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Vaping In The News ~ July 28th, 2018

Vaping In The News covers media stories on smoking, vaping, snus, heat not burn, e-cigarettes, exposing tobacco control, public health, government, regulations, policies and more worldwide.

“The largest threat to Public Health is an informed consumer.”

Teen Dies After Hospital Mistakes Stroke for Nicotine Effects ~ THR4Life Comments, FDA Regulation of Flavors ~ VTA’s FDA Flavor Submission ~ Smokers’ Rights Group Sues HUD Over Rule ~ What if? ~ Young People Adopt Vaping as Their Smoking Rate Plummets ~ JUUL Uses Politicians as Marketing Tools ~ Juul is being sued ~ Of Mice And Menace ~  Nicotine warning ~ Minimally or “non-addictive” nicotine ~ More Proof from FDA Population Data Showing E-Cigarettes As Popular Quit-Smoking Aids ~ Walnuts are drugs

Teen Dies After Hospital Mistakes Stroke for Nicotine Effects

Last week I put this out, Jim McDonald covers this tragic story here:

Teen Dies After Hospital Mistakes Stroke for Nicotine Effects

THR4Life Comments on FDA Regulation of Flavors

On July 16, 2018, Tobacco Harm Reduction 4 Life submitted comment to the Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) advanced notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM) in regard to the regulation of flavors in tobacco products.

THR4Life Comments on FDA Regulations of Flavors

Vapor Technology Association comments on FDA Regulations

The Vapor Technology Association (“VTA”) respectfully submits the attached comments to the United States Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) in response to the Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking published on March 21, 2018, entitled “Regulationof Flavors in Tobacco Products.”

Vapor Technology Association’s Comments in Response to FDA

Smokers’ Rights Group Sues HUD Over Rule that Bans Smoking Inside Public Housing Apartment

Don’t be fooled, rights are rights.

“This lawsuit is about defending the right to be left alone to engage in a legal activity in the privacy of one’s own home.”
NYC Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment (C.L.A.S.H.) is a grassroots organization established in 2000 dedicated to advancing and protecting the interests of adults who choose to smoke cigarettes or enjoy other forms of tobacco or use electronic cigarettes.
Here’s their Press release.

What if…..?

Harry Shapiro with Nicotine Science and Policy takes criminal intent on – in a whole new light:

“English law is called gross negligence manslaughter……..can also can be committed simply by omission”…

Please give this its due attention from Harry with Nicotine Science and Policy…

What if…..?

Young People Adopt Vaping as Their Smoking Rate Plummets

There is a bottom line, but that isn’t what the government wants you to believe.

Young People Adopt Vaping as Their Smoking Rate Plummets

JUUL Uses Politicians as Marketing Tools

They didn’t read the Gallup poll.

Via Jim McDonald:

JUUL Uses Politicians as Marketing Tools

Juul is being sued…

Ambulance chaser alert:


Of Mice and Menace:

Why Rodent Studies Of Vapor Products Are Meaningless

“Mice are not little four legged people!” ~ @VladTheVaper

From Carl V. Phillips:

Of Mice And Menace:

Nicotine Warning

My words:

The Food and Drug Administration would like to have all e-liquid manufacturers continue to affirm the government lie to consumers by yelling fire in a crowded theater.

Their words:

FDA affirms commitment to warning the public to warning the public about nicotine in tobacco products

Directly related:

Federal Judge Halts Cigar Regulations

Minimally or “non-addictive” nicotine

Let me remind you of the accolades of lower nicotine:

Cliff Douglass of the American Cancer Society –  thinks lower nicotine in cigarettes is “Absolutely everything

NCI Director Ned Sharpless says “…good news for treating cancer and preventing cancer

FDA’s Scott Gottlieb claims “Lower nicotine in the same product

Matt Myers of Tobacco-Free Kids says “…to use products that won’t kill them

Basing “minimally or non-addictive” levels of nicotine by lowering cigarette consumption by 1.6 less cigarettes… over two years… is a public health win?  Here’s what they came up with after two years:

238 “non-daily” smokers… what?

👉over the course of two years...

lowered their smoking by 1.6 cigarettes…

“real-time reporting” and “cigarette butt counts.

No – to slow progress… is this is what the Food and Drug Administration likes?

One of my favorite subjects – covered here and here

This headline calls it “staggering“.

You can check my math here:

Nondaily Smokers’ Changes in Cigarette Consumption With Very Low-Nicotine-Content Cigarettes

More Proof from FDA Population Data Showing E-Cigarettes As Popular Quit-Smoking Aids

“it is possible that they may play a bigger role in assisting smokers to quit combustible tobacco.”

More Proof from FDA Population Data Showing E-Cigarettes As Popular Quit-Smoking Aids

Walnuts are drugs

Speaking of conjecture and nicotine being defined as “tobacco“, now…

I wonder how they vape…  and if we vape ’em, they also a tobacco product…

Walnuts are drugs.

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E-Cigarettes, Long Term Risks & Health Implications.


Long-term risks and effects are still unknown according to worldwide “experts”. More dangers about e-cigarettes are sure to come out. Experts are constantly finding a new study every day. The media likes to keep the public misinformed. Some experts put their two cents in and the whole world is still confused.

If you claim there are “long term effects” of e-cigarettes and you don’t know what they are, it is probably your job to KNOW. After 10+ years of them being on the market, I appreciate you showing how you don’t know how to do your JOB.

In the United States, (according to the Centers For Disease Control) there are 9 million e-cigarette users.

(That’s 9 million non-smokers, by the way).

How do e-cigarettes affect the user? What are the health implications?

Turns out, as you will see below, e-cigarette users not only decrease or eliminate smoking, they also reduce –  in MANY cases,

eliminate medications they’ve been taking for various ailments for years…

Makes one wonder what all those chemicals in cigarettes do to both cause & suppress symptoms…

The very idea that there are long term issues using e-cigarettes CAN be true. Tell me how “approved” methods work again? For those of you who think e-cigarettes are just like cigarettes, please show your evidence.



Question #27 was posed:

Have you increased, decreased or eliminated any medications since using an e-cigarette?

Let’s get to the anecdotal evidence, shall we?

One major think that I have noticed is that while I was smoking Tobacco Cigarettes,I used to get sick 2 to 3 times a year. In the past 2-1/2 years that I have been “Vaping”, I was only sick once!

Less medication COPD

My bp meds were reduced to lowest dose (75% lower)

Pain killers for pre-existing conditions. I attribute that to a better supply of oxygen helping to heal damaged tissue.

i use my inhailers less often now that i’m vaping and not smoking
i have asthma and copd ( sorry spelling )

I don’t have to take my omeprazole for gastritis anymore

Was able to get off blood pressure medicine

Anxiety meds gone. Heartburn meds gone. Chronic diarrhea gone.

halved dosage for GERD

I don’t take any medications except for occasional ibuprofen for a headache.

As stated above, no more need for anti nausea meds and prescription acid reflux meds. My esophagus finally healed from all the heartburn related to smoking.

My health is going better way with my e-cigarette.

Stopped- asthma inhalers, albuterol nebulizer (stopped w Dr supervision & approval due to improvements in lung function & blood o2 levels)
Stopped – anxiety meds and antinausea meds (stopped myself, didn’t need em anymore)

Unfortunately damage has already been done so I am still on asthma meds. plus beta blockers for the heart attack I suffered 8yrs ago, however, have had no angina since I started vaping.

These medications are not vaping or smoking related

I have been lucky to not need regular medication for any reason.

I have severe emphysema and since I started vaping my breathing is better. I do not cough at all. I have not had any chest or sinus infections since beginning to vape
Overall my health has improved

Long term asthma inhailor. no longer in use and quick response maybe once a year…

this is not due to vaping I am a chronic pain suffer and asthmatic I used to blow a 450 to 500 now its 700 to 800 on a peek flow meter so my lungs have got better thanks to vaping

A lot less cold and sinus meds and antibiotics.

less joint pain and coughing related headaches, led to the halted use of non prescription pain relievers.

Less migraines = Less Excedrin
Fewer colds/sore throats = Less Robitussin ETC

I use Ventolin inhaler. I was using it 4 to 5 times per day when I smoked. Now I use it maybe 2 or 3 times a week. Awesome!!

I no longer suffer from lung infections/bronchitis as often, causing me to no longer seek medication for it when it arises.

No allergy/ hayfever gone

Haven’t had flu or a cold since I switched. Used to get flu twice a year like clockwork – beginning and end of winter.

I was on antidepressants and found that I do not need them while on the ecig as I don’t feel so stressed.

Zantac reduced.

Reduced Cpap pressure, down to using no allergy medication

never had any health problems. I mainly quit smoking due to cost and finding out my son was starting on the same path as me.

Much less use of asthama inhalers

O don’t use my blue inhailer as much as before I quit

Eliminated preventative steroidal inhaler, vastly decreased rescue inhaler/nebulizer.

I no longer take any blood pressure medication 🙂

No pain killers needed I’m pain free wahoo

Have not needed my ventolin since I quit smoking and started vaping.

Do not require the use of my inhailer as often.

No more inhalers or broncitus meds

Less allergy medicine

Reduction in the usage of Salbutamol (Ventolin) inhalers as a rescue bronchodilator.

No more inhalers or blood pressure medications and I have lost 55 pounds.

Blood pressure and cholesterol meds were both reduced, and Plavix was eliminated completely (because my clogged arteries cleared up!).

discontinued two prescription drugs for respiratory/allergy issues.

When i where smoking i had the “flu” at least 4 times a year, in the 2 years gone with vaping i havent been sick once!

Cholesterol and blood pressure meds gone!

I no longer have to use inhalers

Because of other ailments not attached to smoking but because of my other problems

I have COPD from smoking cigarettes and I was on O2 at the time that I quit smoking. About a year after I started using e-cigarettes and stopped smoking I was able to get off of O2 completely.

dont have to take my stomach pills every day

no longer need cholesterol medications

no longer need allegra

I no longer use inhalers or need antibiotics for URIs.

Tylenol use has been reduced since my headaches happen less frequently. Also sinus medication like sudaphed is no longer needed.

I have high blood pressure and my medication has dropped by half.

I don’t have headaches and was able to stop taking Tylenol on a daily basis. My nerves are much calmer and my anxiety has gone down.

I’ve eliminated daily maintenance asthma meds, lessened by a lot the usage of rescue medicine, eliminated 2 GERD medications

Im almost of my anti anxiety meds

No longer have to use my asthma inhaler. The day I quit smoking is the last time I have used an inhaler and that was more than 2 years ago

I no longer have seasonal walking pneumonia that required steroids, inhalers and antibiotics.

No more blood pressure medication because my lungs are healthy enough for me to exercise regularly without respiratory issues

Did not get sick over the winter as usual

Blood pressure meds reduced

no need to use steroids, antibiotics or inhalers anymore

not on any breathing aids or anything like that but i bet i would have been if i hadn’t stopted smoking. my mother had every breathing problem under the sun, she only stoped smoking in the last 3 years of her life

I am currently offof blood pressure meds, and am not using breathing meds for COPD

anti biotics from chest infections

Using Asthma inhaler once or twice a month instead of 3 – 4 times a day

I am now permanently on high blood pressure meds – but cannot blame this on ecigs as menopause started around the same time. HBP can be a side effect of menopause.

My high blood pressure medication dosage was halved…but I lost 42 pounds.

The dependency I had on my asthma inhaler has decreased dramatically

I have stopped needing my inhailor as much

My blood pressure is now normal ( no need for pills)
Blood sugar has gotten better ( no need for pills )

Not myself personally however my mom who is a chronic asthmatic and has never smoked, has started vaping and her asthma is almost completely gone. From finishing an asthma pump every week to one lasting her now a whole month!

Completed eliminated GERD medication, which I had to take almost all of my smoking career.

No more HEadaches and very rarely ever take an aspirin now.

dropped blood pressure meds

Used to get bad headaches from the carbon monoxide and took alot of aspirin but no longer

blood presure pills have gone now

I had severe sleep apnea while smoking. After two years with an ecig, i no longer have to wear a cpap.

Blood pressure is now normal. I was taken off medication to control.

I had persistent AMD when I was smoking, and had to have injections in my eyes quarterly to preserve my sight. Once I started vaping instead of smoking, my eyesight improved immediately, and I no longer needed injections.

Have not had to use antibiotics or visit the Dr. for smoker related illness in over 3 yrs. Amen, I say!

No longer take Depression Meds

dosage level of high blood pressure medicine was lowered in mg

Decongestants & cold medications were a staple. I rarely use them now. I do have allergies that make some necessary.

I haven’t needed my allergy or asthma medications as frequently due to less flare-ups of both.

I use my asthma inhaler less and sometimes I can get away with using my vape to help me breathe better in a pinch–like when I forget my inhaler at home.

I was on antibiotics about every 3 months for various respiratory infections. Have not taken them at all since starting vaping.

I have increased my consumption of OTC allergy medications. Smoking tobacco did dull my reactions to airborne allergens.

Reduced my use of asthma medications

Started on 12mg, now on 0.3mg

Hardly use my Inhaler anymore at all!

Don’t use my inhaler or nebulizers anymore

I don’t get ill as much as I did when I was smoking colds, flu etc.

No more cough medicains

Decrease in cold medication

I have reduced my need for using an inhaler for asthma.


Reduced allergy medication.

I feel better in general.


Seems like long term risks & health implications are that we’re doing something right.

You anectdote, you.


What do Medical Experts say?

That’s here.

If you think we’re not screaming at the top of our much healthier lungs, you’re wrong.


If you think we’re not paying attention, you may be mentioned here soon.

Added 4/06/16

Long Term Effects, MUST read:

Ecigs Health Effects R Cranfield Nov 24 2015.pdf


“Popcorn” lung came up again in the news. I suggest a tall glass of liquid to hydrate due to the high salt. The WONDERFUL folks over at Vapers.Org.UK released a Special Edition on 12/12/15:

I suggest a tall glass of liquid to hydrate due to the high salt content!

A Bucket Of Popcorn.


E-cigarette Research is HERE.

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See what vapers said about their e-cigarette use here in the first survey.

More to come!

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