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Media & Public Health Uncover Big Vaping Syndicate & Heads Are Rolling


Breaking Late this afternoon breaking news hit Twitter and rocked the vaping world, and as it turns out, Simon Capewell may have been the “stool”.

Public health officials worldwide were rattling their bunson burners – firing up years of frustration in what seemed a minor victory uncovering the biggest scandal in public health since the For-mouse-a-hyde capade.

Health officials (((Worldwide on a Saturday?))) were scrambling to know who actually broke the news, odds actually ended up favoring Stanton Glantz as real “stool” – having inside information to the finally broken wall of what no one ever heard of until today, Big Vaping.

Known players were in no particular order, but were in no particular mood, either. Names were not changed to protect the guilty.

Big Stoopid Vape, AKA VapeMeStoopid, Big Vape Charlie, big*SPARKLY*vapor*SJ, Big Vapor Gords, Big Vape DrMA, Big VaEHp from Canada, Big Vapor Agent Ania (curiously “agent” in her name), Big Vapor Debora J, Big Vapor “Paulie” Paul.

Big Broony Vapor, (thought to be the muscle in unknown parts of deep Australia), Big Vapor GrammyNums, Big D Vapor, finally Alan (Big Vapor) and one unclear Johnny Truth BVShill ‏. . .

Authorities are refusing to release imminent information on exactly who broke these once thought unreachable and never together individuals thought to be known as “Big Vapor- or is it “Big Vaping”… It eludes me already.

It seems there’s never been so much as a single secret syndicate meeting – ever. It was not hard to find them – each was sitting at their computer signed into twitter, with facts and stats open in various states of windows, mac and dos computers proclaiming lots of “drivel” out loud… and muttering other slightly harsher words like “hydrate” . All seemed to have a quick wispy cloud of vapor disappearing in front of them every so often…

“Big Vapor Agent Ania” as she is known, was being handcuffed and said

“I am NOT going without my mint condition bobblehead Stefan and you can’t make me, copper”,

perplexing investigators as to what she was really trying to say, as she got in the back of the public health van she exclaimed “I just won it and it’s coming with me!” (Still thinking copper, aren’t you)

Alan (aka Big Vapor) Claims no ties, yet on his profile it clearly states “Consumer,with 0 industry ties not even Big Vapor!” – a common cover according to the experts, but he was questioned and released.

“Big Stoopid Vape” was heard saying she “wasn’t saying shit“, except this reporter could kiss her “something or other..” and they pepper sprayed her. sc

The confusion started in a tweet to someone, who tweeted someone else and the coverup was unfolding as it retweeted at least two times on 6 different accounts from 19 people in 4 minutes – before their very eyes.

Big Vaping, it seems, is similar to what the public health world calls much a more dangerous field than vaping, “Big Tobacco”. Dum Dum Dummmmm…….. Media can’t even get this right.

The similarities from two websites are obviously are even fooling the so-called experts. It seems “intelligent people” in high positions cannot tell the difference from persuasion, innuendo and flat out false statements from the State of California at stillblowingsmoke.org

– and real truth from THIS website , notblowingsmoke,org which lists advocacy sites – just like this blog does, and real science for the public- for obvious reasons.

They didn’t pay me to put advocacy on here, either. Dumm Dum Dummmmmm.

In the world e-cigs, vapers and vaping~  research and science is very important to non existent “Big Vapor”.  As a matter of fact, truth just seems to dissipate from anyone else in public health except the wonderful worldwide team of real Researchers, Doctors, Nurses, and Scientists at M.O.V.E.

One of them put together this million dollar presentation called Vaping-the-truth-USA

The conclusion; there is no “big vaping” after all, just a big bunch of wind from California – heading north and east into Canada…  as far as e-cigs go, pretty much all public health officials are still being questioned for integrity, ignoring science and possible litigation is sure to arise above the big vaping world, regardless of organization from within.

Turns out the only “industry ties” are grants from tobacco to public health researchers and tobacco control… but we already knew that, the public doesn’t, because it’s information they don’t want you to know – like the research with vaping…. Turns out heads aren’t rolling at all, just your eyes. “Big Vapor Neal” was never found, just a pile of half-eaten old rusty batteries where they thought he’d be. Now – Check Clive Bates out...




Added 04/16/17

big vaping money


READ THIS! :Tobacco Free CA poster on E-cigarettes backfires

Keep On #Vaping On.



California Public Health, Tom Frieden US CDC IGNORE E-Cig Research & FDA


The FDA hasn’t yet made its decision to deem “ecigs” a tobacco product. Evidently, Tom Frieden with the CDC, and the State of California’s Public Health Department don’t seem to care OR have to wait – or check facts from anyone to add them to their uninformed attempt at slick anti-tobacco campaigns.

In fact, it is very evident they didn’t even look for science when it comes to this technology.

