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A Billion Lives: Aaron Biebert, Uncut – Two Years Later

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The Board of Directors at THR4Life decided to reach out to Aaron Biebert to chat with him about the 2nd anniversary of the North American premiere of his film, “A Billion Lives” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – on what is THR4Life‘s podcast debut.
Aaron and I talk about the inception, grass-roots research, and his perceptions while preparing for the film. He allows us an intimate perspective of both the challenges he faced while making the film, where the inspiration came from, and what it took to put this award-winning documentary together.
Will there be a sequel to A Billion Lives?
Aaron also gives us a look at other projects he and the crew of Attention Era Media have been working on since 2016. Always on the go, he talks about projects with Derek Yach of The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World and the Film Festival during the most recent Global Forum on Nicotine and more.


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A Billion Lives

A Billion Lives


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