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Vaping In The News – March 31st, 2018


Vaping In The News covers media stories on smoking, vaping, e-cigarettes, snus, heat not burn, tobacco control, public health, government regulations, policies and more.

“The largest threat to Public Health is an informed consumer.”

FDA WANTS COMMENTS ~ E-cigarettes and the obsolescence of combustion ~ Petition ~ Topeka “Tobacco 21” Ordinance Turned Down by Judge ~ The difference between a snafu, a shitshow, and a clusterfuck ~  The Road To Criminalizing Tobacco Product Users ~ Chef Stan’s Cookbook ~  U.S. Health Groups File Suit To Expedite More Smoking ~ An Open Letter ~ Rethinks Attitude… ~ Keep Smoking We Need The Money ~ California Catastrophe ~

FDA wants comments

Comments are being accepted on the regulation of flavors….on their (in my opinion) already decided rules.

Submit yours, then have everyone in your email list do it as well. Then, have them have everyone on their email list do that as well…

Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products

E-cigarettes and the obsolescence of combustion

“…substantial proportions of the population wrongly believe that e-cigarettes are as dangerous as combustible cigarettes…. Unfavorable press coverage, negative campaigns by e-cigarette opponents, and lack of training of health professionals may explain this situation.”

E-cigarettes and the obsolescence of combustion

Topeka “Tobacco 21” Ordinance Turned Down by Judge

Adult choices are adult choices. I wonder why the “Tobacco 21” movement isn’t going state by state rather than each individual local city/town… 50 times rather than hundreds of times… publicity – public opinion – wasting valuable time for those opposed?

A #CrankyOldBroad whispered in my ear – if they get the towns, they can manipulate the states… and most – if not all – of these “Tobacco 21” moments are including e-cigarettes… take all the time you need with that…… Either way, Topeka said “NO“.

Topeka “Tobacco 21” Ordinance Turned Down by Judge


Reject Proposed 75% Tax on NJ Vapor Industry – it’ll take you less than 2 minutes.

Reject Proposed 75% Tax on NJ Vapor Industry

Directly related:

Have you ever wondered WHY they wanted to classify nicotine as “tobacco”? Because smokers paid that tax, not tobacco companies. Now, not that I like smokers still paying tax, I DON’T. Not any more than liking people NOT smoking paying the tax.

However, because they can impose tobacco taxes on a NON-tobacco product like e-liquid…. (and tops, and batteries according to National Tobacco Day)

Nothing says #KeepSmokingWeNeedTheMoney, #PonziScheme and “return on investment” like bonds that “were based on assumptions that cigarette smoking declines would not exceed 4 percent annually.”

Sounds like it’s about health, eh? 👇

New Jersey to refund junk tobacco bonds for $3.2 billion of high-grade paper

Kentucky is doing the same thing.

Tobacco taxes are just part of the conversation…. We have holes in state revenue that we have to fill. How we do that is going to be how we get out of the session.”

Sounds like it’s about health, eh? 👇

Kentucky lawmakers meet privately with tobacco lobbyist as cigarette tax discussions continue

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The difference between a snafu, a shitshow, and a clusterfuck

This explains the nature of the e-cigarette fight to a “T”.

I don’t normally use “cuss” words on my blog – because it seems to me I can get my point across without them – allowing new readers to see the point and cuss themselves….

Also, this would be the first time I’ve had all out “PG” rating to a link on my blog, and because of the nature of it, I’m happy to do so.

The difference between a snafu, a shitshow, and a clusterfuck

The Road To Criminalizing Tobacco Product Users

Sounds like it’s about health, eh? 👇

The Road To Criminalizing Tobacco Product Users

Chef Stan’s Cookbook

Again…. overcooked!

Chef Stan’s Cookbook

Anti-Vaping Groups Sue the FDA to Reinstate the 2018 PMTA Deadline

Recommended reading from Jim McDonald here:

Anti-Vaping Groups Sue the FDA to Reinstate the 2018 PMTA Deadline

And Carl:

Anti-Tobacco Groups Sue FDA Over Vape Ban Timing. But Why?

U.S. Health Groups File Suit To Expedite More Smoking

Admittedly, Jim and Carl were better, now via… me:

U.S. Health Groups File Suit To Expedite More Smoking

An Open Letter

Via David Dorn

An Open Letter to PHE and other “supporters” of ecigs and TRR. (Tobacco RISK Reduction)

AND from David:

David was someone who emailed me early on while conducting my survey (2014) explaining I had nicotine strength (and addiction) all wrong… I didn’t have any higher than 24… he explained strengths went higher…much higher. He explained why.

From the “pleasure principle” to many other things, I learn from this man, I appreciate this man.

Rethink attitudes…

Californian Catastrophe

In the world of funny, this is sad, and this is funny. Not because I was one mentioned within –  because it shows the power of a headline and the lack of intelligence from anyone immediately involved taking it upon themselves to jump on the stupidity bandwagon… and this is why we can’t have nice things.

