records pertaining to FDA deeming rule

tobacco free kids promice.JPG

Speaking Of Corruption

Matt Myers of Tobacco Free Kids has been kind enough to give us a list of those groups – in alphabetical order – who would like to promote smoking.

51 Health Groups Urge Administration to Defend and Enforce FDA Rule for E-Cigarettes, Cigars


Bees & Nicotine

I can’t make this stuff up.

Nicotine enhances bees’ activity

Speaking of lowering nicotine in cigarettes….

Attrition during a randomized controlled trial of reduced nicotine content cigarettes as a proxy for understanding acceptability of nicotine product standards

Speaking Of Titration:

Norbert Zillitron is another I respect:

Titration Theories

Put this in the the “No shit, Sherlock” files

Biochemically verified smoking cessation and vaping beliefs among vape store customers



My friend Robert Innes is taking out the trash.

We see it oh so often!


Paul has escaped from his hole, trying to make sense of the TPD.

From tomorrow, anyone who wants a TFV8, won’t be able to get one. Not legally at any rate. Here’s the thing about that, many of the small 2ml tanks just aren’t enjoyable to use. There are many of those small tanks that simply will not serve.

End Of An Era


TPD Regulations: The New Vaping Laws You Need to Know About

FDA V.S. TPD: Vaping Regulations

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E-Cigarette Politics 

A Billion Lives

A Billion Lives

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Helping Smokers Quit


Imagine a business you can operate at full capacity by providing a valuable product and “service” to millions of customers with no restraint on inventory, no liability and carry a “non” or “not for profit” status.

Imagine a business with no worries about profit or loss – and the money keeps coming in. As a bonus, you can carry this on for more than 50 years and brag about it.

Imagine a business that is funded by those you are trying supposed to help. Imagine if your business could get away with shaming your customers for failing with your product or service.

You could offer ineffective tips keeping your status as a caring and upstanding business in the community. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Keep trying!

Don’t give up!

We’re here to help!

Imagine calling a trained expert THIRTY times.

Is that acceptable?

Smokers may try to quit 30 times before it sticks


Supply & Demand

Imagine how failure on the customers part  creates opportunity for more business. Promoting almost useless products you don’t pay for is not only fun, but keeps you, and the supplier in business. They’ll keep coming back. You know the failure rate is 93%, and knowing why is not your concern.

Use the term “cessation” a lot because it sounds soothing. In contrast, I suggest focusing on something with at least three syllables so it is ominous and scary sounding – like nicotine – because it sounds evil.

Remember, you have no accountability or responsibility for success in the eye of the public. You just have to look like you’re trying.

  • Be realistic. Don’t talk about of tobacco control out of church.
  • As much as possible, try to influence policy as much as you can.
  • In fact, success would be detrimental to your survival, always elude to an exit strategy.

Keep Success To A Minimum

Imagine your success. Stay focused. Your success is paramount, not your customers. Customer success is of no concern. In fact, it’s widely acceptable to shame customers and convince them that their failure is not your responsiblity. Play on their desperation, not satisfaction. Ultimately, hold your customers accountable. Confuse and bewilder them. That’s the plan.

Feign support, but encourage. Make it perfectly clear that the customer is the problem, not your business. Convince them to keep trying.


Passive-Aggressive Is Best

Imagine your staying power. Make it clear that they are the problem, not your business. Place the failure on the consumer, and promote your business as if it has helped millions, helping you. Failure is not only acceptable, it is expected. Join other businesses like you to keep momentum.

Don’t Give Up

Imagine if smokers could succeed. Ignore and damn any methods that work, despite the evidence, as it would be detrimental to your survival. In fact, only support any other method if they are taxed, regulated and funded in such a way that will only contribute to your success.

Leave your ineffective products and services alone. At any cost including lies, use children (because who doesn’t like to Think About The Children™).

Convince the public via mass marketing that it is ultimately safer to keep smoking than to risk using any product not approved by you, or your affiliates.

Always seem concerned or challenged by any less harmful alternative.


Remember, you must restrain yourself. Never, under any circumstances, talk about any effective alternatives that may risk your reputation or your business. Ever.


Imagine a business that would go bankrupt if it did what it was designed to do.

Help people stop smoking.

I didn’t know there was “preloading” of…. never mind:

No clear evidence that nicotine ‘preloading’ helps smokers to quit

Added 7/20/2019

Financial Ties and Conflicts of Interest Between Pharmaceutical and Tobacco Companies

3 case studies. One shows how tobacco companies pressured pharmaceutical companies to scale back their smoking cessation educational materials that accompanied Nicorette.The second shows how they restricted to whom the pharmaceutical company could market its transdermal nicotine patch. In the third case, we show how subsidiary tobacco and pharmaceutical companies of a parent company collaborated in the production of a nicotine-release gum. Thus, because tobacco cessation product marketing has been altered as a result of these financial conflicts, disclosure would serve the interest of public health.

“financial ties between tobacco and pharmaceutical companies have resulted in the weakening of smoking cessation efforts and the sharing of technology to develop nicotine products that are profitable to both industries.”

Financial Ties and Conflicts of Interest Between Pharmaceutical and Tobacco Companies

Added December 8th, 2019:

“Should we accept this as inevitable and celebrate the benefits of the periods of abstinence or should we be doing more to reduce long-term relapse?”

How much unsuccessful quitting activity is going on among adult smokers? Data from the International Tobacco Control 4-Country cohort survey

NEWS from my friends across the pond: Vapers.org.uk.

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