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Vaping In The News – November 10th


Vaping In The News covers media stories on smoking, vaping, snus, heat not burn, e-cigarettes, exposing tobacco control, public health, government, regulations, policies and more worldwide.

“The largest threat to Public Health is an informed consumer.”

Defending Juul | Drug War Veteran Punctures Panic Over Nicotine ~ Fund the vape FOIA lawsuit ~ Speaking Of Montana ~ Why Traditional “Quit Smoking Methods” Have Consistently FAILED ~ Gottlieb: Do Teen Vapers Need Big Pharma Intervention? ~ NATO Responds to FDA’s Potential E-Cigarette Sales Restrictions ~ Adolescents have unfavorable opinions of adolescents who use e-cigarettes ~ “I Was Just Ignorant”—World-Renowned Vaping Researcher on His Dramatic Conversion ~ Golden Ashtray Award ~ Taking on Tobacco

Defending Juul | Drug War Veteran Punctures Panic Over Nicotine

Excellent interview with Helen Redmond from Regulator Watch.

Defending Juul | Drug War Veteran Punctures Panic Over Nicotine

Fund the vape FOIA lawsuit

If you can, please support Ron & Deanna Marshall. If you cannot, please spread it around.

Fund the vape FOIA lawsuit

Freedom Vapes Montana Strikes Back

Vape Radio talks with Ron Marshall about the fight he and his wife Deanna are up against, and the Freedom Of Information Act.

Freedom Vapes Montana Strikes Back

Speaking of Montana

NO tax, other than normal state or local sales tax on vaping products is acceptable. Nicotine is NOT tobacco. None. If anyone says you need to compromise that position, ask them why.

Chris Hughes, from 2016 is an example as to why.

In this instance, budget woes equaled a proposed “33% tax on the wholesale prices of e-cigarettes and other vapor products”.

Montana voters reject tax on vapor products

Why Traditional “Quit Smoking Methods” Have Consistently FAILED

From our friend, Dr Marewa Glover.

Why Traditional “Quit Smoking Methods” Have Consistently FAILED

Gottlieb: Do Teen Vapers Need Big Pharma Intervention?

I’m glad this is from Jim McDonald.

Gottlieb: Do Teen Vapers Need Big Pharma Intervention?

NATO Responds to FDA’s Potential E-Cigarette Sales Restrictions

So much for an “epidemic” via the retail sector.

“During this past summer, 96.7% of the retailers passed FDA-sponsored compliance checks by not selling an e-cigarette to an underage youth.”

This is 16.7% ABOVE federal guidelines.👇

The Synar Amendment “requires” an 80% compliance rate.

NATO Responds to FDA’s Potential E-Cigarette Sales Restrictions

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Lunar Rover thumbnail_624x90

Adolescents have unfavorable opinions of adolescents who use e-cigarettes

In the spirit of the anti-smoking rhetoric, bullying and hate are promotable. “It is important to ensure that adolescents do not formulate “cool” or otherwise desirable images of e-cigarette users, as these images could become established, as occurred with the positive cigarette-smoking prototypes, which took decades of concentrated efforts to dispel…”

Adolescents have unfavorable opinions of adolescents who use e-cigarettes

“I Was Just Ignorant”—World-Renowned Vaping Researcher on His Dramatic Conversion

A must watch with Dr. Riccardo Polosa.

“I Was Just Ignorant”—World-Renowned Vaping Researcher on His Dramatic Conversion

Golden Ashtray Award

The results are in.

Golden Ash Tray Award.jpg

Taking on Tobacco: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Assault on Smoking

Hat tip to our friend, Jukka for finding this…from 2005:

”before the Foundation began investing in tobacco-related policy research”….

“Through regular conference calls and e-mail, each group knew what the others were doing.

Page five, second entry.

Taking on Tobacco: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Assault on Smoking

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The FDA can’t prove nicotine addiction or gateways exist.


Nicotine addiction and gateways do not exist. Is the Food and Drug Administration exempt from providing proof of the decision to classify and change the definition of nicotine as a tobacco product?

Aside from the government putting out fraudulent research, massive propaganda and the plain old “we aren’t listening” – or “we heard you and don’t care” stances, the deeming regulations of e-cigarettes rest, without being questioned, on the government’s word.

Stern and believable soundbites like “we’ve looked at the data” and “redoubling efforts” (what the hell is that?) and “guided by evidence” with other fun catch phrases are tossed around profitably, like cigarette butts.

Well, I don’t trust them or their word.

Meanwhile, as defined, states are getting away with taxing e-liquid and components as tobacco.

Is there a reason the following three things aren’t being focused on by organizations in the United States?

Maybe it doesn’t matter.

I’ll get to my points.

There are three things

In my best estimation, any decisions made by the Food and Drug Administration cannot be determined by fraudulent research or simple and contrived assertions.

These three things are what the FDA needs to validate for the “deeming” regulations to be valid.

  1. The definition of nicotine as tobacco
  2. Nicotine addiction without tobacco and MAOI’s
  3. Gateways

 nicotine thingiverse

1. The definition of nicotine as tobacco

They had to change the definition of nicotine. Why is that?

Nicotine is not tobacco.

Nicotine is .06% to 3% dry weight of tobacco. (Source)

I’m no chemist, and certainly no mathmatician, so I’ll go with what I’ve got:

Tobacco contains a much higher percentage of:

  1. “Malic acid” at 2.83 %
  2. “Calcium as CaO” at 2.22%
  3. “Potassium as K20” is at 2.47

“Reducing sugars as dextrose” is astronomically higher at 22.09%.

Why are those chemicals not deemed “tobacco” or considered addictive?

Have you ever seen milk squirt out from raw hamburger or steak?

  • Milk isn’t defined as beef.

 Have you ever got a splinter with your pancakes?

  • Syrup isn’t defined as wood.

You’ve never found any flowers in your beer?

  • Alcohol isn’t defined as hops or barley.

Public health and government are not honest.

Added 6/21/2018


The FDA claims nicotine is tobacco. These people do not.

“notably that e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco or generate side-stream emissions…”

Characterisation of the Spatial and Temporal Dispersion Differences between Exhaled e-cigarette mist and Cigarette Smoke.

Added 6/24/18:

E-cigarettes are NOT tobacco, in fact this says (bold is my emphasis)

“…this judgment is the product of policy developments around the role of the FDA and their ability to provide regulative guidance and authority relating to a range of products.”

“If all products containing nicotine derived from tobacco were labelled as “tobacco products” internationally, then nicotine replacement therapies would be classified as tobacco products, which they are clearly not. As a scientific journal, definitions matter, and a legal ruling in a single country is not a sound basis for determining whether a certain definition is valid.”
Please click their link, and the PDF link is within their page:

Nicotine isn’t tobacco.


