Taxing Thoughts, A Ponzi Scheme.


Taxing thoughts, a Ponzi scheme. Here are my thoughts to you, Mr. Lawmaker. Lots to cover, I’ll try to be brief. Tax on e-liquid. Well, there’s no tobacco in liquid. There’s nicotine in some e-liquid, but not all e-liquid contain nicotine. If e-liquid is a tobacco product, then aren’t other nicotine reduction devices tobacco products as well? The Patch, Nicorette and other nicotine reduction products contain nicotine.

If your desire to tax e-liquid as a tobacco product to create revenue for the great state you are in, then consider the statement you’re making before going forward with this plan. Won’t those nicotine filled tobacco cessation devices fall under “other tobacco products” as well? They don’t contain tobacco.


You do know tomatoes, potatoes and other nightshade plants have nicotine in them, right? That’s a fact. Imagine, farmers and gardeners all over are producing nicotine!


The Master Settlement Agreement & Its Impact on Tobacco Use 10 Years Later

To tax devices and components. Well, there again, you’re overstepping your analysis of tobacco. Batteries in and of themselves are not tobacco. Are pipes considered tobacco? Lighters? Ash trays? Then I’d imagine you see how silly taxing a battery or other device as a tobacco product may seem.

Tops used with vaping are nothing more than plastic & a heating element. To say a tax on eliquid or devices is a tax to fund awareness for anti-tobacco or education. Well, that obviously hasn’t worked out well over the years. The Master Settlement Agreement from 1998:

How Wall Street Tobacco Deals Left States With Billions In Toxic Debt

is what those funds are for, are they not?

If it’s then designed to “balance” a state budget, then please, I’d love to tax you so I can balance my budget here at home. I’m not a lawmaker, I certainly don’t know all there is to know about everything, You are imposing a sales tax on something that is not tobacco. I see vaping as an alternative to smoking. I see pure greed in making this a law in any state. I see many people continuing to smoke with the very proposal of a tax.


You wouldn’t want that, would you? I stopped smoking. You and I both know this isn’t about public health. I know it isn’t about children.

It’s about revenue. Cold hard cash. Want some revenue? Tax some golf courses at these rates proposed. (Sorry golfers, just an example).

In essence, the tax on tobacco and then including vaping with it, is a ponzi scheme. The way I see it, when the money doesn’t come in like it used to because less tobacco is now being sold due to vaping, the state raises tax rates on what money is coming in, creating revenue on something that is tobacco, and isn’t tobacco.

Not fair to the tobacco user, and certainly not fair to one who is no longer using tobacco.


You say investment, I say ponzi scheme. I use a “personal electronic nicotine inhalant device”. I happen to use nicotine in it. Some do not. It’s not a cigarette. It’s not tobacco. It is saving lives.

I have information and testimony on this blog from around the world. Eye opening information. Plenty of links. Plenty of education/information for anyone wanting to know. These devices are changing the world, but a smart legislator like you in your prestigious position surely already knows that. 😉


Please, if you’d like to make a difference in the State you legislate, stand up. Take a powerful and completely noticeable stance on this. Be one of the first to do so. I know it’s not a “popular” thing, but It’s not about tax revenue in the end, It’s about peoples very lives.

Your decision to make a difference is too big to make it lightly and affects not only your state, not only the county, but will speak to the world. I’ll say one more time, lives are what is at stake.


ADDED 5/29/16

Tobacco Taxation and Unintended Consequences: U.S. Senate Hearing on Tobacco Taxes Owed, Avoided, and Evaded


Because of the nicotine? Please. Nicotine is not “addictive” without tobacco / MAOI’s.

Specifically, with non-tobacco users and the patch:

nicotine addiction patch

More on that statement:

Study explores nicotine patch to treat memory loss

Nicotine treatment of mild cognitive impairment

Virginia just voted this idea down.

Panel kills bills to raise virginia cigarette taxes

I’m sure you recognize this: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. Thank you for your time. A non-smoking vaper.

