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Funding The Future: VapesGiving™

Funding VapesGiving™

 Funding The Future: VapesGiving™

Are you part of funding the future? Funding is underway via the American Vaping Association (AVA) with a movement called VapesGiving™. The dollar for dollar match of up to $190,000 is right now.  Funding the future to combat irresponsible and fiscally motivated regulations of e-cigarettes come with a price. The opportunity for manufacturers (individuals can donate as well) to fund what is their future, is right now. Fund the future.

Future Work

It takes hard work and funding to challenge ordinances, taxation, politicians, and groups who care less about choice or health. In every town, city, state and across the country, challenges are tenfold. Someone has to think about funding the future. Someone, or something, has to finance it.

#VapesGiving™ offers the opportunity not only for you to donate to a spectrum of organizations, but to see your donation doubled thanks to the support of Naked 100 (up to $190,000!).

Funding VapesGiving™The future is now:

From federal rules and regulations restricting shop owners from assisting customers and creating chaos, state rules regulating and requiring licensing, restricting or banning adults access to a less harmful choice, taxation….. well, if I have to explain it to you, you’re obviously not paying attention.

Funding takes thinking

Think about what it takes for the future of an industry that is being challenged at every turn. Imagine if that didn’t happen. Imagine the industry in five years if no one takes action. Think of local, state, and national needs and the challenges that are involved. That’s what VapesGiving™ is helping to do with advocacy groups.

A Thousand Ways

The ability for regulation, restriction, taxation and bans – like age restrictions on both tobacco and e-cigarettes (Tobacco 21) can come faster than you can prepare, and often, you might not be aware they’re happening.

Funding VapesGiving™

Enough of your time

Instead of focusing on what “can’t” be done, consider what CAN be done. Considering what is at stake, I hope to see #VapesGiving raise millions with this movement. This is beyond overdue.

If you are in this industry, you know the importance of industry groups. If you are not in a group, join one. If you’ve done that, and if you are a manufacturer of e-liquid, have a brick and mortar store or know someone who is helping customers switch to a less harmful alternative, I urge you, implore you, and refer you directly here:

AVA Announces the Start of #VapesGiving!™

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Tobacco Harm Reduction For Life


Medical, Research, Science Professionals:



E-Cigarette Politics 

A Billion Lives

A Billion Lives

There is definitely more to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.


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