2. Nicotine addiction without tobacco and MAOI’s.

Of the “thousands” of chemicals, nicotine is the addictive ingredient?

There is no data or science worth reading showing nicotine addiction without tobacco and MAOI’s.

Let them force them to find it in their secret files and produce it.

I’ve asked for them from various “experts” and government and body parts organizations.

Nicotine is not addictive.


3. Gateways

They don’t exist. Among other places, it is

Shown here:

Gateway Effects: Why the Cited Evidence Does Not Support Their Existence for Low-Risk Tobacco Products (and What Evidence Would)

Shown here:

Gateway effects and electronic cigarettes.

Oh, it’s shown here:

Complicated Models Can’t Alter the Data: Smoking Among Youth and Young Adults Is Way Down

Just stop.

There is NO gateway.

No combustion:

E-cigarettes and the obsolescence of combustion

Proof By Assertion

Can the FDA prove these three assertions? You know, like in a court of law?

Is proof by assertion all the government needs to claim nicotine is addictive? That gateways exist? That, without science and real data, allows them to classify nicotine as tobacco?

Nobody’s caught on to that yet? Why?

fingers in ears

Doesn’t this scare you?

  • Really? Just me? (Pretend my arms are flailing around)
  • Has anyone challenged these points? (Pretend my voice went up)
  • Did anyone ASK them for proof? (Pretend I’m red faced)
  • Does it prove addiction or gateways? (Pretend I’m screaming)

All parties involved are well aware of the deception. This isn’t about health. This isn’t about “the children™”.

Regulations boil down to one thing. Revenue. Fiscal health. Cash.


Listing “disclosures”, the National Cancer Institute, State and Community Tobacco Control Initiative, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Office on Smoking and Health and of course the American Cancer Society and Cancer Action Network were involved with this:

“Rationale for ENDS Taxation”
• Improve Public Health
• Encourage switching from combusted to potentially less harmful products
• Prevent youth initiation
Raise Revenue
Replacement revenue source as revenues from cigarettes and other tobacco products fall

Read it again.

That’s included in this PDF

Prices, Taxes and the Demand for Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems

They all breaking the law, or various laws.

These are fictitious claims, no one is loud enough to challenge them.  I’m waiting on someone to have some balls to challenge it with lawsuits, something.

Alan Beard

Alan had this to say about industry in the U.K.:

“as a consumer directly influenced by their current and future viability these thoughts are directed towards them.”

Challenges for Vendors and Desirability of Compulsory Membership of a Trade Association

I mentioned the organizations at the beginning of this blog. With that, I’m including legitimate vendors and brick & mortar businesses in that realm of “organizations”.

I’m also talking about the fly-by-count-my-money-at-night vendors who are doing less than nothing for anyone but themselves.

Whether it be industry or consumer organizations who are well established, I am asking: Are these three points above a waste of time?

How will doing nothing (or any other inaction) impact consumers?

Why are consumers having to settle for less?

Are my questions “too little, too late”?

These are the things that keep me up at night.

Added 8/22/17

Elaine Keller, well respected by me, had this to say on my post of this blog on Facebook:

“In my personal opinion, the problem lies within the law itself, not some arbitrary decision on the part of the FDA”

Nicotine has been defined as “tobacco” is defined in the “Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Act”. It, among other things:

Defines a tobacco product as any product made or derived from tobacco that is intended for human consumption.

That’s here in:

H.R.1256 – Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act

That needs to be changed. Immediately.

Added 4/04/18

“The effects of nicotine on the brain are similar to those of sugar, salt, exercise, and other harmless substances and events”

“There are so many findings that conflict so starkly with the view that nicotine is addictive that it increasingly appears that adhering to the nicotine addiction thesis is only defensible on extra-scientific grounds.”

Short version:

Nicotine as an Addictive Substance: A Critical Examination of the Basic Concepts and Empirical Evidence

Full version is here.


Tobacco Alternative Gums Market: Sales Volume, Revenue and Growth Rate Forecast

The usual suspects:

“One of the important growth factors for the global tobacco alternative gums market is the increasing price of cigarettes.”

Tobacco Alternative Gums Market: Sales Volume, Revenue and Growth Rate Forecast

For you who are fighting at the industry level, and I do know who you are, thank you.

For you who aren’t fighting, I know who you some of you are – I’m a couple times behind on telling both the government, and you, to kiss my ass.

Added 8/23/17:

Brad Rodu:

Negligible Evidence of Radical Nicotine Reduction Benefit

Added 12/14/17

FDA launches “Every Try Counts” campaign to manipulate smokers

Added 01/13/18

The health impact of e-cigarettes they don’t want you to know

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A Billion Lives

A Billion Lives


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A Billion Lives : The Fight Continues


A Billion Lives, the award-winning documentary film – is making a global impact on policy, politics, and regulations.

The Fight Continues

The fight for A Billion Lives continues in Iceland where their Parliment must weigh their options on the evidence for a safer alternative to smoking.

Included was a live-stream from the conference with Linda Bauld, Prof Peter Hajek, Prof John Britton, Clive Bates, Director Aaron Biebert and more.


In New Zealand

Do NOT dismiss the power of this film.

This film is already a history-making documentary.

In New Zealand earlier this year, the film helped CHANGE the DIRECTION on legislation of e-cigarettes with combined efforts from Dr. Marewa Glover and the team at Aotearoa Vape Community Advocacy (AVCA).

Here’s a few links pertaining to New Zealand: New Zealand – Special Edition

MUCH More Than A Film

The Village of Hartland, Wisconsin is challenging the deeming rules set by the Food & Drug Administration for not coordinating with the Hartland government.

Both the film and Director Aaron Biebert’s testimony are on public record from the hearings and are headed to Washington.


Much More Than A Movement

This brand new consumer group formed on Facebook  – has grown quickly to over 3,000 folks in under a week and show no signs of slowing down.

Here’s that group:  A Billion Vapers

To rent or purchase the film online,

please go here.

Find A Billion lives:

On their website at:


A Billion Lives





A Billion Lives

My latest:

Vaping In The News May 13th, 2017

Nicotine Is Not Addictive.