Another great read:

Puff, The Magic Settlement

Another great read:

22 Million New Smokers Needed: Funding SCHIP Expansion with a Tobacco Tax

ADDED 3/30/2018

Nothing says #KeepSmokingWeNeedTheMoney, #PonziScheme and “return on investment” like bonds that “were based on assumptions that cigarette smoking declines would not exceed 4 percent annually.”

New Jersey to refund junk tobacco bonds for $3.2 billion of high-grade paper

Kentucky is doing the same thing.

Tobacco taxes are just part of the conversation…. We have holes in state revenue that we have to fill. How we do that is going to be how we get out of the session.”

Kentucky lawmakers meet privately with tobacco lobbyist as cigarette tax discussions continue

Not that there would be any greed in New York, either:

NY Wants $9M Damages Doubled In UPS Cigarette Ship Case

Or in Minnesotta

State of Minnesota sues after tobacco company stops settlement payments

E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

If you are a Professional  go HERE.

A Billion Lives.


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More to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.


From a Twitter Friend: California Propaganda War Against eCigs!

Nice, results final will be coming soon, until then:

California Propaganda War Against eCigs!

Dear Smokers: The Vaping Truth.


Clear the decks.

Read this first:

Public Health England Ecigarettes_an_evidence_update_A_report_commissioned_by_Public_Health_England(6).

Then you can read this

I am talking to current smokers on this blog.

I do NOT want you to take my survey unless you vape, have vaped, or did vape and it didn’t work.

That is so I can collect the best information for people I’m talking to right now…

“on the fence, misinformed or unsure”.

(Links for two surveys are at the bottom for survey takers!)

I am, by virtue of some unbelievably awesome people via the web, on Twitter & Facebook, or however you got linked this blog, able to share some thoughts for you from them and I on vaping.

Heard of it? We DO it.

Smokers, vapers WANT you to know a few things.

This one is dedicated to you.

The smoker thinking about it.

I’m not here to ridicule you.

Smoke if you like, do it while you read this!

Some info first.

The following are entities that want you to keep smoking.

Tobacco companies. They like your money, not you.

Health Insurance Companies. They like you paying your premiums – in fear – not you.

Tobacco Control. They like money, not you.

Pharmaceutical companies. They like your money and your continued struggling, not you.

Hospitals & Doctors / Public Health, for the most part. They like your money, not you.

(There are a few stepping up about vaping now, but VERY few).

Media. They LOVE dirt and misconstruing truth for all of the above and money from advertising,  not you.

They’ll tell you what they’re TOLD to tell you.

Finally, your government. They like your taxes you pay, not you.

They also like to control.

These entities don’t CARE about you, or they’d tell you the truth.

Vapers for the most part, are ex – smokers. They were just like you.

Now, below are three charts I consider powerful and disruptive to your thought. You see, I smoked over 30 years.

I found vaping on my own – after years of struggle on quitting, I used cold turkey, the nicorette gum & patch.

Ineffective and honestly obsolete. It didn’t work. To keep this brief, I created a survey, I asked and have so far received almost 6,000 responses (looking for more) to these questions below and along this blog, and are wanting more answers from vapers to help YOU. They’ve come with bells on. Heels a-clickin’ and a voice almost 6,000 strong. I assume you’ll take this a bit more seriously once you see it.

If you noticed, the list above didn’t include vapers.

Vapers for the most part, want you to be aware of this choice we call vaping.

Follow the question, look at the responses. Some call this bias & anecdotal. Well, yep. It is.

Look further down the blog for an awesome explanation for that. It’s the truth either way.

No spin, no made up fairy tales, no mud or silliness. NO we don’t ALL say its perfectly safe. I’d bet 99% of us believe it is, and just pretend it’s all.

Not one of my twitter friends have died, and I ask them periodically!

It’s all fun at first but now we get to facts about what VAPERS SAY.

We don’t care if you smoke (mostly), but we care and want the truth OUT about vaping so you are properly informed.

TOO many lies are out there, we’re taking control of that with this and other means.

You already smoke, it is NOT smoking. It’s NOT.

Are you intrigued?

Read On.

The question / answers are powerful, quick & self explanatory.

In less than a month so far.

Here are my key points for smokers to SEE and understand what vapers say:

What methods did you try, that didn’t work to stop smoking before you STOPPED with vaping?

