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Tobacco Control: Fueding, fussing, fighting, fear & funding

tobacco money

Control of tobacco, or tobacco control, loves control. Color me silly, but the stronger the opposition, the more I see the antagonistic approach against it, the more I like the PMI foundation. A little while back, Philip Morris announced they would pledge a billion dollars towards a “smoke-free worldfor research.


Dr. Michael Siegel, a former student of Professor Glantz has refused a position at the newly formed Foundation for a Smoke-Free World. (Covered here)


If you missed it, There was plenty of “outrage” including a “Frank Statement” accompanied by babbling a scream test from the “tobacco control sector” about the announcement here.


On December 5th, Dr. Michael Siegel explained, “We already know what interventions are most effective in reducing smoking rates” and “Frankly, this is all essentially a waste of time.here.

He has five “key points” as to what the foundation, funded by a tobacco company, should do.

These are his suggestions:

  1. severely restrict or curtail cigarette advertising and marketing;
  2. require plain packaging;
  3. substantially increase cigarette taxes;
  4. promote 100% smoke-free environments; and
  5. heavily fund aggressive, state-of-the-art anti-smoking media campaigns.

For time and space

I didn’t see research in those five points. I don’t think it was implied. Instead, I see the same tobacco control playbook. Maybe it’s just me.

I’ll toss a “rebuttal” taking care of time & space.

Question: How do claims “making progress” work?

“In contrast, the Foundation does want to support research on the role of genetics, physiology, individual choices and activities and environmental influences.”

According to my assessment of past “job performance”, tobacco control “experts” & all political front groups are trying to help by instilling fear.

(Now they are appauding, and want more smoking.)

They should all be defunded, dismantled and sued under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

Dr. Siegel, have you lost your marbles?

Although I think he’s lost his marbles in his assesment of the goals of the Smoke-Free World, please, don’t be under the impression that I don’t like or respect Dr. Siegel. In fact, I’ve linked him on occasion, and I do respect him.

Like here:

Lead Story in Bay Area Sunday Newspapers Features Anti-Smoking Movement’s Push for Outdoor Smoking Bans and Questions the Science Behind Them

Or here:

The Problem of Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest in Tobacco Control: How It Works and Why We are So Hypocritical

And here

Center for Tobacco Products is Lying to the Public About Youth Tobacco Use


And especially here, where I wonder if it was the reason he declined the position:

“You aren’t allowed to do that in tobacco control. If you dissent, you are allowed to write polite, personal, and private emails expressing your opinion, but you are not allowed to go public with your dissenting comments. You have to shut up and keep your opinion to yourself.”

Prominent Tobacco Control Researcher Cautions CDC that Helena Study Should Not Be Used to Conclude that Smoking Bans Immediately Reduce Heart Attacks

Defense vs Offense

Don’t get your panties in a bunch; I am partial to vaping. It’s what worked for ME. I am also for any method a consumer can CHOOSE, including the patch, gum, hypnosis, meditation, whatever works for someone choosing to switch from smoking that works for them. I’m not for strong-arming or manipulation of “control”.

In my opinion, the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World will do research with technology, hopefully e-cigarettes, heat not burn, other smokeless tobacco and other things. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll also figure out why those patches & gums have a measly 7 percent success rate and improve those as well. Boy, won’t pharma be pissed.

The “control” sector won’t have eyes on research first. They won’t have immediate opportunity to “enhance” or “downplay” the results. They will have to actually defend their positions. Maybe even work at their job. Imagine the horror.

Loss of control.

I covered some of these issues here at The Daily Vaper:

“Tobacco control organizations have never voiced any reservations about accepting funding from tobacco taxation to keep their fiscal health afloat with funds derived from the crop.”

Tobacco Control ‘Experts’ Fight AGAINST A Smoke-Free World

Foxes guarding the henhouse

To be credible, I suppose……if we could trust control experts to act like – well, I propose, experts, we’d be a lot further along, but we’re talking about a tobacco company trying to reduce smoking… twenty years ago, this very scenario would have been simple to manipulate. Today, not so much.

Simon Chapman thinks Dr. Siegel’s points are analysis….


If we could just separate that pesky conflict of interest of  “research” and “control” from the funding… ahh who am I kidding. Tobacco companies want money. Tobacco control and anti-tobacco wants money.

Speaking of credibility…

The Truth Is Out There

If “tobacco control” were credible, they would all be feverishly trying to put themselves out of a job, and you wouldn’t be reading this blog, now would you?



On 12/13/17:

Exclusive: Philip Morris Funded Anti-Smoking Foundation Targeting Public Health Leaders With Grants




And then on 12/15/17

Public Health Leaders Ask to Be Removed From Mailing List of Foundation Offering Them Tobacco-Funded Grants

If it comes out the way I think” Then we do it. If it doesn’t… “Then we don’t bother, ok?


~ Professor Stanton Glantz


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Vaping In The News – October 14th, 2017


As I put this weeks edition together, I pondered all the time and public OUR money wasted over the past 10+ years by experts – tracking tweets, buying media, pretending to do studies and claiming science… Then, I wonder…. what have they tried to accomplish… and what other much more important items they’ve done the same with, or ignored in the process.

Johnson Creek is going out of business ~ Science Lesson ~ Marathon Man ~ Bloomberg ~ Tobacco 21 ~ Teen Cigarette Narcs ~ Doug Teitelbaum ~  Foundation for a smoke-free world ~ Tobacco Free Kids ~ Screaming ~

This is Vaping In The News for the week ending October 14th, 2017

Instead of babbling, I’ll lead off with a spirited tweet from Ann, who I (and others) miss dearly.

Johnson Creek is going out of business

Their statement:

Important! Johnson Creek is going out of business

Science Lesson

One of the best ways to learn is to listen and read. That’s why I like reading Carl’s blog. I don’t always agree with Carl, and that is how I learn.

“Ecigs are a replacement for tobacco products. They are not a replacement for lost tobacco taxes.”

I’ve said this a thousand times.

In this instance, there should be NO tax imposed on vaping products (other than normal sales tax). Period. We agree.

Science Lesson: The Optimal Tax Rate For Vapor Products Is Zero

Marathon Man

Chris Baxter, who I’ve followed over on Twitter:


Lancaster man vapes his way to marathon success

Related: Jerry Iozzo

Former Smoker Turned Marathon Runner Thanks to Vaping


Dr. Carrie Wade at the Daily Vaper takes on another big donor of anti-tobacco with reduced risk and research:

Bloomberg School Of Public Health Should Live Up To Mission Statement, Save ‘Millions At A Time’

Tobacco 21

While the public is, you can’t be convinced this will work. You’re too savvy for that.

Tobacco 21 Is a Catch-22

Denver Is Hiring Teen Cigarette Narcs

Where I’ve covered the Synar Amendment and the recreation of the problems here in June of 2017, I made a prediction.

In my (highly acclaimed by me) opinion, as the age of purchase was 18, they are having a difficult time keeping their percentage at acceptable levels, and now want to raise it to 21 to recreate the problem.

Well… imagine my surprise when I read (bold is my emphasis)

“….the department hopes to snag even more vendors, projecting a 23 percent noncompliance rate by the end of 2017.”

Denver Is Hiring Teen Cigarette Narcs

Imagine my surprise from one of my favorite rodents, Phil:

Here’s that breach, including e-cigarettes:

Anne Arundel County tobacco sting finds one in four stores sold tobacco to minors

Doug Teitelbaum

NJOY’s Doug Teitelbaum is Leading a Crusade Against Cigarette Smoking – Don’t Bet Against Him

Foundation for a smoke-free world

Derek Yach
Just so you can see the screams from Matt Myers – it is close enough to Halloween to hear him clearly.

Matt Myers: Philip Morris has a long history of funding what it calls independent research by previously credible researchers

Still Screaming

Another from one of my favorite bloggers, and consider him a friend: Paul:
Next, how PR firms create “dialogue”…



Former American Cancer Society CEO John Seffrin endorses cancer research venture funded by Philip Morris

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A Billion Lives

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Vaping In The News – September 23rd, 2017


SCREAM TEST / Scream Test Update ~ DANA Statement: Australia ~ THR4Life ~ FDA Warnings ~ Air Quality ~ Corruption ~ Show Me The Money ~ Gonzo Gives ~ Snork ~ Tobacco Taxes ~ Tobacco Experts ~ Regulator Watch ~ Foundation For A Smoke-Free World


Experts in tobacco CONtrol are nervous and well aware of their demise as they squealed like stuck pigs after the announcement of Foundation for a Smoke-Free World and Philip Morris’s 1 Billion dollar commitment to the same…

Australia finds nurses on board with vaping… An introduction to the Board Members of THR4life… The FDA warnings are useless…. Gonzo Gives…. Regulator Watch… Foundation For A Smoke-Free World…Taxes… and more.

This is Vaping In The News for the week ending September 23rd, 2017

😱 Scream Test

This reads like a desperate eulogy written by well seasoned & nearly extinct tobacco CONtrol freaks.

To shed light upon on themselves and their continued failure as “experts” is sadly amusing. I encourage one of you to send these idiots some flowers. Tell them to try harder. They can do it.

(Thanks to the authors!)

A “Frank Statement” for the 21st Century?

Scream Test Update

I would be remiss, and this would not be complete without Dick Puddlecoat’s explanation:

Scream Test Update

(My take is further down.)

DANA Statement: Australia

Drug and Alcohol Nurses of Australasia Incorporated (DANA) has released a statment. I don’t agree with “every” single part, but finally, some common sense – shockingly from the land of disbelief and fairy tales of Chapman & Freeman, Australia.

DANA Position Statement on E-Cigarettes


I’d like to introduce you to the Board I am proudly a part of.

Tobacco Harm Reduction For Life

FDA Warnings

More useless notices that won’t be read by anyone.

“FDA failed to present any data — much less the substantial evidence required under the [Administrative Procedure Act]…”

FDA to study warnings for cigarette packaging

Air Quality

The Centers for Disease Control did a test. Huh. Jim McDonald delves into what they did, or didn’t find… and won’t talk about.

What did the CDC find when they tested vape shop air?


No. Couldn’t be. Say it isn’t so.

Vrdolyak, associate collected $10 million in unauthorized tobacco fees, prosecutors say

Show Me The Money

Certainly there’s no conflict of interest here… CVS has committed $50 million dollars to get their way.

The American Cancer Society is now joined at the hip to help bully fund “tobacco-free” campuses and has “awarded” $20,000.00 to another campus to become nannies to adults.

Monetary grant encourages a tobacco free generation by The American Cancer Society

Gonzo Gives

What, you may ask, is Gonzo gives? Go ahead, ask. Meanwhile, I see frustration from many in the vaping community.

Then, I see this, and it inspires me.



They called this one “Juice monsters” here.

Tobacco Taxes

Since National Tobacco Day, this has been coming… if you didn’t believe it, it’s ready to go – and if you’re new here, nicotine is considered tobacco.

Jim McDonald, again, covers this eloquently here:

Senate bill would tax vapes and cigarettes the same


congress.gov (Page 40)

Tobacco Control ‘Experts’ Fight AGAINST A Smoke-Free World

Please indulge me in a bit of shameless self-promotion. I’d like to take a moment to proudly introduce my first submission to the Daily Caller & Daily Vaper. I was humbled, surprised and honored when I was contacted to submit to them.

I was also relieved. Why? The consideration was immediate. With 20 million possible eyes, and no pop ups, I’m in.

Instead of preaching to the choir, I hope their estimated audience of 20 million people might see what this blog has been trying to say for (4+ years) so long.

My submission on the scream test from above:

Tobacco Control ‘Experts’ Fight AGAINST A Smoke-Free World

Foundation For A Smoke-Free World

This is what causes tobacco control to pull their hair out. I’m enjoying the show.

You can see the website here : Foundation For A Smoke-Free World

Regulator Watch

ANY attention to any attempt to STOP the Food and Drug Administration to cease and desist is attention. Some disagree, some are supportive.

One may agree or disagree in the tactics deployed by any industry or consumer group, but to have egos in the way of progress towards what should be little to no regulation of vaping products, (industry manufacturing standards, no sales tax other than normal sales tax), one with half a brain would give deeper consideration to any efforts being put forth rather than dismissing them.

My deepest thanks to Brent Stafford from Regulator Watch for continuing to educate me as a consumer in what seems like an endless regulatory carnival ride.



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A Billion Lives

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