With “deeming regulation” still pending over e-cigarettes, chairs are not yet cold from the recent meetings in the USA over the debate of e-cigarettes and their safety. There is quite an interest from around the world as to how safe they actually are- and they are- according to leading experts in research with these two articles as examples:

Now, here’s a golden chance to kick that cigarette butt!

E-cigarettes MUCH Safer Than Normal Smokes

Government officials are now making e-cigs part of the newest campaign for the CDC and California is as well, to convince the public they are just the same as cigarettes when they are clearly not.

This is already causing unnecessary confusion with California’s Public Health campaign, some already calling that a fiasco. These childish tactics from public health only help tobacco companies and reclaiming their tax revenue:

State Health Agency Does Big Tobacco’s Dirty Work on E-Cigarettes

Neither camp say one word on the never ending research and positive effects e-cigarettes have continued to have in combating tobacco, possibly curbing tobacco use 20-50% by the end of this decade, despite what some in public health positions may claim.

But, they are in control, and they’ve got MILLIONS of dollars to play with.

(The FDA is STILL accepting comments here until APRIL 15th, 2015)


Ummmm did you check some valid sources first didn’t you?

You didn’t call “Dr.” Kevin Campbell, did you?

Ugh…. he doesn’t know anything either…

You’re a “Doctor”, right? No staff there to help you with google over there?

I’ll help ANY public official idiot out,

please get your nose closer to the screen:

Go ahead, now, click on it:

Ecigarette Research here,


E-Cigarette Research here with proper studies & papers.

Did you possibly talk with the Fellow Doctors, Scientists & Researchers

at the wonderful M.O.V.E. Organization here?

Have you seen this extensive and powerful research done by Kellie Forbes (BScN RN, a member of the M.O.V.E. organization above) to help others in PDF form: Vaping-the-truth-USA

Have you seen this site yet?

Not Blowing Smoke

Is this decision even legal? Whoops… spent all that money, too late now!

Costing lives!

Good for you. I’m impressed. We all know what damage this can do…

well  – no such thing as bad press….

You’d rather make things up for the public –  to convince and coerce, to alter the masses thought process and bundle the two together like they are the same – but they are NOT.

Wait, I get it… you want people to continue smoking! WOW!

You would rather have parents and grandparents think they are just like cigarettes so they’ll keep on smoking and then, the children they are around will be around it.

Think about those children. Is that a responsible way to act

Cigarettes are approved by the FDA. Aren’t you worried about them?

The e-cigarette, with all the research, is far safer than you can imagine.

(Thanks again Randy)


You’ll dismiss the research above, and pretend e-cigarettes are tobacco.

Why….. I’ll bet you my first born son you’re looking for tax dollars….

I love my first born son, but this is IMPORTANT.

You think you’ve found the pot of gold, recovering  Master Settlement Revenue for all!

Creating false propaganda to pretend to bundle e-cigs with tobacco….Huh…cute!

I get it – Like… ALL Doctors have the public health in mind… kind of like that, right?

Or –  like ALL politicians are honest…. right? Wow… I’m catching on! Wink, wink, Tom!

You are SUCH a CARD!

Here, dear reader, is that pesky MSA deal some of you aren’t old enough to remember:

Revenue is more important than lives.

I found this to be of interest, with the CDC looking for cancer and patients, who smoked AND used an e-cigarette. Well, if they smoked, sadly, wouldn’t that make them predisposed to the disease regardless of trying an e-cigarette?

If I keep typing I’ll just be plagiarizing. It’s TOO good:

This article explains it better than I can from of ALL places

THE American Council on Science & Health:

The CDC in cahoots with the CA “health” dept. ramps up its anti-e-cig propaganda


Hey, Tom… look me up – email me and we’ll exchange numbers so we can chat, would you?

   Maybe you can handle one of my tax issues at hand for me?

We can discuss real issues to tackle – like emphysema, lung cancer my Father & Grandmother both had from smoking all their lives because they didn’t have the choice of an e-cigarette and tried every other “approved” method out there.

The e-cigarette, vaping – is effective, gets people OFF tobacco and is very well researched, but, you, like all the rest want to decide whats best for others without so much as clicking on a website or making a phone call. Did you possibly try to contact Dr. Farsalinos   ??????????

I’ll bet you haven’t. He was in town… should have had coffee in a smoke free, vape free environment – like a Starbucks.

Let’s talk about Chantix… you’re a doctor… are you in favor of Chantix, you know – side effects include suicide? Why didn’t you put that on your rhetoric?

Umm… maybe your career needs a boost, ever considered working with Mr. Glantz out in California? It’s warm there………..

I’ll leave you with this link of my hero, Mr. Gutfeld from Fox and his video: Gutfeld: California Ads Trashing E-Cigs ‘Demonize With Flimsy Lies’

Keep On #Vaping ON. Kevin

Dear Stanton Glantz; I do not understand the goal of Tobacco Control .