Clicking on the graph will enlarge it for you.


Sound like you? I may have missed a couple other methods like beating yourself over the head, guilt, family intervention and outright ridicule, but I covered the big ones.

Next, How long did it take by vaping before you STOPPED smoking?

Clicking on the graph will enlarge it for you.


More than 75 % STOPPED SMOKING  within a month. 42 % were within a DAY.
I was less than 48 hours. Trial & error on the others for the month is my assumption of that number is assumed, but they STOPPED SMOKING.

It is NOTED here that of almost 6,000 so far, that 101 said it didn’t work, so there’s that for you to see as well.

Powerful information yet? Is your nose closer to the screen?

I certainly hope so, that’s every single survey takers intention.

To INFORM you of what we’ve experienced about vaping.

Finally, to get your attention, I, in 14 questions chose the third for you, a smoker to take a gander at

It wasn’t really a question, more of a statement from vapers.

Health benefits you’ve noticed since vaping.

Click on it, bring it closer to your face.

dearsmoker2What are you thinking now?

I hope you’re making considerations. This blog is full of stats. I’m just trying to inform you better than the media pretends to, the lies tobacco control spreads, than the drug companies will pretend how they’ll “help” you, and almost everyone on the list that “likes” you will twist truth into “anti-freeze”, phermaldehyde, and gateways for children.

Those are tactics to keep you on their wheel.

Get off the wheel.

Read all you want below, make your now better informed decision.

If you decide to vape  – give it a few days, learn, ask questions, try it. It’s not smoking. A little trial & error and you’ll be on your way. It’s three things. Taste, nicotine strength & backups. You’ll be OFF the smoking wheel.

There IS a medical community well on board here with: M.O.V.E

Here you will see this extensive and powerful research done by Kellie Forbes (BScN RN, a member of M.O.V.E.) to help you and others to find a way to the truth here in PDF form: Vaping-the-truth-USA

or her interview with the M.O.V.E. organization here:


I thank you for your time. I hope we’ve helped you make a MUCH better informed decision.


I’m on Twitter if you like:

And The Facebook Vaping Truth Survey Group:

Share this information with smokers.

Keep ON #Vaping ON!


The Vaping Truth Survey is over 5,000. 01/01/15

If you haven’t taken the survey and vape:

Click on this link to take the The Vaping Truth Survey

In light of wanting WORLDWIDE translations and the ability for anyone to take this survey,

We want the world to have the opportunity!

Please share this translator link

with any group, forum or vaping friend in quite a few languages!

I want the whole vaping world’s input!

Below is just one of the totals so far from over 5,000 worldwide participants, with 66 countries joining in the FIGHT!!!

(Remember I wanted 100,000? 95,000 to go! 🙂 )

I want this to be the biggest survey by vapers for vapers ever!

Gum surpassed “cold turkey” in the latest roundup.


I simply CAN’T go on without mentioning this next:

Queensland, as of this post has banned liquid nicotine. )

Someone told me last night – they’ll probably GO BACK TO SMOKING.

That does NOT make me happy. Not that someone would, that someone would not have a choice.

Folks, Happy New Year. We’re waking up to 2015.

A brand new year. I started this survey late on the 17th of December. I haven’t decided when the survey will be over yet. Just when I think everyone may have taken it, the numbers go up another few hundred in a day! Excitement is booming overseas. Holidays are now behind us and I’m moving forward in this cause.

The translator was a great suggestion from a couple people on the European Vapers United Network:

(EVUN) and gave other countries a great boost in numbers for this survey.

I have had thousands – countless numbers of retweets, shares on facebook, MANY have posted in their respective & various forums. (Keep that going, it’s working, and I see the traffic on this blog, so if you want to know, ask me and I’ll check the hits!)

I’ve received not only awesome mentoring from one individual and quite a few emails in praise and support on this vaping journey of the survey from quite a few others! I’ve asked questions, I’ve had INVALUABLE advice, (I’m here to learn and learning as I go as well!)  I’ve been given some HIGH quality retweets, I’ve had a boatload of fun to date, and in all, hopefully have raised not only awareness to this cause, but raised spirits in the process. I was in my own world about vaping for the first year or so. Still using my ego/ce4, telling people who asked about it the good as it came up- dispelling the bad quickly and spreading the vaping truth. It wasn’t easy. SO much bad press. I had this idea over a couple days. What if I could change the image of “vaping” for people who smoke and hear the bad. That’s part of the whole story.

Now, as I’ve tweeted at one point, I never was an activist, but I’ve become one by default. What if I could have a place every vaper in the world could point to. It’s not just my opinion or my experience in vaping. It’s the WORLD stating the truth. There’s power in numbers. It’s what I was trying to tell others by myself. I was asked “How much does it cost to vape?” by someone at work. I replied, “Great question, what’s your life worth?”. That’s not just a tweet I posted awhile back, that’s what happened. It took him by surprise, and he’s still vaping.

I need to take this survey, blog and pending website to a much greater level in order to further educate and display the results to the world when its over properly. Some information will (and technically has) become public domain. Feel free, for what is already posted, to USE these results to help anyone thinking about vaping to DO it. If it helps, I’ve done my job. I’d LOVE to hear from the first person who comes across what’s already released to email me and tell me they chose to stop smoking from the information from this survey. There’s always hope. I’ll be ready for any “anti’s” to discredit this survey.

I don’t know how far this will go yet. I do now know and willingly admit that I need to raise voluntary monetary support. I thought about this very hard this morning before coming to a conclusion and posting this to the world.

With your help, if enough is raised, these funds will first upgrade the PollDaddy Survey to Professional Level. With that I’ll be able to add features to it not available as a “free” survey, and extract any and all information backwards, sideways and forward to further the education of the public about vaping.

If there’s a huge outpouring of support, it will cover more. Most importantly, it will help spread “The Vaping Truth” far and wide to anyone on a fence about vaping. We’ve spoken volumes very loudly with this survey, and honestly, with no funding  – no backing, I’m STOKED to hit 5,000. I’ve had some listings on blogs, a few of those “” feeds, and proudly on still (thank you) has my reply to their support on the front of their website.

I appreciate any consideration of this ~ it is absolutely NOT required and is anonymous.

Instead of just giving money and hoping for the best on your part –  I’m VERY willing to mention you here in the blog as a supporter if you like, or you can remain anonymous.

(If you want to be listed here, please tell me – if not I’ll assume you wanted to be anonymous!)

Many of you on twitter are reviewers, ejuice makers, stand makers. Bloggers. You have sites of your own. With that I thought of this:

You can list your name, twitter handle –  your review site, your liquid site, (if you have a website, blog, company, group, cause, Avon, etc,) or just want to see your name on the list, I’ll gladly do that with a text link to you or your site! (They cannot be big tobacco, porn, or the obvious etc).

You state what your text link is worth all your own.

If you think your retweet was worth your site being listed on here, If you want your name, or a company you like on here and don’t or can’t  donate, I’ll STILL put it on here!

That’s how important this is!

There are already some on the right under

Vaping Truth Survey Supporters!

If you choose to show support,

you can safely use Paypal to donate here

with any amount you choose:

  You can use PAYPAL Here To Support “The Vaping Truth Survey”

I thank you for your time.

Keep On #Vaping On.


Vaping TRUTH Survey ; Our VOICE.

please, if you vape – take it for our sake:

The last space was on the survey was reserved this way:

Any other comments? Suggestions? Thanks for taking this survey! Below, are those comments & suggestions.

These below are OUR voices. These are the comments you left on question # 15.

I didn’t EDIT one of these. These are comments left by YOU – who took the survey.

I just separated them *I hope well enough for anyone to glance through them.

All I can say is my story. After 35+ years smoking I finally have something that works. I enjoy vaping, I’ve started reducing the nicotine content. I’m having fun with it. Trying different flavours, different mods. I can see me start wrapping my own coils. I’m saving a huge amount of money. I will do whatever I can to stop governments from regulating these like tabaco. We smokers need a viable option. Vaping made quitting smoking so easy and painless. I want to see a time where smoking is obsolete and that won’t happen if vendors can’t advertise and promote the product, if vapers and vendors can’t educate and encourage smokers to try vaping. I heard a quote I really like “we smoke for the nicotine, we die for the smoke”. I started vaping for the nicotine, I now find myself vaping for the flavour. Lowering my nictone content and trying different flavours. I hope this helps. Today, 11:42AM

I hope this helps and that the ultimate results of this survey will help governments make the right choices on sensible regulations based on the extensive science that exists and continues to come in. Today, 11:39AM
Vaping changed my life. I had tried to quit so many times and so many ways, and failed every time, that I had quit trying. Now I have been tobacco-free for over two years and I feel great. I also smell good. I have gradually reduced my juice strength from 24 mg to 4.5 mg (a blend of 0 and 9) In time I may be able to entirely wean myself of nicotine, but if not it’s OK, as long as I can vape. Today, 10:58AM

If any regulation is to be done, it should not be done by government entities that are in bed with big pharma and big tobacco. For years we hear you have to quit smoking. We find a product that works for so many folks where all other cessation aids have failed, and the government wants to tax and regulate it to death. But there are huge pushes to legalize pot. Really! Leave my vaping alone and let me be an adult and find responsible places to buy my vape gear including juices. If the government wants to make vaping safer…..try funding some small business to start up manufacturing in the US, so we don’t have to buy everything from China!! Today, 9:04AM

thanks for the survey Today, 9:00AM

I am single live off 500.00 would love to win a 100.00 vaporizer praying God will here my prayers Today, 7:43AM
So called health professionals that intentionally lie about vaping, knowingly causing smokers to continue to use tobacco, is a crime that should not go unpunished. Today, 5:06AM

Thanks for the opportunity. Today, 4:35AM

It’s quite simple. Snus and vape are probably a sufficient answer to the tobacco issue in general. People will probably spontaneously replace cigs with snus or vape if they can make a free and informed choice. Governments don’t have to do anything, the tobacco issue will just fade away.
Governments, campaigners and NRT manufacturers should adapt to the new reality, but the temptation to keep it from happening is apparently too strong. Today, 4:12AM

Labelling the common box as it is after each question was driving me mad. Very condescending. Needed to be something like…..(Apart from the obvious), please help us understand why you select……….. Today, 4:12AM

Vaping works, Vaping is the future and the future is now Today, 4:05AM

See above answer for my thoughts! Thanks and Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!! Today, 3:08AM

I vape, I don’t smoke, I’m happy and healthy. Today, 3:52AM
To governments/officials/cigarette producers: stop trying to ban the one thing that helps smokers and ex-smokers! Lets work togeather to research e-cigs and liquids more and make them even better for people. Today, 2:04AM

The government needs to pay attention to the people who benefit from this product and stop with the scare tatics. Put safety regulations in place for everyone but leave the rest alone. Today, 1:12AM

Great survey, especially the clarification boxes. Don’t you just hate it when the perfectanswer isn’t even listed? I do. Kudos. Today, 12:31AM

Survey should include types of equipment used, current equipment (cig-a-like, Vapor/Tank/Mod, Rebuild-able Tank, Dripper. Sealed battery, tube mod, regulated mod. Today, 12:19AM

Don’t ban or restrict vaping, it works! Today, 12:26AM

A small investment has made me cut back paying $7.50 a day, that itself is a success Today, 12:22AM

Vaping has not only had significant positive improvements on people’s health, it has also created many jobs, thereby boosting the economy. Today, 12:22AM

Ask questions regarding peoples experiences with the Vaping Community with regards to advice. Also maybe ask for the country we currently live in. Today, 12:13AM

Why are “they” anti vaping …follow the money ! Yesterday, 11:27PM

Advertizing – outrageous standards are in place for tobacco – find some other adult-only industries and try to get e-cig advertizing limits based on those instead. For instance I get adds for booze, condoms, vibrators on TV after 11pm – but not tobacco. Push internet outlets to find/use an age-verification mechanism that works – I just give them credit card info but expect that they can’t tell between an adult and a minor who has a credit card.
Liquor stores around here let parents bring in young kids – under 12? since you can’t leave them alone in the car, but you don’t ever see 13-20 year olds in the liquour store.
Kids under 18 should be allowed to use ecigs if their parent/guardian gets it for them to stop them using cigarettes – it works better than any alternative including beating/yelling/threatening-enhanced-cold-turkey. But there need to be limits e.g. not using it at school or sharing it with friends.
If a gas station sells smokes to a kid – and gets caught – the penalty is a fine of 250$. This should be a lot worse. Govts want to ban flavors or ecigs or nicotine because the kids get cigs in spite of age restrictions – but a $250 fine isn’t really good enforcement of age and carding laws. Yesterday, 10:27PM

I never intended to quit smoking, I got a vape cause I liked it, but then I ended up liking it so much I just gave up smoking. Yesterday, 10:50PM

Governments and Public Health Org.’s have Huge conflicts of interest when it comes to Vapor Products. As Vapers numbers increase so does our Voice and our Votes. We will not be stopped by Public Health misinformation.If Social Media had been prevalent 30 years ago Public Health would have Never got away with the lies they told about second hand smoke and Smokeless Tobacco causing Oral Cancer Yesterday, 10:07PM

Keep Calm and Vape ON! Yesterday, 10:10PM

Thank you! Yesterday, 9:59PM

Fuck the government Yesterday, 9:41PM

I smoked a pack a day for the past 17 years. I was only introduced to vaping about 4 months ago and started vaping 3 months ago. From that day, I have had less than 4 cigarettes.I amnow down to 1-2 cigarettes a day and hope to be completely off them soon. Yesterday, 9:33PM

I would love to see all public health agencies that have been spreading false information//fear mongering about e cigs disbanded and every employee that contributed to said fear mongering and falsifying information brought to justice for all the people who died because they foolishly trusted said agencies to actually care about the publics health. Yesterday, 9:06PM

While I am happy that I am no longer smoking, I have concerns over those in this industry that may be killing it in the long run. Why are there devices for vaporizing vg/pg that cost more than a flat screen TV set? What atomizer set up calls for more than 50 watts of power? How can a company not see the need for childproof caps on the product if it contains nicotine? Yesterday, 8:53PM

Great survey, thank you 🙂 Yesterday, 9:11PM

Vaping has saved me. I smell, look and feel better. People aren’t repulsed by my scent when I come inside a room. I am more confident in myself when I talk to others. No more, “I hope I don’t smell like ashes.” I am truly a much happier person. Yesterday, 8:53PM

Love vaping! Can smell a cigarette from a mile away now, and the smell makes me queasy. I love breaking the cigarette habits without having withdrawls. So much cheaper than the damn $8/pack I was spending. Cravings are SO much milder than when I was ‘needing’ a cigarette. My child is happier that i’m off the smokes; friends have noticed I don’t stink anymore. My ‘issue’ now is that non-smokers/non-vapers in my town often assume that any PV use is someone using a weed concentrate. That, and the “fuck you, it’s not illegal” cloud chasers that seem to be sort of the face of vaping. Some of us ARE 45 year old moms who are just really happy to not be slaves to cigarettes anymore. I also have a sneaking suspicion that these in-your-facers are dearly dearly loved by the tobacco industry for their ability to scare away the rest of the rational populus. Public opinion of vaping is dropping, and it’s a shame- it beats the shit out of smoking cigarettes. Cheaper, smells great, tastes great, less shame of being a smoker. Screw Phillip Morris, support your local vape shop! Oh yeah, the vaping community rocks!! I really love the wonderful community of vaping! From Reddit, to my local B&M, to seeing a fellow vaper out in the real world- the kind, positive, collaborative feel of the vaping community is something else that is sooo much more awesome than the world of smoking. Vape on!! Yesterday, 8:28PM

Love love loooove vaping. Seriously life changing. Yesterday, 8:19PM

Vaping is one of the most important new technologies of the 21st century. It has the potential to save millions of lives a year. Yesterday, 8:03PM

I hope the appropriate people get to see these results. I hope the results aren’t slanted in favor or one way or the other. I hope this makes people see that this is seriously helping me, and others stop smoking cigarettes for good and forever. One can only hope. Yesterday, 7:52PM

greetings from Poland Yesterday, 7:43PM

I wouldn’t like to see children vaping but I don’t like to see children smoking yet it happens. So if vaping stops them from starting to smoke I think we should allow it. Yesterday, 7:00PM

Nope Yesterday, 7:24PM

professor peter hajeck said in a youtube video published by his university earlier this year that in years to come, this whole contraversy will be written about in history books. i hope the current day opponents of e-cigs can live with themselves when they realise if they had been open with the science and truth about this product from the start, more lives could have been lengthened and saved. Yesterday, 7:17PM

If you want to stop smokeing try vapeing it helped me stop me my wife son and mother inlaw have all stoped smokeing Yesterday, 7:13PM

Vaping is sick as tits Yesterday, 7:06PM

You’re welcome! Yesterday, 7:01PM

Vaping is a great thing that has happened to me, the more i look around the more i learn about it, the more i like it. The community for vaping is very friendly and open, and very passionate about it. I think its amazing all the stories about people being able to stop smoking by using vapor products. Yesterday, 6:41PM

My biggest concern is that the word will not get out to the people still suffering to quit smoking cigarettes. I am still surprised every day that on day #2 of getting my first vaporizer I have not craved ONE cigarette. I feel so much better and spread the word to anyone that will listen. This is a REAL painless way to quit smoking and could potentially help millions of people. The industry is growing by leaps and bounds, vendors are amazing and helpful. I am very satisfied with the current state of affairs as far as vendors, choice, and regulations. I would not be opposed to an age restriction of over 18+ and child proof caps, but the government needs to stay out of an adult’s choice to finally quit smoking. I am living proof that the is by far the BEST way to quit smoking, not to mention much healthier. Yesterday, 6:13PM

The vaping community is too big and too ornery to quit vaping. People didn’t quit drinking during prohibition and we won’t quit either!
I’ll see you in the vaping underground if Big Brother steps in ;o) Yesterday, 6:10PM

Thank you for this survey, I love there are active members trying to support our right to vape for our own health and money. Thank you! Yesterday, 5:45PM

Get rid of this “Please help us understand why you selected this answer”-box. Yesterday, 5:46PM
Fuck Big Tobacco. Yesterday, 5:40PM

Good survey. And I gave you an earful 🙂
1. Vaping is a much less harmful alternative to smoking.
2. the facts are known, the studies are there, there IS no “we don’t know” – we DO know!
3. the so-called “public health” people shall mind their own business and just leave us alone. Most vapers no longer smoke tobacco. Period. And we do not care what those “public health” jerks are whining and screeching. WE know that we are doing the right thing. And f** those ideologues who are trying to run our lives and force us back to tobacco. NO! Yesterday, 5:05PM

If Government and ANTZ and all other organizations were that worried about people smoking then they should just take combustible tobacco off the market. Yesterday, 4:56PM

Vaping is the Future Yesterday, 4:59PM

This was a great idea. And I’ll be sure to pass this survey down to my friends. Yesterday, 4:46PM

I think anyone who smokes could benefit from vaping if they would only give it a try. But for some, the initial cost of an ecig kit can be offputting. What I’ve learned is that for the price of a carton of cigarettes that would last me about 20-30 days, I can get enough eliquid to last for 6-8 months. It’s much cheaper to vape than smoke! Yesterday, 4:28PM

Since I stopped smoking tha nasty ciggs & been vapeing I noticed I can breath better & my sense of smell has returned & how amazing how much food tastes better & feel better bout myself & don’t have 2 worry bout tha odor that tha nasty stinky ciggs leave on yA been vapeing for 6 months now & I feel great bout it Yesterday, 4:37PM

nothing to see here.. have a picture of bender drinking! Yesterday, 4:23PM

Some of your phrasing is odd Yesterday, 4:24PM

It’s certainly not good form to announce at the onset that you are doing this survey “To help the vaping community”.
A survey should be an unbiased sampling, and the results should neither be pre-supposed nor should they be leading.
Did it anyway, but not sure of the validity of the results you’ll get. Yesterday, 3:58PM

Thank you for running this survey. I hope it does some good… Yesterday, 3:31PM

regulation regarding electronic cigarettes cannot be a knee-jerk reaction and should be carefully thought out. The reason Vapers are passionate about its survival is due to their own positive experiences, not because they are seeking confrontation for the sake of it. Yesterday, 2:18PM