Health aspects of e-cigarettes – Short information for physicians

NEWS from my friends across the pond:

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A Billion Lives

A Billion Lives

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Vaping In The News–April 8th, 2017


Vaping In The News – April 2nd – April 8th, 2017

HR1136 ~ Australia ~ Canada ~ Across The Pond ~ Advertising ~ Nicotine Challenge ~ Bill Godshall Update ~ Incoherent Screams

HR1136, The Cole-Bishop

Consumers, this from CASAA:

The FDA Deeming Clarification Act of 2017 (HR 1136) was introduced on Thursday, February 16th. Republican Tom Cole of Oklahoma (4th district) and Democrat Sanford Bishop of Georgia (2nd district) have built on previous legislative attempts from 2015 and 2016. HR 1136 is an updated version of HR 2058 and the Cole/Bishop amendment.

HR 1136 – Modernizing the predicate date for vapor products is a vital first step

People, you must get louder.

The regulations of e-cigarettes (worldwide) have only one thing to stand on.

I’ve covered the tragedy officials claim, however, any regulations have boiled down to one reason. Money.

They disguise their greed to the public with nicotine “addiction” & “The Children™.

(It is one in the same).

  • Parents, please pay attention to your ankle-biters and activities at local quick marts
  • Obviously, despite their own opinion, tobacco control programs are useless.
  • Evidently, the laws already in place by lawmakers can’t be properly enforced.
  • I’m questioning the claim of nicotine “addiction” here
  • The government, public health, and politicians have more at stake than your measly life. They don’t care.

HR 1136 gains early co-sponsors. Take a moment to say THANK YOU!

If you don’t, you’re effectively agreeing with whatever they throw at us, and the future of those consumers who will have less to choose from.

Get louder.


Good news for tobacco control, cigarettes are still safe and available in Australia. Government approved. There is insufficient evidence for the safety of e-cigarettes. Sorry, smokers.

Please, keep smoking.



The Tobacco Harm Reduction Association of Canada (T.H.R.A) had its say representing consumers in Canada this week at the Senate Committee on Social Affairs with bill S-5.

Lively (and predictable) questions are well fielded by THRA’s Policy Advisor David Jones and Jaye Blancher. David starts around 16:17:

Live Presentations

LOUDER Across The Pond

It’s no secret, I do adore THE Fergus Mason, and you should as well. He’s given his view on the “undercover” investigation by the Royal Society for Public Health.

I’ll let The Fergus Mason take it from here before he flys over here and beats me up –

Vapers in Power responds to the RSPH

By the way

Screw irony. Hello incompetence!

I can’t fix stupid. I certainly won’t miss an opportunity to point it out.

The same RSPH “health charity” (above) says tobacco advertising should be “banned in all forms” . . . . . .

By advertising tobacco in a tweet.

Take your time.

I’ll wait.

Are we good? You ok?

E-cigarette Fundraiser continues

To *donate any amount, please go here to the GoFundMe page:

Nicotine Addiction: An Open 30-Day Public Health Challenge

WE are raising funds for Dr. Farsalinos & his team.

So far the nicotine challenge has been ignored by public health, tobacco control, and government.

Sharing is caring. They really need to focus and try harder. It’s for their own good. (They’ve been tweeted, linked, asked, told, questioned, etc.)

We have raised $605.00 and one challenge has been submitted.

Make some noise while I continue to make a mockery of the claim and an ass of myself.

Donate here.

No one should EVER miss


The Bill Godshall Update via ecigarette-politics:

A hefty list as always:

Bill Godshall Update 2017-03-29

This. Just. Pisses. Me. Off.

Incoherent Screams:

Some idiots decided to “mine” tweets to observe “influencers” to determine and analyze “information shared on Twitter for insights into initial public reactions” to the regulations.

Here’s my shameless self-promotion:

Incoherent Screams & Observations

NEWS from my friends across the pond:

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Consumers Groups:

A Billion Lives

This isn’t over:

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Ecigs. Clarify this.


Are you confused about regulations and e-cigarettes? Are they good? Are they bad? Do you happen to be a smoker who doesn’t want to switch or hasn’t because of the confusion surrounding e-cigarettes?

Is it because you’re waiting on experts and government to clarify their position and taking 10 plus years to do it before you try one? Still In the dark?  Still confused? That’s right where they want you.

Let me run down the past few years in six short bullet points.

  • They’re dangerous.
  • We don’t know enough.
  • They’re attracting children.
  • There are chemicals.
  • Oh, there’s nicotine-they’re tobacco.
  • We need more research.


No, no, they’re a medical device. The governmental moron meter has now been pegged.

They’re looking for their piece of the pie.

Fill your tank, grab your favorite beverage. Double indemnity if you’re up for it.

Moving on.

The Food and Drug Administration have released their latest statement swirling the confusion for the public and small businesses STRUGGLING to comply with these idiotic regulations.


Sorry – that’s one of the “experts” in tobacco control.

Here it is – from “The National Law Review”

FDA Finalizes New Rule “Clarifying” When a Tobacco Product is Actually a Medical Product 

Determining a product’s  intended use is critical to establishing whether a product made or derived from tobacco will be regulated as a medical product .  A drug is defined in Section 321(g) of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA), in pertinent part, as “articles intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in man or other animals”

I’m no attorney, but e-cigarettes do not diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent disease. Conjecture, dear reader.

(I also haven’t seen any animals smoking lately. Yes I’ve seen the smoking monkey – or ape – you don’t need to clarify that!

“FDA further emphasized that manufacturer claims related to “smoking cessation in the context of curing or treating nicotine addiction and its symptoms” would bring a product within the disease prong of the drug or device definition.”

I’m no attorney, but I suggest the FDA CLEARLY show nicotine in the context of causing HARM or ADDICTION in humans without tobacco or MAOI’s

– then we can agree that nicotine is a “drug or device”.

I’m no attorney, but milk isn’t beef, syrup is not wood, and nicotine is not tobacco.

Again, conjecture and nicotine is NOT addictive, but saying it is, IS.

Proof by assertion, sometimes informally referred to as proof by repeated assertion, is an informal fallacy in which a proposition is repeatedly restated regardless of contradiction.] Sometimes, this may be repeated until challenges dry up, at which point it is asserted as fact due to its not being contradicted (argumentum ad nauseam). In other cases, its repetition may be cited as evidence of its truth, in a variant of the appeal to authority or appeal to belief fallacies.

From Chris Price:

Why isn’t nicotine a Schedule 1 drug?

“They” have fabricated information for ten years – so they can justify their goal to regulate, restrict, tax and ban e-cigarettes as tobacco  – or a medical device – or use them as stump to shout from until they can formulate and succeed in their new found love, a sugar tax.

While they take their time flip-flopping – the folks who WANT to switch and walk into a vape shop are afraid and confused, & small businesses may not be there for them when they do.

Still snickering about the monkey? Good.

