Challenging Lies About Nicotine Addiction

Challenging Lies About Nicotine Addiction

Challenging Lies About Nicotine Addiction

Challenging the assertion of nicotine addiction seems, well, like a challenge to professionals. They’ve said it for years, why is it such a challenge?  Experts like manipulation of information. Experts like being in control of the conversation. Why can’t “professionals” show their work? Experts do not like being questioned.

From my 2016 article on Blasting News:

“There’s no conclusive evidence to point to showing any addiction to nicotine, alone, in an unaltered natural state. For any professional health or tobacco expert claiming nicotine is addictive in and of itself, I respectfully request that you show proper evidence, clinical research, and science in the comment section below — and I thank you for it in advance.”

Challenging  Lies: Nicotine Addiction

When referring to “addiction to nicotine”, they always use the reference in context with tobacco and go as far as saying “nicotine is as addictive as heroin“. Challenge that lie. When you find someone claiming it “is”, ask them to show you addiction, (and harm) in humans, without tobacco.

This can’t be difficult. Prove yourself correct. If you are a professional, show me.

I’m still waiting for proof. It should be very simple to find.

Prove themselves right

I don’t care WHO says it is, without tobacco (and those pesky maoi’s) nicotine is not addictive on its own in humans. This definition seems to be a challenge for professionals to prove themselves right.

Below are a few blogs I’ve done (of various quality) about the alleged addiction to nicotine.

There are links collected and shown far beyond what I ever thought I could amass.


Can you quit smoking with patches and gums?

A Nicotine-Focused FDA Framework.

Nicotine Usage Survey for US & UK users

Trying to quit smoking? Patches, gums and “experts” are useless – without counseling you.

The FDA can’t prove nicotine addiction or gateways exist.

“Nicotine” is not tobacco.

Proof of nicotine “addiction” uncontested so far

Nicotine Addiction: An Open 30-Day Public Health Challenge

Keep smoking, we’ll just help you lower your nicotine.

Nicotine is not addictive, no conclusive evidence found

Nicotine Addiction. Smoking, E-Cigarettes & You.

Nicotine Reduction Therapy, What’s really safe? The Truth & Perspective on the Gum, Patch & Drugs Over E-Cigs.

Helping Smokers Quit

Finally, in March of 2017

I created this:

Nicotine Addiction: An Open 30-Day Public Health Challenge

asking them to “prove” addiction to nicotine, in humans, without tobacco and MAOI’s.

They failed, and are still failing miserably. The claim of nicotine addiction is part of the basis for the “regulations” of e-cigarettes in the United States. They redefined nicotine as tobacco to create more revenue as tobacco.

They all breaking the law, or various laws.

It’s a fictitious claim, no one is loud enough to challenge it.  I’m waiting on someone to have some balls to challenge it with lawsuits, something.

After the almost completely unanswered challenge, I can only conclude that nicotine is not addictive.

I have done so, and below is my Vaping Links “database” for everything I’ve found “nicotine addiction”.  LOTS of links.

The conclusion?

Nicotine Is Not Addictive.

Added 4/04/18
Nicotine “addiction”

“The effects of nicotine on the brain are similar to those of sugar, salt, exercise, and other harmless substances and events”

“There are so many findings that conflict so starkly with the view that nicotine is addictive that it increasingly appears that adhering to the nicotine addiction thesis is only defensible on extra-scientific grounds.”

Nicotine as an Addictive Substance: A Critical Examination of the Basic Concepts and Empirical Evidence

Tobacco Alternative Gums Market: Sales Volume, Revenue and Growth Rate Forecast

The usual suspects:

“One of the important growth factors for the global tobacco alternative gums market is the increasing price of cigarettes.”

Tobacco Alternative Gums Market: Sales Volume, Revenue and Growth Rate Forecast

Added 5/19/2018:

Milk is not beef, syrup is not wood, barlay and hops is not beer and

“Nicotine might be extracted from tobacco, but not made from it.”

Schrodinger’s Nicotine: Not Derived From Tobacco

I’m here to help.


This is still an open challenge for anyone in public health to find nicotine addiction, without tobacco and MAOI’s, in humans.

If you can, (not behind a paywall), please comment below.

If you are a consumer, stop believing it, and challenge it.

If you are a professional, prove it. If you cannot…. Stop lying about it.

I am, of course, here to help.


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There is definitely more to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.



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