It is also why, when I as a consumer, do not understand something, I ask someone smarter than I am to explain it. Of course, that practice is evidently not a familiar thing to do among professionals….they just toss it out and… well, I’ve taken up way too much of your time:

Californian Catastrophe

Please, tell the FDA what you think.

flavors adults alone.JPG

If you own a vape shop and have photos that I can use of customers who are trying to switch, or have switched similar to the one above, please email me directly with those (and the legal ability to use them) to

Add names – company name –  number of years the customer smoked, flavor chosen…etc… and any credit you may want for the photo as desired.


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Tobacco Harm Reduction For Life


Medical, Research, Science Professionals:



E-Cigarette Politics 

A Billion Lives

A Billion Lives


Your comments are NEVER filtered, always encouraged and welcome on this blog. There is definitely more to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.



Vapers Claiming Side Effects Of ECigs – Despite VEHEMENT Efforts Of Stunned Experts!


With any “treatment” to stop smoking, there seems to be side effects.

E-Cigarette users are clearly explaining below what effects they are experiencing with their use of this product.

The question is VERY clear to the participant .

With the question comes an answer.


Did you notice any NEGATIVE health or side effects once you were off tobacco using an e-cigarette?

Some reported more of this in their system.

There are some very clear and candid answers below.

These responses are unedited from around the world.


  • There was a period with lots of coughing, and my gums where hurting. Turns out I had a lot of flim in my lungs, and my teeth and gums where reacting to increased bloodflow. Made me sceptical for a second, but got over it. NO REGRETS!

  • If anything I found my an increase in health. My breathing has increased with less coughing, my sense of smell had returned and I can smell things I never thought I could, and my sense if taste has come back so things taste way stronger (sugars and things are more sweet or tart)

  • I am purging toxins from smoking tobacco for 29 yrs. I did not experience withdrawals upon Vaping, quitting Tobacco the same day. In the first week of Vaping I know I lost 2-3lbs, this not expected. All is a process of recovery, and for the first time in my life, I am winning. I will not touch another Tobacco cig, the thought of smoking a cig makes me want to vomit.

  • The only negative effects were those associated with quitting smoking, coughing and expelling whatever had accumulated in my lungs over years of tobacco use.

  • In fact I have been getting a biannual medical for the last 18 years, my lung function was slowly but surely declining until I started ecigs, my first medical was after a year and three quarters of vaping and my lung function is fully restored and thats official.

  • Quitting smoking made my gums inflame and bleed, hidden gum infection was able to come forward with the returning blood flow after quitting. First 4 days i had bad withrawl even with extra strong nicotine levels, that made me doubt the nicotine as the addictive ingredient in a tobacco cigarette.

  • When I smoked tobacco I used to get out of breath with moderate excercise. When is started e-cigs I coughed frequently in the beginning, I think this was my body getting rid of the tar from tobacco in my lungs. The coughing stopped after a few months.

  • Infact, 6 months AFTER I started vaping (25 years after I started smoking), I was required to undertake a medical by my then employer, one of the tests was a lung capacity test, I scored well above average for a 42 year old man that had smoked for 25 years, actually, I scored as high as an 18 year old non-smoker, I think that pretty much proved the validity of vaping to me.

  • There were multiple positive, and some unanticipated, health effects of not smoking. Some temporary negative health effects of stopping smoking but mainly due to the fact that there are so little information of what happens when you stop smoking.

  • Only side effects associated with quitting cigarettes and ridding my body of 38 years of smoking. Once my body purged all that poison I only saw improvements. I am now able to walk 10 miles/day without being out of breath. No longer need an inhalant for asthma, and being able to walk helped in a variety of other health issues, so plusses all around

  • Heavy cough in the first 2 weeks, as the lung were “cleaning” themselves. Did also experience what is called “vapor fatigue, or vapor tongue”. someday taste just decided to stop. All flavors were completely muted. I freaked out a bit, went to a forum then again, community helped. Guy explaining what was happening. Followed the advices, taste was back in 2 days.

  • My feet & knees ache sometimes after taking up running. If I was still smoking I’d never be able to run 5 miles every other day. *snark*

  • My heart pains, shotness of breath and overall health seemed to improve dramatically. I had a time I could barely walk a few blocks without being winded .. now I walk my dog for an hour or two with zero issue.


  • I feel completely better, no coughing , don’t smell, more willing to get up and do things, like exercise, so many advantages from vaping compared to smoking. It’s a no brainer but the government don’t want us to vape cause they are loosing money, they want us to smoke, for there tax on tobacco. All this gateway stuff is rubbish, just trying to get vaping banned, don’t get me started. It’s a conspiracy by the powers that be to make stuff up about vaping, they don’t want people in authority saying it’s safe to vape.

  • Actually quite the reverse. Didn’t think because I dipped that I wouldn’t have or wouldn’t notice any differences after I quit dipping. I did though notice my taste and smell are much better now than when I was dipping. Haven’t smoked in a long time its been 5 years since I stopped smoking cigars, 20 years since I quit cigarettes. Just figured cause I dipped there wouldn’t be any changes, oh but there were.

  • I still have a bad ‘smokers cough’ from years of smoking damage. I now cough up a clear mucas in the mornings. It is unclear if this is Glycerine etc from Vaping, or mucas from an overproduction of mucus from lung damage/COPD

  • The tar leaving my lungs finally in phlegm form as a result of healing is not an issue to me.

  • The first 2 weeks, I started coughing quite a lot, and my gums started bleeding when brushing my teeth. Found out that was common when you quit smoking. Dry skin, dry throat, pimples appearing (despite my age). All negative side effects have vanished within 2-3 weeks.

  • My general health has improved massively, I get very few cold viruses now. I cycle to work and back every day. I have lost weight, It has been one of the most positive things I have ever done health wise.

This information in this blog is provided to you to make an INFORMED decision about your choice to end your tobacco use.

Look to the left and right for organizations & blogs – who are worldwide and there for you.

Join an organization. Be aware. Be active. MAKE some NOISE.

If you’re on the fence about vaping, there’s MILLIONS of experienced vapers worldwide who can help you if you’re still unsure.

Added 02/02/17


PG Allergy & Sensitivities: Diagnosis and Solution!


WHERE are the dangerous side effects the experts claim? The propaganda and misinformation efforts worldwide is ASTOUNDING from people and organizations who are AGAINST tobacco. I’ll type that again. The people below are against smoking. Tobacco.

You’d think the expert would be correct, done research and giving the BEST advice for anything they’re claiming expertise IN.

I digress. They’re not experts. Vapers are. WE who USE these devices KNOW what we experience.

Before we journey into the abyss of misinformation by these “experts” in health, medicine, tobacco control and idiocy in “journalism”…

let me explain the


With a photo.

In the United States, there’s this:


UPDATE 4/24/16

Former FDA Commissioner Charged in RICO Lawsuit

But wait a minute, Kevin! If they’re against tobacco, wouldn’t they be FOR e-cigarettes? That would be insane!

Well, my fair weathered friend, let me assure you

“I am not just another pretty face”.


By U.S. standards,

I say they ARE breaking the law.

The R.I.C.O. Act, for example.

Lawmaker says anti-tobacco agency may be breaking law by opposing vaping

Lets start off with JUST a FEW examples of what is considered at least irresponsibility with misinformation by people who “should” KNOW BETTER, and by my standards, breaking the law, shall we? I’ll call them “Defendants”.

Simon Chapman “Tobacco Control” experts …is just one of my favorites:


Dr. Gounder can’t do research:


A Tobacco Control Organization…


Another fine example of stupidity:


The Mechanic’s View

“Professor” Stanton Glantz:




Politicians. No different. Same lack of standards.

Senator Mark Leno:


CDC Director Tom Frieden lying about inflated numbers using “children” incessantly.

Three times on the same day?




The LGBT HealthLink twitter account deleted this –

one of the most irresponsible tweets or claims I’ve ever seen:


Another claim… yet no proof.


I added this in for the entertainment value, the SENIOR MANAGER of SCIENCE POLICY communications at the American Association for CANCER research can’t find RESEARCH.


Steven Chester?

Some flunkie from Denver.

I think he is a writer – don’t know -he blocked me.

Oh…. lookie there…. He’s an expert, too.


The insidious claims still being circulated around the world by “experts” are just that.


VapeMeStoopid has a running and STUNNING

list of idiots here well worth the visit.

Well, do they want citizens uninformed to keep smoking?

Why would they do that? Revenue.

Plausible Deniability.

They’re still USINGChildren” and “Long Term”.

Aren’t you all dead yet from vaping?



Added 3/17/16:

Ecigs Health Effects R Cranfield Nov 24 2015.pdf

From the last survey:

Nicotine Reduction Therapy, What’s really safe? The Truth & Perspective on the Gum, Patch & Drugs Over E-Cigs.:

Here are the “Side Effects” vapers spoke of on the last survey

For Scientific Research on E-Cigarettes Click Here.

Medical Professionals know better and ARE here in support of e-cigarettes at M.O.V.E.

Here is Public Health England on E-cigarettes:

Public Health England Ecigarettes_an_evidence_update_A_report_commissioned_by_Public_Health_England(6)

There is something coming… it’s a documentary. A Billion Lives. I’m SURE the defendants above aren’t looking forward to this.

I am.

The fight isn’t over. It’s only just begun.

Here they are on Twitter:


Their Website:

Here, added for importance 12/13/15

“Popcorn” lung came up again in the news.

I suggest a tall glass of liquid to hydrate due to the high salt

The WONDERFUL folks over at Vapers.Org.UK

released a Special Edition on 12/12/15:

I suggest a tall glass of liquid to hydrate due to the high salt content!

A Bucket Of Popcorn.

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As always, more to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.