In other observations to be confused about, I’ve noticed a – change, shall I say, with Michael Eriksen (Former DirectorCDC’s Office on Smoking and Health) and his demeanor on e-cigarettes while following him on Twitter recently, here’s what I mean.

Truth Initiative tweeted, and Eriksen obliged them;

and then, the next day he tweeted this:

and this….. on Christmas Eve:

That got my curiosity up a bit… I myself had engaged him QUITE a few times to clarify, but he didn’t have time for my question – among other snarky questions over time, here in June 2016.

With that and my child-like curiosity, I wonder about the change of heart. Did he simply change his mind like Jim McManus? Not impossible. Still – I wonder about the change in his demeanor. I noticed the whole bio on his twitter account:

Dean and Regents’ Professor, Georgia State School of Public Health. Former Director – CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health. Tobacco Atlas.

Now that caught my eye. Never noticed it before. What IS that? Not that I’d ever question authority or integrity… Oh, an org…

You may not be back.

Main site: Tobacco Atlas

Some “usual suspects”:

Thanks and acknowledgements

The Tobacco Atlas – at the bottom, is sponsored by – drum roll please – the World Lung Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

See for yourself what the American Cancer Society (almost to the end) says about e-cigarettes.

I couldn’t find anything on the World Lung Foundation – their site was down at the time of this blog, but On Wikipedia:

The World Lung Foundation applauded the 2014 WHO report’s recommendation for tighter regulation of e-cigarettes due to concerns about the safety of e-cigarettes and the possible increased nicotine or tobacco addiction among youth.

But did remember and find this from Guy Bentley & the Daily Caller.

Exposed: World Lung Foundation’s Bogus Claim E-Cigarettes Are Gateway To Tobacco

Where are the “powers that be” going with e-cigarettes in the United States?


Updated 1/28/17

This was was covered here by Robert Morgen:

Former Director At CDC Commends E-Cigs For Smoking Cessation

My latest blog are here & here


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The health implications of e-cigs according to U.S. agency experts.


Prestigious “non-profit agencies” such as the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association,  American Heart Association, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and all of their state and local “affiliates” are unwilling to stand up for the public, placing their fiscal priorities before public health.

Joining them are government agencies like the Centers for Disease Control & Dr. Tom Frieden (CDC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Surgeon General Murthy, Secretary Burwell, and MANY more who will not accept or endorse vaping products as a valid tobacco harm reduction choice.

Because you trust them.

They wouldn’t lie to you, they have your best interest at the core of your health.

Kevin, you can’t be serious!?!

Yep! As serious as a smoker wanting to quit.

They won’t endorse LESS smoking?

Not at all. Unless it is with an approved method.

For NO reason? Aren’t they’re supposed to help consumers? Guide them? Give them advice? Instead, we’re on our own?

Yep. You’d think the American public would need expect no less than balanced and up to date information, evidently that is not standard operating procedure with the United States “health” organizations and their vast network of “affiliates” – or the government.

Doesn’t that seem ODD to you?

Public Health thinks this is a win

I’d like to see a judge rule quickly, that non-profit “public health” & Government agency defendants have violated civil & federal racketeering laws as a result of a decade-long conspiracy to deceive the American public about the much less harmful effects of e-cigarette use and the knowledge of e-cigarettes being at least 95% safer.

In the past decade, the lack of honest and beneficial information being withheld on e-cigs by those above have resulted in continued tobacco use and thereby benefiting those involved with their fiscal decisions to continue their own revenues including taxes, grants, funding and investments by coercing public opinion with propaganda, while acting desperately to avoid responsibility for their actions.

“When tobacco use decreases, less smoking occurs”.

This letter, “signed by 53 leading scientists has warned the World Health Organization not to classify e-cigarettes as tobacco products, arguing that doing so would jeopardize a major opportunity to slash disease and deaths caused by smoking.”

That’s from Reuters, here.

In full via here:

Statement from specialists in nicotine science and public health policy


Update 10/26/16:

AGAIN, responsible people in the world have now written this:



“The largest threat to is an informed consumer.”

Public Health

Public health refers to “the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals.” according to Wikipedia

  • Science and art of preventing disease
  • Prolonging life and promoting health through organized efforts

I’ve covered public health and their challenges they face with understanding harm reduction here.

“Health” organizations in the United States have been heavily opposing vaping products and have NOT endorsed them as tobacco harm reduction products because they are not “approved” by the FDA.

According to regulations released August 8th, 2016, it is illegal for retailers to give advice to consumers. They can’t do that anymore.

You’re not going to shut consumers or organizations up.

Here’s some examples:

THESE are national consumer and industry organizations in the United States who keep US informed.



Thank you, Kat York!

That link is here: Who Is My Representative



Being an inquisitive soul, I decided all on my own over the past few months to ask this direct question on Twitter to MANY “experts”, including ALL of the above. To create a source of non-responses. Each account is active. Each account spouts something nearly every day. Each got the same or similar variant of the same question:

Any comment on the health implications of deceiving adult smokers with regs of #ecigs as “tobacco products”?

I want answers.

I’ve asked the Director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Tom Frieden.

I’ve asked the Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy.

I’ve ASKED the President & CEO of the American Lung Association, Harold Wimmer:

I’ve asked CEO of the American Cancer Association, Gary Reedy:

I’ve asked “Truth Initiative”:


More than once, I’ve asked the American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown:

I’ve asked the American Medical Association:

I’ve asked the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids:

I’ve asked the Food and Drug Administration:

Among others, I’ve asked Senators Blumenthal and Boxer:

I’ve asked the PRESIDENT of the United States, Barack Obama:

I’ve asked tobacco control “expert” Professor Glantz:


I’ve asked former Centers for Disease Control Director, Michael Erikson:


Among other questions, I chose to ask Secretary Burwell to the premier of A Billion Lives:

Not only did I ask Sec. Burwell, I was hedging my bets – asking tobacco control “expert”  Ruth Malone, Dr. Judy Monroe (President/CEO of CDCFound) AND Margaret Cuomo to the premier of A Billion Lives.

There was not ONE response from ANY of these “agencies”. Not one.

No ANSWERS?  They’re the authority?


WHY is this acceptable?

WHY are we putting up with this?

WHY are they getting away with it?



the claims by agencies of 480,000 deaths a year from tobacco and related disease is of concern to all of those above, they would do anything in their power to CHANGE that.

They don’t have that desire.

In order to keep the lie alive, their “defense” is, and their ONLY continued efforts and “concerns” are always focused on:

Nicotine. Children. Public Health. Funding.


Because they WANT you to smoke.They are promoting combustible tobacco.

Here’s why:

WHO declined to be interviewed for A Billion Lives?

“If you care”

These are just some of the people in the United States government protecting the sales of cigarettes:

Dr. Robert Califf, Deputy Commissioner of the United States Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Medical Products and Tobacco since January 2015. He was appointed after his predecessor, Margaret Hamburg “left” the position, who is facing R.I.C.O. statutes.

Dr. Tom Frieden has been since 2009 the Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Acting Administrator of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

Mitch Zeller, Mitch postures and “leads FDA’s efforts to reduce the disease and death from tobacco use and bring previously unavailable information about its dangers to light”.

Sylvia Mathews Burwell, the 22nd Secretary of Health & Human Services.

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD, MBA, laughingly serves as America’s doctor, “providing info to improve public health

FDA Poised to Issue Rule that Will Be Devastating for Public Health, and Possibly Unconstitutional

Why Grover Norquist Won’t Stop Fighting for Your Right to Vape

Updated 02/25/2018:

The American Cancer Society has released a statement:

American Cancer Society Finally Recognizes Benefits Of E-Cigs

American Cancer Society’s Confused Position

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E-Cigarette Regulations And Concerns


The United States has “deeming” regulations waiting to be unleashed to the world.

The “Office On Management & Budget” has it in their hands.

This multifaceted issue has MANY angles and very serious consequence.

Before you go any further – before you read another line go HERE.

Wait, budget? Wait. Not health? Not science? Budget? Huh. What does this office know about health? What does it have to do with budget?

If they are deemed tobacco, they want taxes.

I’ve said “Regulate, Restrict, Tax & Ban“.

It already has happened around the world.

Here & Here.

I’ll shut up and let you talk:

I asked about regulations & concerns on the latest survey.

Are there regulations or other concerns you would like to see addressed with e-cigarettes?


Here’s just the last one hundred ~unedited~ comments from that question:

Difficult one. I do not need to know the ingredients as long they are “save” or maybe whe there are alergies involved. No sales to minors is a hard one too. it should not be harder then buying tobacco, if it would be, they would start smoking. There is alot of false information out there to just keep people on the cigaret, we need to address this. I am pro-everything about vaping, as long it is saver then smoking and makes people switch from smoking to ecigs.
I actually don’t mind if the eqliquid would be temporarily taxed as tobacco because that can compensate the governments for loss of income due to people quitting smoking. But it’s patently stupid that the TPD article 20 implies a tax on atomisers, coils, mouthpieces, etc. While in the same document pipes and pipe paraphinalia are exempt.
Product testing should be mandatory. For the cost spread out over many thousands of orders, the cost per consumer would be very small.
I would definately like to see the manufacture of fake products stopped. Sadly my very first vape pen from a local shop turned out to be a cheap Chinese knock off. Very disappointed as the safety aspect of an electrical device concerned me. Since researching I now know what to look for when buying new products to ensure I only buy genuine products.
From my month in this community, I am so impressed with the majority of juice makers. They are mostly very pro active in being extremely responsible. They label their bottles, watch for certain chemicals that are proven harmful, have childproof containers, and many other responsible behaviors. If I saw an irresponsible vendor, I would not purchase from them and that is the mentality of the majority of the community. We basically self police.
Most notably — More research on the ingredients in flavorings such as diacetyl and the like.
I am fine with some regulations ore rules for juice manufacturers , but not let them regulate this as it was tobacco. They have nothing to do with each other whatsoever
VERY scary how many OH two months vaping – LETS OPEN A VAPE SHOP/Sell ELIQUID ABUNDANT !
I as virtually all vapers agree restrict sale to minors, expecially with nicotine liquids, that ones a no brainer.
The bans and taxes on tobacco and smoking are from the health effects relating to it, vaping has been proven to not have these effects, more so no ‘second hand effects’ so any bans should be considered carefully and taxes should not be at the levels that tobacco is, it should be at levels that standard products are in each country.
There are many people and organisations who benefit from the money spent within tobacco, it’s prevention and health treatments. They have much to lose from e-cigarettes killing off tobacco smoking but this should be treated as it is, money grabbing with no care for human life.It would be great to see the quality and safety of all things in relation to this have some form of regulation, this would make it safer for all users.The amount of mis-information that is constantly sprouted by those who appose e-cigarettes is disgusting, when did it become acceptable that ‘people in powerful positions’ are purposefully lying to suit their own agenda, especially at the expense of peoples lives.
i want e-sig legalized in norway
When I say I have concerns about some of these things, I do not want to give the impression that I agree with all of these statements, in some cases I disagree. For example, putting vapers into the same class as smokers in public is totally wrong and discriminatory for no reason other than ignorance. Other things like safety, yes, definitely.
Ejuice manufacture needs to be regulated, we’ve shown that we are irresponsible, many people adopt a posture of don’t knock it will attract negative attention. The FDA will discover Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin in certain ejuices. Either we sort it out or we will be forced to by governments. There needs to be a witch hunt, greedy self seeking manufactures of potentially dangerous ejuices need to be exposed. Everybody deserves the right to know what’s in their product and any associated health risks.
Your body can recover from smoking over many years, once poisoned buy certain ejuices there is no recovery, short of transplant or death.
I’m very concerned with the government getting involved and we’re taxed enough!
I’m intelligent enough to only buy from a reputable dealer concerned with quality control.
Vaping should be allowed in public places but I respectfully ask when it’s indoors. Outdoors is a different story.
The media lies, period.
Taking too much nicotine causes nausea. Anyone (child) who overdoses
by mistake will suffer an unpleasent reaction.
I no longer trust the CDC. I no longer trust the FDA nor any state health dept. nor any health assn. or organization that gets their funding from pharmaceutical companies or from the tobacco MSA funds. I have concluded that keeping their jobs is more important to them than saving lives.
I’m mostly happy with normal consumer regulations –

Most manufaturers of E-Liquid do use childproof caps.

My concern is mainly that some eliquid manufacturers will ruin it for all with using childlike branding (saw on using minions on bottle) and concerned about certain liquid manufacturers using unsafe additives in their liquid (and proclaiming that their liquid was free of these additives) in spite of the issues with said additives being Known *cough*Five pawns*cough*

But you find those types in any area of business unfortunately.

Where i purchase from they are pretty well protected against children in regards to child proof caps. I would like to see less flashy lables. I would also like to note that people are all up in arms saying children would try it. I have three children and three others I am responsible for sometimes. I always reinforce that this is not for them and that I don’t want them to try it. It is the parents responsibility to educate their children on this issue.
I agree with child proof containers and nicotine level labeling. I fear the government will over regulate the industry out of existence or into big tobacco’s control.
The vapor community has done a very good job of self-regulation as far as demanding quality from those that wish to manufacture any component in the industry. This is why vape products are exponentially safer and better made today than they were when they first arrived on the market. We do not need government involvement.