S For Immediate Release Wednesday, March 25, 2015 To: Center for Tobacco Control / Research & Education, University of California, San Francisco. Attention: Distinguished Professor Of Tobacco Control, Stanton Glantz:

Mr. Glantz, if your goal is to get people off tobacco, as a Distinguished Professor Of Tobacco Control, I must point out that a 1st year high school chemistry student can see e-cigarettes are MUCH less harmful. I do not understand the goal and can only conclude you have become delusional. I question your “sudden” support of the CDPH. You are stating that the goal of your department and that of the CDPH is not first and foremost for public health?

You state in your blog that “It is the best thing out there so far”… now you’re back on their side? Were there doubts of their performance thus far?

One gleaming example of a long standing, ever-failing cash filled campaign is the “war on drugs”. There’s still a problem, and there’s still a war. Tobacco control, as you are well aware has its own battle scars, but I digress.

I urge you, in fact IMPLORE you to step back from this issue for a moment, think outside the box, and put your best foot forward in becoming one more of many standing up in the field with others. With resources at your disposal & your evidently proud and tenacious nature, you could help change the world.

I encourage swift, immediate healthy engagement by you and staff. Please contact the M.O.V.E. organization as Researchers, Scientists, Doctors, Nurses & other responsible Health Professionals are there. See what they have for truth & research on the matter; consider becoming a growing part of it. As a leading researcher yourself, this should be a piece of cake.

(M.O.V.E.) https://sciencecig.wordpress.com/move/ Please also see proper research that has already occurred: (Ecigarette Research) http://www.ecigarette-research.org/research/index.php

Please, if you are in doubt of the sincerity of this post, delete it. I dare you. You don’t have to answer and certainly you don’t have to post it. You are however, well aware, regardless of your views or claims by the very nature of receipt of this correspondence, there ARE answers, facts, science and research, and they are not hiding. I will post this to your blog, Twitter, Facebook and my blog will hold it for posterity. I like facts. I like engagement. You are free to come to my blog and autograph it any way you like. You know – if it’s worth the public health’s time…. (I have to “approve” comments, but I will not delete a word, so I freely invite you to do so).

It seems unimportant and ignored, even seems to conveniently elude some IN the research world, public health and media. “Gut” feelings, emotions and opinion are not science. Can’t you correspond with one another? I simply challenge you to either A. Check those two sites, contact Dr. Farsalinos directly here drfarsalinos@ecigarette-research.org with ANY question B. Dispute them at that point with your own research. Be prepared as I am sure you are, for scrutiny on how it is done.

You see, (I) we as vapers are not looking for the “best” answers to studies fitting our needs nor to be on “our side”, Mr. Glantz. Good OR bad, we are looking for the truth, and we seek those who will tell it like it is. The ONLY thing we’re not sure of is “long term” effects-that is boringly claimed  a   lot    and so far, I say not one of us has died from vaping. We’re willing to take our chances over tobacco, and we’re healthier in the process.

These have been around for more than 10 years and are still more effective and MUCH safer, in fact SAFE compared to combustible and traditional cigarettes. The fact that you deny any other alternative is ironic, irresponsible, counter-productive, and completely unacceptable to your own goal in “tobacco control”.

I am sure you are aware of tactics to other campaigns in the tobacco world. If you’re wrong once and it is corrected it is a mistake. Twice is an irresponsible act. When it is a campaign in my “uneducated” hypothesis, to deter people and without question confuse some, you keep them on combustible tobacco by the very lies perpetuated by it. Leading public health researchers’ are calling for tobacco to be phased out by 2040, a sad, costly and detrimental twenty-five year goal to many lives.

The campaign “Still Blowing Smoke” you mention in the blog is right about one thing.

This is about children and the adult relatives surrounding that child being able to have a viable choice other than tobacco, when all other options simply fall well short with traditional nicotine reduction methods. Please check and evaluate the failure rate on those. Tobacco is simply an adult choice for anyone. Get off the “control” of e-cigarettes, or get on the responsibility of proper science and research. E-cigarettes work as a way to get off tobacco for those who choose to do so and should be and remain a choice. The website Not Blowing Smoke has truth and science in it.

Well educated people can learn from those of us without “degrees”, Mr. Glantz, and are better people for it. If you’re the smartest person in the room, you need to change rooms. This is what tobacco control has been looking for all these years. It’s right in the palm of your hands. You can choose to grow a pair and effectively end tobacco without even trying, or you can continue on your path of denial as you are, or like it says in the movie you are in – – –

presenting yourself in the media, health and scientific community as an authority, yet having the contrary aim of spreading maximum confusion about well-studied public “threats” ranging from “toxic chemicals” to “cancer”- irresponsibly as you are at the moment. Does that sound familiar?

I am just one person; I am a father, husband, and former smoker who stopped with an e-cigarette in just under two days, tobacco free almost two years. Kevin Crowley Email: kevincrowley@hotmail.com Blog: https://atomic-temporary-76342073.wpcomstaging.com/

One from Nancy on Twitter that has not been approved: