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Was “Top Doc” Confused About COVID19 Rules? Charges Pending

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams faces charges in Hawaii after “a little bit of fun” while visiting a closed park in August with two others, violating COVID19 rules.

He “didn’t know“???

The article said Adams “didn’t know parks were closed“… but “provided a phone number” to the officer, “the same number Adams listed on an email to state officials seeking an exemption for Hawaii’s quarantine on arriving travelers.”

Interesting wording… the email – he provided – confirmed an exemption for quarantine for traveling – that included “links to rules”. Well… I didn’t see that juvenile behavior coming. Was he confused?

For some time, Adams has been pushing gaslighting the public to take personal responsiblity for stopping the spread of COVID19, tweeting “tips” such as “#COVIDStopsWithMe”. It seems he chose to ignore his own advice while traveling, opting for his original official statment, assuming immunity, deciding not to heed the emergency order.

Interestingly – at the bottom of the article, it states “According to the complaint, Adams put a mask on.”

He could have referenced the CDC website he linked here in early August about travel restrictions. (There’s a section covering “restrictions” here). He must not have thought to conduct a simple google search about Park Closure Hours. It boldly mentions, in red, at the top:

*City parks, botanical gardens, community gardens, certain park facilities, and beaches reopening Sept. 10, 2020 for individual activities in accordance with Emergency Order 2020-26.

But wait (bold/italics my emphasis), there’s more… To point out Jerry’s indifference… it says “the surgeon general was cited for accidentally violating the mayor’s emergency order, due to his misunderstanding of the law“.

Accidentally? Misunderstanding? Huh.

I’ll reference a quote from David Bachert:

“Well, when it happened “due to his misunderstanding of the law”, it would be best to lift the burden of the office from him, henceforth he might be able to commit himself to further studies of “the law” – or at least the content of e-mails he receives. #FireTheSG

Covid19, and restrictions in place around the country aren’t something ‘new‘. While the city of Honolulu has issued “more than 10,000 such citations“, 2,203 were dismissed by June.

Wait, was Jerry confused?

If he’s confused, are we still expected to take his position or “advice” seriously? I’m not surprised Jerry doesn’t do his research, or that he is… well, it’s common knowledge Jerry doesn’t open emails. As much as he likes google, he didn’t take time to check?

Here’s my condensed version of just a few of Adams key sentences in a COVID19 press conference with President Trump earlier this year.

With a history of confusion, Jerry, as former Indiana State Health Commissioner – and in charge of that state’s Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission, seemed stunned after reading “his own” latest Surgeon General ‘report’ on smoking. He statedI didn’t even know until this report came out that you can add as much as 10 years, a decade, to your life expectancy by quitting smoking”.


Now changed, this was his personal Twitter profile description at one time.

Do as I say, not as I do

It’s unnerving to see -0- accountability from the Surgeon General both personally and professionally, acting ‘unaware’ while misinterpreting data, science, and now laws the public he’s supposed to serve – are expected to abide by.

After breaking at least one law while sightseeing, he appeared at a news conference giving the public advice he didn’t heed himself:

“And to the people who are lapsing a little bit, I want you to understand that a little bit of fun right now can result in shutdowns further on down the road. It’s important that we all do the right things right now, even if we don’t feel we are personally at risk.”

The violation for “a little bit of fun” he mentioned reportedly can include “fines of up to $5,000, up to a year in jail, or both”.

I suggest both.

In the most basic observation of this puppet, I (rhetorically) wonder why the public health community is concerned about the public’s lack of trust in the people like Adams, who are ‘in charge’, and their inability to do their job(s) is questioned.

I’m also curious as to why Jerry didn’t take a selfie with the nice officer. I’ve repeatedly invited Jerry to be a guest on Smoke Free Radio to discuss a potpourri of subjects with Patrick and me.

To date, he has not responded.

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Vaping In The News–May 6th, 2017


Vaping In The News – April 30th – May 6th, 2017

Coordination with the FDA: Hartland, Wisconsin ~ Please Keep Smoking Award ~ Smoke Some More ~ Views & News On Cole Bishop ~ There’s A List ~ Coverup, Judicial Watch ~ Senator Johnson ~ Truth Initiative ~ Health aspects of e-cigarettes ~ Fergus Mason ~ Nicotine

Hartland, Wisconsin

Imagine for a moment that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has overstepped their authority in “deeming” anything to do with e-cigarettes.

Imagine #EnoughIsEnough:

Coordination with the FDA: Hartland, Wisconsin Holds Public Hearings

Please Keep Smoking Award

State Rep. Mary Jo Daley, (D-PA) is the recipient of this week’s “Please Keep Smoking” award. Seems the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network likes to give out “awards” to keep people smoking.

Here’s her shameless self-promotion piece:

Daley earns ‘Distinguished Advocacy Award’ from American Cancer Society

FDA: Please Keep Smoking More

The FDA likes smoking so much, they have an initiative to figure out how to keep people smoking under an “initiative” to pretend to get them to smoke “less”.

I thought the FDA’s purpose was to regulate, not initiate.

I covered “lower nicotine” and 22nd Century here in March of last year…

“The company’s cigarettes are part of an estimated $20 million FDA initiative to determine “the best method to quit smoking

there’s more, as I predicted.

22nd Century gets FDA authorization for low tar-to-nicotine cigarette clinical trial

Views & News On Cole Bishop

Oliver Kershaw

Cole Bishop just failed. What now?

Jim McDonald

Cole-Bishop budget rider fails. Here’s what we need to do!

Tony Ottomanelli II

Cole-Bishop HR 1136 Update: Must-Know Need to Know Info

There’s a list:

Open Secrets has this article highlighting the “Top recipients of contributions from the tobacco industry, 2016 cycle”

Big tobacco in 2017: Full steam ahead

My pal DrMA asked them this question:

Covering up the obvious isn’t enough.

The FDA is batting 1,000 with non-answers – as if they were above the law.

With Former FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg under R.I.C.O. charges, Senator Ron Johnson being ignored last year asking the FDA repeatedly to produce documentation, and Hartland asking questions above, Judicial Watch has asked, through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) for – well – information.

I’ll wait.

Judicial Watch Sues over Records on Obama E-Cig Regs

Here’s their video on the matter.

Senator Ron Johnson

Johnson Applauds Trump Administration for Delaying Harmful E-Cigarette Rule

Truth Initiative Whines & Brags

Skip is certain.

Here’s the whining & bragging:

What 2017’s first Congressional appropriations deal means for tobacco control

WorldWide Survey

This SURVEY is still going:

The Tobacco Harm Reduction Association of Canada (THRA) is conducting this survey for anyone – ANYONE to take. Smokers, non-smokers, vapers.


The importance of your voice is NEEDED.

Please take the survey HERE.

Health aspects of e-cigarettes

Need a document for your physician?


Here is that link:

Health aspects of e-cigarettes – Short information for Physicians

The Fergus Mason:

FDA e-cig ban under fire from all sides as safety evidence mounts


Via Jim McDonald

Remember, folks, “nicotine” is now tobacco.

People are usually interested in how long nicotine remains in the system because their employer wants to test for nicotine, either as a condition of employment, or more commonly to determine the cost of health insurance.

How long does nicotine stay in your system?


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Medical, Research, Science Professionals:



E-Cigarette Politics 

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E-cigarettes: Organized crime is exploding.


As national crime syndicates go, the FDA is one of the largest legal organized crime rings in the world. E-cigarettes and nicotine were deemed a “tobacco product” on August 8th, 2016 by the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

I don’t have an answer as to how their decision reduces smoking. Not a clue as to how it involves tobacco harm reduction – which is their alleged intent.

I have an answer as to how it will increase smoking, funding for “tobacco” and continue a now criminally perpetual lie about nicotine.

I call that decision “National Tobacco Day“.

Criminal intent or public health

The FDA, while claiming to be the keeper of public health and all the good it does, goes deep within the realm of criminal intent, corruption and poor judgement, and has been on the side of drug companies for years.

Once Margaret Hamburg quit resigned retired left the FDA and was charged with RICO status, the nomination and confirmation of Robert Califf – having extremely lucrative financial ties to pharmaceuticals AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline and more, has furthered the criminal activity…hiding in plain sight.

The FDA won’t admit to answering to the pharmaceutical companies who make profits with nicotine reduction “therapy” products like the patch and gum. Those entities are in direct competition with e-cigarettes.


Certainly the FDA will never admit to corruption leading up to and including the “regulations” as David Goerlitz, the Former Winston Man had predicted two years before it happened below.


Organized Crime

Medical associations like the Heart, Lung & Cancer Associations of America along with the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, all supported heavily by the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, (Johnson & Johnson) along with the American Medical Association, and MANY other organizations and their “subsidiaries” – claim to want to “reduce smoking”.

Despite science, not ONE has supported e-cigarettes as a harm reduction tool. They simply cannot afford to support something that will take their revenue away.

Certainly, the FDA won’t admit to bending to pressure from “public health” and tobacco control, anti-smoking and anti-tobacco groups.

The tobacco companies AND those organizations above are going to will profit from revenue with this decision.

Those entities are funded directly and indirectly with tobacco sales, taxes and the Master Settlement Agreement.

“The people who are in the anti-smoking or anti-tobacco movement are so vindictive and hateful… they’ve made tobacco users feel like lepers, and that’s not the answer to the problem.”                                                                                                ~David Goerlitz


From the Master Settlement Agreement and state tobacco taxes, this report shows the money spent from the fiscal year of 2016, “despite combined revenue of $25.8 billion from settlement payments and tobacco taxes for all states, states will spend only $468 million (1.8%) on comprehensive tobacco control programs.

 “They said….’This is no longer going to be about health, this is going to be about money.’

That’s what I saw. That’s the corruption”                                          ~David Goerlitz

The Master Settlement Agreement

According to this report

“It is clear that the MSA has not resulted in a clear and straightforward intensification of state tobacco control efforts, because of the impact of interest group activity and changing economic situations at the state level. MSA resources have been significantly diverted from tobacco control and treatment into other state policy activities”.


Diverted. Unconstitutional. Misused. Stolen.

Regulation and taxation

of e-cigarettes are for CONTROL. For tax purposes, not public health. They claim it is about children and nicotine to continue their ponzi scheme.

They don’t want you to succeed by stopping your tobacco use.

They say vaping products are dangerous. There are no long term studies.

They don’t “know enough“.

They want you

to fail, and continue to fail their way…or tax you for succeeding your way.

Added 10/7/16:

Speaking of CRIMES:

Vaping bill sponsor admits ‘it did’ put people out of business

I’m doing everything I can in my power to stop them from doing so.

“The largest threat to is an informed consumer.”

E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

If you are a Professional  go HERE.



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