The only taxes that apply should be the common consumer tax we pay on common goods. There should be NO ‘sin tax’ applied.

Government, Public Health & Tobacco Control should be promoting e-cigarettes, The BEST Cure for smoking, and the Health of citizens, rather than being worried about the Health of thier Funding Bank Accounts from the loss of Tobacco Tax & TSA funds. To out-right LIE about e-cigarettes to keep people smoking is nothing short of “Murder for Money”!!
Safety in ALL products and no selling to minors. Taxation is OK in my opinion.

Safety in all products does NOT mean banning drippers or tanks that can leak etc. Safety means quality control, battery safety and proper warnings in batteries and liquids. Tanks and etc are just pieces of metal; why would we need to ban or regulate them?

The state of Arkansas is regulating e-cigarettes and is planning to tax the products they have banned all e-liquid sales from outside of the state stopped and licenses must be obtained to sale e-liquid to stores in the state and can not be sold to individuals. I feel this is a violation of my rights as a vaper and should not be allowed.
With Science & Research is meant to let someone do research on E-Cigarettes who actually know what he/she does.

Irresponsible, false, misinterpreted or one-sided reports should be forbidden and should be done by “experts” that actually know what they are talking about (same as Science & Research)

The vaping community self police themselves! We’ve come this far without any interference from the government, look where we are already!
Unbiased research needs to continue to be done about e-cigs. The propaganda used to scare people away from ecigs based on lies or inaccurately expressed information needs to stop.
Can get our nicotine from eggplants that make it not tobacco right?
Sometimes I don’t know which reports to believe. There are scientists and medical opinions both for and against the use of E-cigs and the media seems to promote the negative side most often.
all vapors agree that childproof bottles and no sales to minors are a must!
Most Regulations have already been self imposed by Electronic Vapour companies. I would like to see the real articles about vaping shown in media.
It’s not tobacco, it should NOT be treated as such. Tobacco companies need to worry about their cigs and step out of the ecig space. Although I do understand…. They are losing money…. Big time!
only the vapes with nicotine content should any of my choices apply to
I do not care for the cartoon character labels or names. I do not like the way some of the vendors are using sex to sell their product. I do not like the way many who are making videos cussing and close to porno.

I do like the variety of flavors available. I use a minimum of 2 tanks at all times to provide a variety for my taste buds. 🙂 There was a question asked in one of the groups I belong to regarding scanning ID and sending it to vendors when ordering/winning contests. I do feel this is going to be necessary to cover everyone’s butts. I know a teen can “borrow” a parent’s ID and credit card but at least the vendor has used caution and tried to prevent underage usage.

I would like to see e-liquid manufacturers disclose all ingredients on their bottles. A lot already do, so I tend to buy from those that do.
Governments lose money when people stop smoking, however they do not see the gain from not having as many sick people. Governments will do anything to get more money out of it’s sheeple – stand up for your right to vape and be healthy.
I don’t think regulations should be too expansive. I would like to see some research done on the inhalation of ingredients in various flavors. I think this would benefit the vape industry, really, to do this on their own a little. The main example is the diacetyl which should probably never be inhaled, but since it is “food grade,” it has been used for this purpose.

I really want a variety of flavors but not at the expens of my lungs collapsing or something.

