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Was “Top Doc” Confused About COVID19 Rules? Charges Pending

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams faces charges in Hawaii after “a little bit of fun” while visiting a closed park in August with two others, violating COVID19 rules.

He “didn’t know“???

The article said Adams “didn’t know parks were closed“… but “provided a phone number” to the officer, “the same number Adams listed on an email to state officials seeking an exemption for Hawaii’s quarantine on arriving travelers.”

Interesting wording… the email – he provided – confirmed an exemption for quarantine for traveling – that included “links to rules”. Well… I didn’t see that juvenile behavior coming. Was he confused?

For some time, Adams has been pushing gaslighting the public to take personal responsiblity for stopping the spread of COVID19, tweeting “tips” such as “#COVIDStopsWithMe”. It seems he chose to ignore his own advice while traveling, opting for his original official statment, assuming immunity, deciding not to heed the emergency order.

Interestingly – at the bottom of the article, it states “According to the complaint, Adams put a mask on.”

He could have referenced the CDC website he linked here in early August about travel restrictions. (There’s a section covering “restrictions” here). He must not have thought to conduct a simple google search about Park Closure Hours. It boldly mentions, in red, at the top:

*City parks, botanical gardens, community gardens, certain park facilities, and beaches reopening Sept. 10, 2020 for individual activities in accordance with Emergency Order 2020-26.

But wait (bold/italics my emphasis), there’s more… To point out Jerry’s indifference… it says “the surgeon general was cited for accidentally violating the mayor’s emergency order, due to his misunderstanding of the law“.

Accidentally? Misunderstanding? Huh.

I’ll reference a quote from David Bachert:

“Well, when it happened “due to his misunderstanding of the law”, it would be best to lift the burden of the office from him, henceforth he might be able to commit himself to further studies of “the law” – or at least the content of e-mails he receives. #FireTheSG

Covid19, and restrictions in place around the country aren’t something ‘new‘. While the city of Honolulu has issued “more than 10,000 such citations“, 2,203 were dismissed by June.

Wait, was Jerry confused?

If he’s confused, are we still expected to take his position or “advice” seriously? I’m not surprised Jerry doesn’t do his research, or that he is… well, it’s common knowledge Jerry doesn’t open emails. As much as he likes google, he didn’t take time to check?

Here’s my condensed version of just a few of Adams key sentences in a COVID19 press conference with President Trump earlier this year.

With a history of confusion, Jerry, as former Indiana State Health Commissioner – and in charge of that state’s Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission, seemed stunned after reading “his own” latest Surgeon General ‘report’ on smoking. He statedI didn’t even know until this report came out that you can add as much as 10 years, a decade, to your life expectancy by quitting smoking”.


Now changed, this was his personal Twitter profile description at one time.

Do as I say, not as I do

It’s unnerving to see -0- accountability from the Surgeon General both personally and professionally, acting ‘unaware’ while misinterpreting data, science, and now laws the public he’s supposed to serve – are expected to abide by.

After breaking at least one law while sightseeing, he appeared at a news conference giving the public advice he didn’t heed himself:

“And to the people who are lapsing a little bit, I want you to understand that a little bit of fun right now can result in shutdowns further on down the road. It’s important that we all do the right things right now, even if we don’t feel we are personally at risk.”

The violation for “a little bit of fun” he mentioned reportedly can include “fines of up to $5,000, up to a year in jail, or both”.

I suggest both.

In the most basic observation of this puppet, I (rhetorically) wonder why the public health community is concerned about the public’s lack of trust in the people like Adams, who are ‘in charge’, and their inability to do their job(s) is questioned.

I’m also curious as to why Jerry didn’t take a selfie with the nice officer. I’ve repeatedly invited Jerry to be a guest on Smoke Free Radio to discuss a potpourri of subjects with Patrick and me.

To date, he has not responded.

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Gasping for Tobacco “Control”

money-laundering 3

Gasping for Tobacco Control

However subtle and contrived – or loud the gasps become, the fight for tobacco revenue continues. Tobacco control assumes it’s their money. They want to feed their addiction by continuing their charade.

They want to continue funding manipulating motivating the public under the pretense of trying to “protect” health and making the world better. Hmm.

Because they are criminals.

Vera daCosta e Silva made some delusional points in her blog in the BMJ about (the) Foundation for a Smoke Free World, claiming the “tobacco industry’s corporate social responsibility programmes are an abomination” and “Such projects are designed to mislead or confuse public opinion.”

I fixed her statement for her:

For decades, tobacco tax dollars have funded influence buying, covert activities and scientific misrepresentation from tobacco “control“.

It sounds like Vera is defining screaming gasping a long standing tobacco control chant so now one looks at the incestuous and criminal relationship with pharma and their untreated addiction to continued tobacco sales.

Derek Yach openly responded as expected, but no plans of being sensible are to be found at this time.

They aren’t listening. Still, their incessant chanting is comforting to them as if the white noise drowns the sounds of their collective, soulless, arrogant mouths gasping for air.

I asked her myself where tobacco control funds derive… (‘cause who doesn’t like a good question to an expert….) I don’t expect an answer any time soon.

Here’s a fun example of failure. Claims of tobacco related diseases continue to RISE worldwide, according to Matt Myers. His claim?  “But we can stop it”… Seems the more money squandered stolen, the higher the alleged death toll… nobody’s noticing this trend yet?

Failure is a business model, evidently. Tobacco control, after 50+ years… is still in “business”.

More Tobacco Money

Here in the next link are a slew of links and the promise of the ever-present catch phrase, “win-win”, as to how tobacco control likes money derived from sales of tobacco from my pal Matt Myers.

State Tobacco Taxes

Helpful bastards, eh?

Here’s how they lie about nicotine.

Here’s how they’re helping smokers quit.

Here’s where the criminal enterprise wants you to keep smoking.

Here’s where more tobacco money goes. (Thanks for keeping me busy, Skip!)

Fogarty awards $10.7M to build tobacco control and prevention research capacity in developing countries

Another example…

of the effort involved to keeping people smoking:

UCSF Awarded $20M Federal Grant on Tobacco Regulatory Sciences

Here, in the flesh are Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle Dumb Puff-N-Stuff talking about how they like taxes. I do love a good explanation.


For posture, I’ve asked when Tobacco Control criminals will do the same…

Corporate Capitulation To The Zealots

Finally, if you’ve made it this far…. To my knowledge, I haven’t seen ‘s blog before… but I like it.

With more bullshit to walk through, Tobacco companies will be forced to lie and advertise on television…  stop rubbing your eyes, don’t read it twice… This is court ordered.

Corporate Capitulation To The Zealots


If you’re in any doubt about why nicotine is now defined as tobacco…

This will cure your curiosity.

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