This should be interesting. Good luck! Yesterday, 3:09PM

The cat is out of the bag 🙂 Yesterday, 3:29PM

I can only say in my experience it has been a great journey to non smoker. No one knows like a heavy smoker how you are trapped by the smoking habit it controls your every decision.
After trying all the other NRT and failing dismally an invention comes along vaping , It just works! With out to much effort and not planning to quit it just happened and I am so pleased to finally be able to write I am a NON SMOKER Yesterday, 2:09PM
Enjoy vaping while you can! Yesterday, 3:12PM

thank you Yesterday, 3:19PM

I hope you get the requested number of vapers to complete this for you. Yesterday, 2:59PM

Fun survey! Good luck with your results! 🙂 Yesterday, 3:00PM

We had separate water fountains, bathrooms even schools based on the color our skin in the name of public health. let us not repeat the mistakes of the past now based on the color of our breath.
For me this is a question of personal identity, I am a vaper and I relate to a community of vapers. Remember, we have the same right to freedom of expression through any media that everyone else has. Like MLKing Jr. I too have a dream and prefer to keep my head in the clouds and my boots on the ground.
a (1) : preconceived judgment or opinion (2) : an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge
b : an instance of such judgment or opinion
c : an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics Yesterday, 1:46PM

Other surveys that I have participated in were ridden with preconceptions and misunderstandings about vaping. It is obvious that only experienced vapers are qualified to comment of some matters or even set questionnaires. This survey is excellent because of the space allowed for comment. Yesterday, 2:44PM

You’re welcome. Thanks for asking! Yesterday, 2:28PM

Take into account the various technological advancements and ask how long someone used a cig-a-like, and whether they were better off when technology has been allowed to flourish. Good survey all in all. Yesterday, 2:16PM

Vaping is an enormously popular world-wide consumer based movement and “hobby”. THEY will never “shut it down” They will continue to do their best to lie because THEY are apposed to smoking AND Anything that would even remind them of tobacco and nicotine. We in the community hate liars. When we lie to the government it is called a felony but when they lie to us it’s called Politics. Yesterday, 1:45PM

The attacks on vaping by municipal governments and public health officials are a national disgrace, and indicate deep-seated corruption in the organizations that disseminate misinformation about personal vaporizers …
To be against vaping is to be in favor of continued cigarette use and the revenue generated by tobacco taxes … Yesterday, 2:08PM

Vaping should be embraced it does work. I lost my husband to lung cancer 9 years ago and I know he would still be here if we’d had vaping then… Yesterday, 1:49PM

Technology will make Goverments obsolete, lifes rules will be set by the people and deleted and updated as required with flexibilty to accomadate all Yesterday, 1:11PM

Vaping is the perfect solution to quitting smoking when one does not want to give up smoking. Vaping mimmicks the act of smoking well enough to replace actually smoking and tastes tons better and improves coughing/breathing issues pretty quickly. Yesterday, 1:20PM

Thank you for the questionnaire. Keep it up. If you have any questions about my answers to yours or want to get in touch somehow, my email is BLOCKED. Yesterday, 1:05PM

No Yesterday, 12:54PM

Fight the good fight! Vaping is a right! Yesterday, 12:46PM

Vaping can be more like a hobby.
U can make your own juices u can build your own coils. And ppls are wery helpful they share info and own experiences about differend products.
I like makeking flawors and builds because its more social than smoking. Vaping is the future! Yesterday, 12:26PM

Hold to account all those who distort the truth in a court of law Yesterday, 10:53AM

My real concerns are that whatever the results of this survey it will be viewed as being skewed by the Public Health Trolls who consider all vapours to be liars and under the spell of a mind controlling cult. I wish you luck! Yesterday, 10:48AM

good survey 🙂 keep up vaping Yesterday, 11:24AM

Thanks, it feels good to have a voice. Yesterday, 12:06AM

Those are it as of about 12:15 today 19 December, 2014.

I am SO grateful and thankful to you all. We ARE changing the world.

– if you got this far, want to see the results for the first 501 respondents,or didn’t take the survey, they are here!

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