It should absolutely NOT be taxed like tobacco because it’s nothing like tobacco. It doesn’t look, smell, taste, feel, burn, grow in a field, or resemble tobacco in any way whatsoever.
I would like people to stop calling them cigarettes. There is no tobacco !
I have been going through peer reviewed scientific studies for more than 7 months. You’ve read skewed facts, good science used under unrealistic conditions to get negative data. I am also aware of how the tests have been conducted, where & under who’s funding & direction.
You may choose to believe what you want. The great thing about science though is, it does not require belief or faith or opinion. It is true regardless. If you choose alarmist language & emotional pleas you are choosing to be willfully ignorant. Many do, that’s why Nth America Is falling behind the rest of the world in science & technology.
Consumer safety is important with all products. The use of e cigarettes should be regulated for youth, similar to cigarettes, alcohol and gambling.
Note that I am not concerned in any way with how the e cig market works, and I’m sure there are plenty of safety regulations in place, but the more research and safety the better.
Concerns that the FDA will pull my products off the market while they regulate them, which may force me to go back to cigarettes. This is a huge concern for me because I don’t want to go back to cigarettes and I don’t feel ready to fully quit nicotine yet.
The UK is already very strict with labeling and childproof bottles.
Some comments step by step:
1) No Sales to minors. This is obvious, anyone not allowed to buy tobacco products shouldn’t be allowed to buy vaping equipment and e-liquids. This is a tricky one, however. Whatever way the government chooses to regulate this, it should never be a burden to the seller. Full stop. If it gets in the way of the seller, the industry will die out. This is already happening in Texas, take note. Maybe the best way to handle this issue would be to allow e-liquid purchases only with a centralized, credited service – such as any credit card as a credit card shouldn’t be in the hands of a minor (parents’ responsibility). Or with an identity confirmed account at Paypal.
2) Warnings on bottles. These warnings should include “keep away from children” and “do not drink”. And there should be a booklet on battery safety for rebuildable atomizers and unregulated mods.
3) Quality control on liquid manufacturing. We need third party testing and readouts on the label.
4) Science and Research. This is the single biggest issue we are facing. We need researchers who are educated enough to actually do research on e-cigarettes. You don’t have the dentist operate on your cancer, right? Revenue from e-cigarette taxation could go directly into this research area.
5) Taxation. E-cigarettes are not tobacco and therefore shouldn’t be taxed like it. But we have to ask ourselves, why do we have a special tobacco tax anyway? Because of the damage done to public health. Therefore, e-cigarettes shouldn’t be taxed at all… but this will never happen, so I’d suggest using the standard tax, such as 19% in Germany. Tax revenue should be used for research, liquid controlling and programs to help tobacco users quit or switch to e-cigarettes.
6) Media “experts”. Those are not only a problem with e-cigarettes… People working in the media are responsible for finding the real experts, people who actually know what they’re talking about. Western media have failed to do their job, mostly.
7) Childproof caps. In fact, this is already industry standard. Personally I have never seen a bottle that wasn’t childproof.
8) Motives to restrict and/or ban them. This is a big social issue, so I won’t go into the details here.
9) Battery safety. There are enough resources on the Internet to write a standardized booklet on battery safety to be sold with every battery purchase.
10) Labeling with trademark infringements. There is one problem that people tend to forget – your local B&M might be just as unaware of his source’s selling “clones” (fake products). The management of products with copyright infringement is an old issue in policy making, so there is no real need to discuss this at length here.
11) Ingredients and nicotine strength on the label. In fact, I haven’t seen any e-liquid bottle that failed to meet these requirement, but it should become law.
12) The most important policy issue that needs to get addressed NOW, is that vaping is NOT smoking. This needs to be specified in law. We have to rethink why we prohibit vaping in certain places – I could understand a ban in hospitals, kindergartens and cockpits, but a ban in planes, cars, homes, office buildings, trains and so on does not make any sense at all as no one is at risk or has his/her freedom infringed severely.
I would like to see common sense used and for propoganda against vaping shown for what it really is. I would like to see it set aside from tobacco as it has nothing to do with tobacco because it is NOT tobacco. I would like to see the industry be able to self regulate like any other new industry and I’d like for people to be able to choose what they want instead of being forced by governemt and big tobacco to do what they want us to do. I agree with the need for safety precautions in respect of device handling but that is the same with any battery powered device there needs to be education and caution in handling practises. If there is a need for taxation it needs to be sensible not extortion and I would like to see a stop to the constant shutting of vape shops due to unfair regulation.
If taxing my juice makes it legal. Go nuts. I’d rather pay more for some amazing element juice than be puffing away on a cigalike
We never want these to be vaped by children we all as vapors agree on that. however the way the FDA and state/local governments are handling this is irrisponsable. Starting Jan 1 2016 we will be more regulated then traditional tabacco. you cannot vape in a vape shop after jan 1 yet you can smoke in cigar bars and cigarette stores….THATS INSANE!!!
Vaping is the way out of smoking that medical science and government have been wanting for 50+ years. Their opposition to it is baffling.
as vaping is water vapour it doesnt cause harm to others by passive vaping. indoors i understand as a big cloud can be annoying. i don’t believe vaping in public spaces need to be banned. as an ex smoker most will find the vapers still go outside anyway!
I don’t mind being a part of the long term population-level study that has been going on, but quality control on all manufacturing of everything from liquids to batteries would be good. As nicotine is a real drug it should not be available to under 18s
I find the argument that the flavors and packaging is attracting minors to vape absolutly ridiculous and borderline insulting to adults who vape. if the bottle has child proof caps and if the liquid cannot be sold to people under 18 then it should matter whats on the bottle
I agree that products should be in clearly labelled, child-proof containers and like any other product containing or potentially containing nicotine it should not be sold to minors.
E-cigs and the juices for them are NOT “tobacco” products! Nicotine can be found in other plants that we consume on a regular basis other than tobacco.. The flavors are a HUGE benefit to the success of e-gigs and are NOT marketed to children in ANY way! Adults like stuff that tastes good too! Any reputable company has already put in place their OWN regulations to avoid selling to minors or keeping children safe.. Parents MUST take responsibility and stop blaming everyone else for their mistakes or failures in keeping their children safe! As long as the bottles come with child proof caps, warnings and shrink wrapped bands, once the bottle leaves the facility, it is no longer the responsibility of the manufacturer.. Accidents do happen and we as parents need to prevent them as much as we can..
vaping is the best alternative to smoking and should not be restricted by the government but maybe they could put a small tax on liquids to help the economy
The vaping industry is very good at regulating itself. All the juices I buy from a shop are labelled and have child resistant lids. All vendors I know and have dealt with have a strict “no under 18’s” policy.
Should be controlled to some degree as the liquid nicotine can be an irritant, but it certainly is not tobacco and does not harm others around me.
I believe regulations will strangle innovation and make a lufe saving device unaffortable. I believe that the same regulations other consumer items go through is sufficient.
Health and governmental agencies should ALWAYS AND ONLY provide true accurate information. If research is being done it needs to be conducted as users actually use the product and all information should be provided to include the item being used, how it was used, how it was monitored, outcomes, and conclusions. The false and one sided information is sad and educated users of vaping products know a poorly done study when we see one. We are not idiots, we know what we are doing.
I do not think that liquid or devices should be sold to minors, but I also don’t think that it’s a serious issue. Kids/teens don’t seem to be particularly drawn to vaping anymore than they are to smoking/chewing (less and less, IMO) and the concern about marketing to kids seems like a false one. That is, “think of the children” seems to be an excuse to restrict vaping in order to protect the profits/sales/use of traditional tobacco.
It’s in it’s infancy. I have my guesses about what research will show, but I’m interested to see.
Five the government an inch to regulate and they’ll tame 10 miles in a few years
I believe electronic cigarettes and e-liquid research, quality control, regulation, and taxation should not interfere with the vast number of users who have finally found a way to quit smoking. I believe that this is not an unreasonable expectation.
my biggest issue is misrepresentation by less than ethical companies. false/misleading battery ratings, false chemical analysis of liquids, etc. most vape shops already refuse sale to minors regardless of a lack of laws, and most liquid companies[that i deal with] already package in “childproof” containers
it isnt taxed and we know the govt
and big tobacco are losing millions
from that.
And they don’t like it one bit.
