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Nicotine Usage Survey for US & UK users



Who created it?

Hans Schmidt (a well known source by myself and others) has created a nicotine usage survey for vapers.

Simple stuff, folks. It will take less than 15 minutes in Google Doc format.

Informative for yourself, and data is always king.

Due to the difference in currency, there are different surveys for the same results to make it simpler.

Please take it, and spread the link (or this blog) to your respective survey itself in your circles.

If you are in the United Kingdom please go here:

UK Nicotine Survey


If you are in the United States (US/dollar currency) please go here:

United States Nicotine Survey


Also, in German if you speak or are in groups concerning Germany here:

German Nicotine Survey

Files are free to download for everybody (e. g. as Excel file)

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