The tobacco industry is a huge player in this and has the financial ability to lobby to make it more difficult for people to quit their products, thus making it more difficult to vape.
Strong quality control is critical to the industry’s long-term viability, as is concrete research supporting what many users (myself included) already expect – that e-cigarettes are an effective smoking cessation tool that while not without risk, are almost certainly less harmful than tobacco
It cannot legally be taxed as a cigarette because it is not a cigarette. It should be taxed as its food grade ingredients. Bbq sauce that has Jack Daniels in it is not taxed as alcohol.
Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin should be researched more for prolonged exposure in vaping and labeling required by any ejuice containing them
I think ecigs/vaping do need a little regulation but not as much as they are doing. The industry regulates itself… most reputable companies already applied the use of child proof caps, warnings and ingredients listed and also have restricted sales to minors. I disagree with sales restrictions of non nicotine liquid to minors as it could help prevent them from trying regular cigarettes from the get go and could also help those teens that already smoke quit by switching to non nicotine vaping liquids. I think a parent should be able to talk to their kids doctor and get a note from the doctor OKing a smoking teen to purchase and use an ecig/vaping product to help them quit. I do not agree with the vaping/ecigs ban in public places and them being treated the same as tobacco cigarettes and being legislated as and grouped in with tobacco products since it is not a tobacco product. It is as much a tobacco product as Eggplant and other vegetables are which also contain nicotine naturally. I think the cig-a-likes that are produced by Big Tobacco should be regulated since they are produced by Big Tobacco who have shown that they are deceitful and unscrupulous with their methods and practices. But Mods and Vape Pens and USA made eliquids from reputable suppliers should be left alone with the basic regulations that are for child proof caps, ingredients and warnings on the labels. Liquids from foreign countries should be tested and regulated since other countries may have different standards. My concerns are more about this product being repressed and over regulated to the point that it makes it impossible for the small companies to do business and then making it difficult for people to obtain and use these products.
I only partially agree with ‘taxed like tobacco”; It should be partially taxed as a nicotine product (patches , gums, etc.) not as tobacco product, as long as the e-juice has nicotine. If the juices have 0mg nicotine then they should not receive a penalty tax for such.
We need standards. Not regulations in the strick sense, #deeming is Not what I am talking about.
Yes we need to restrict sales to minors and we Need labels that warn of nicotine and have the ratio and possible allergic reactions to certain flavors….
Standards for the manufacturing of liquid are also needed. Childproof caps sealed delivery are good things.
What is Not Acceptable are outside bans, and anything that discourages people from getting off of tobacco…
I think more education is needed. The general public see a lot of horror/scare stories but need to be better informed about the benefits of vaping.
I do agree no sales to minors, there should be labeling on the bottles of juices. There should be unbiased research, on vaping, on all the juices, have blind, double blind, even triple blind studies on ecigs and what it does. Make the final report public. True, not everyone will give a shit if ecigs are a great way to quit smoking or what is in the juice one is vaping, but there will be enough of us who do give a shit about the outcome of such research. As for taxing ecigs and the vendors to the point of putting them out of business, that needs to stop. True the ecig industry is fighting an uphill battle with big tobacco, and yes the ecig industry is taking a big bite out of big tobacco’s profits. We all need to learn how to get along, greed should not rule the day. Ther should be some type of quality control on the ejuices, doesn’t have to be so severe that one little thing is gonna threaten to put the juice company out of business, but there should be some type of quality checks on juices. Definitely should have child proof caps, don’t want my grandkids getting into my juices and getting sick. I could go on and on, if you want, email me and I will give you an earful on what I think needs to be done within the ecig industry.
Our industry is remarkable self regulating and is doing all these things without big brother telling us to. It definitely should not be taxed like tobacco.
They should be encouraged, sticking vapers out with smokers is not right, they are wanting to get away from that bad smoke, not get back into it.
We need real research to find out, if any, if there are long term health problems associated with vaping.
Children are attracted to anything adults do. I hope parents who vape keep that in mind and that we don’t need the government to babysit our own children for us.
Some companys do have their ingredients on the bottle and if not f your at a shop they will tell you and if that doesnt work all of them have websites with their ingredients name 1 tobacco company that does that
As I view ecigarette as harm reduction I think high taxes would be unfair to the people that are using these products to better them selves. Cost savings are one of the many benifit a of e cigarettes.
Clearer labelling, crackdown on liquids/ingredients from Asia with poor quality control
Vapers should not be treated as smokers. Especially when they designate we use our products in the same area as smokers! The exact smell and harmful stuff we are trying to get away from!
Juice makes should be regulated and have inspections to make sure the cleanliness is there along with ingredient percentage control.
I do not want anything that will give Big Tobacco or Big Pharm an advantage. This is a relatively harmless hobby and it also creates a strong small business eco-system. I support local vape shops (MyVaporStore in Queens and Henley Vaporium in Manhattan) to help small business. I also like the creativity that goes into making these devices and premium e-liquids (and premium e-liquids cost a lot less than my American Spirits Yellows)
The e-liquids must be made with high quality products, in a clean room with testing to make sure it’s the safe.
I am mostly concerned that the government wants to treat e cigs like tobacco, which they are not. I believe the big cigarette companies are jealous of the booming new industry!
I look at this as a tool for quitting cigarettes, therefor I also think that it should hold the same age as for bying cigarettes.
E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids should be regulated as an adult use, at-your-own-risk consumer product. Beside common sense labeling of ingredients and nicotine content for juice/cartridges, and safety regulations on battery parts no further regulation is necessary other than a prohibition of sale to minors.
Bad science being accepted by the media and legislators. Obvious conflicts of interest by legislators and regulatory boards. Lack of strong and widely popularized pro-vaping main-media coverage. Pro-vaping celebrities treat the topic of vaping as though it’s abortion or gun control. They’re hesitant to just stand up and declare themselves vapers and praise the technology as the lifesaver it is.
I’m worried about people over regulating and not letting the industry completely develop based in fear of the unknown. False reports of formaldehyde or anti freeze in e juice doesn’t help. None of those chemicals are in e juice.
True education needs to be in place. IT IS NOT SMOKING and should not be treated as such.
Too much regulation will just allow a few big companies to come in and take over the 4 billion dollar industry and ruin it. There needs to be a middle ground. I have been impressed with the level of self regulation. Testing of Ejuices should be done by manufactures and made available to all. child proof caps and labeling. But that is about it. No huge taxes!!!!!!!!!
I want to continue to vape and I want others to be able to discover vaping in the future, so for these reasons I think we need to be responsible with our marketing, follow “common sense” when it comes to packaging, and make it clear to all that it is not a tobacco product, and so should not be taxed as a tobacco product.
As long as we are responsible with when we use them, public use shouldn’t be an issue, but you’re always going to have the one asshat in the crowd. As far as taxes go, in Idaho the tax is figured by the ounce, so it would be pennies per bottle here.
Kind of point less. Most of these thing are already done. By vapors for vapors. .
I don’t have any concerns, all I know is that vaping got me off cigarettes, I’m delighted with this path that I have chosen.
In order the keep the industry viable, there has to be a consistent high degree of standards in the hardware an e-liquids manufactured and sold.

Every company needs to be committed to excellence.

There has to be continuing on-going effort to educate the public and especially health organizations and government. They seem to make and base decisions on poor science and hearsay.

I think that personal vaporizers (the market should have used this term since its inception)are the most important technological breakthrough for smoking cessation ever created.

Perception is reality and kids using PV’s sets off a negative stigma. Although I do not condone kids using them, I would rather they try PV’s than tobacco (or alcohol or drugs for that matter)

Its not a cigarette, don’t treat it like one.
Some quality assurance is needed beyond the guy behind the counter at the vape shop saying we only buy a certain quality of liquid.
Regulations should be sensible. This is about harm reduction.
I am disgusted that local government/health canada treat e-cigs like cigarettes, yet asthma inhalers and nicorette inhalers use the same ingredients and are fine to use according to them.

*Shannon Farris’s take:

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CASAA analysis of what will really happen under ecig deeming


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