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FDA Ignores Improving Health with E-cigarettes



Isn’t there enough ‘proof‘ for anyone to understand smokers who’ve switched to e-cigarettes are improving their health? Is it acceptable for professionals to withhold information about risks? Why are professionals unable to tell the truth?

I’m telling you e-cigarettes are a safer, healthier, smoke-free choice to combustible cigarettes. It is an alternative for smokers who want to quit. Nothing more, nothing less.

I’m saying smokers who have chosen e-cigarettes found their health situation(s) improving dramatically.

warning exist

Improvements In Health

Imagine noticing your chronic cough is gone. Imagine reducing or eliminating asthma, bronchitis and blood pressure medicines.  Improving health conditions and benefits are nothing new. Isn’t it time for public health “experts” and government “officials” to use common sense? To listen? They certainly aren’t assessing their strategy properly. Imagine what the long-term benefits will be if they did.

When will the Food and Drug Administration stop using “children” and “flavors” as an excuse to restrict this product from smokers? When will we use the phrase “e-cigarettes are safer” without conjecture? They are not informing the public properly.

“If you could take every adult smoker and fully switch them to e-cigarettes, that would have a substantial public health impact.” Dr. Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner

Despite heavy speculation in the media, unreliable “experts” in public health – and an all out “war” by the FDA to regulate, restrict, tax and ban a device that works, there are significant and life-changing health improvements in users.



In December of 2014, I asked questions – over 7,000 people from 72 countries explained their experience with e-cigarettes. 42% stopped smoking in one day. 75% stopped within a month. 83% of participants were smokers for 20 or more years.

Below are just a few of those unedited statements. You can find every answer and comments left here or below.

vts #7

• I was diagnosed with asthma after smoking for 30 years. I attempted yet again to stop smoking using all of the approved NRT methods and again failed miserably. 6 months after my last cigarette, my doctor confirmed that my asthma is gone. No more inhalers, and I can climb mountains again.

• Bronchitis symptoms disappeared within a week of transitioning. My allergies have been virtually nonexistent. And the nicotine helps prevent my migraines without prescription medication.

• I have started to notice playing with my children has become much easier because im not out of breath.

• Many tests confirm health improvement

• About 2 weeks after I started vaping and stopped smoking I felt much better, and I noticed it first in my lung capacity.

• No chest rattles Much better breathing Faster recovery from heavy exertion

• I chain smoked. Pack – 2 packs a day. Since quitting smoking and now vapor, my breathing is definitely great. No more wheeze, no more cough. Haven’t had bronchitis or cold in almost 3 years. More energy. Even my skin looks better. I now do treadmill 2-3 miles a day. 🙂 I don’t smell like stale smoke. My family will have me around for a long time.

• All around I FEEL 200% better than when I smoked cigarettes and my physical capabilities are like they were 10-15 years ago, rather than being limited like they were at the end of my smoking days.

• I play football (soccer) once a week and used to struggle with getting short of breath, I can noticeably go much longer periods in games without the need of a “breather”

• I can breathe! I started bike riding. I can walk, ride, climb a hill, and even hold a conversation while doing so! I feel so liberated!

• While I am enjoying feeling better, such as no smokers cough, returning flavor of foods etc, I worry if I didn’t wait too late to stop. • Improvements in my health across the board.

• Like I said I was in the middle of a lot of medical problems and the told me that smoking cigs slows down the healing process so I talked to my Dr. and he said vaping was much better than smoking.

• I felt as smoking no restrictions. But while jogging, I noticed that breathing was better.

• When my roommate quit smoking my asthma (which is exercise induced) was a controlled normal peak flow volume averaging 225 liters per hour at rest, because he was smoking over a pack a day in my presence. When he quit my peak flow volume average increased to 340 liters per hour at rest. When I started vaping my peak flow volume increased again to an average of 455 Liters per hour at rest. I still have asthma, but it’s not exacerbated by being around tobacco smoke every day. All measurements are using a portable peak flow meter, which I use to determine if I’m having an asthma attack and need to medicate. I have not had to use my rescue inhaler at any point since starting vaping other than when I was sick with an upper respiratory infection in which my lungs were infected.

• I had been sick with URIs at least 4 times a year in each of the previous 10 years living with smokers. This last year I’ve only had one cold and it was a sinus infection and not bronchitis as all the others had been. Much better breathing overall. As my asthma is exercise induced I still have asthma, but I can do more even while exercising, than I could when I lived with a smoker instead of a vaper, and when I wasn’t vaping myself.

• I had asthma and I smoked (stupid I know) after i quit about 3 months I can breath again I have not used my rescue inhaler for a while

All 1,199 unedited comments are here in PFD form

Health benefits you’ve noticed since vaping


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Vaping In The News – November 18th, 2017



Sarah Jakes, Ecig Summit Keynote speech ~ Public Health’s Useful Idiot ~ Health impact of E-cigarettes ~ This is Why Tobacco Control Should not be Trusted ~ MN Groups Abuse Government Process In Attempt To Raise Vaping And Smoking Age ~ Quit Methods ~ Content analysis of homeless smokers’ perspectives on established and alternative smoking interventions. ~ California Smokers’ Helpline

This is Vaping In The News for the week ending November 18th, 2017


This tweet, and the link to Sarah’s Keynote speech will speak for itself.

Keynote speech:

Sarah Jakes keynote speech at the E-Cig Summit 2017

Public Health’s Useful Idiot.

Paul can be, well… a loveable guy. He’s kind enough to point out the usefulness in idiots!

Public Health’s Useful Idiot

This is Why Tobacco Control Should not be Trusted

Kevin Price & David Goerlitz explain in terms even a tobacco control expert could understand.

This is Why Tobacco Control Should not be Trusted

MN Groups Abuse Government Process In Attempt To Raise Vaping And Smoking Age

Carl V. Phillips. ‘Nuff said.

MN Groups Abuse Government Process In Attempt To Raise Vaping And Smoking Age

Quit Methods Used By American Smokers, 2013-2014

No matter how they slice the patches and gums…

Quit Methods Used by American Smokers, 2013–2014

Health Impact

Denial in any form is denial.

This. DON’T Miss THIS.

Health impact of E-cigarettes: a prospective 3.5-year study of regular daily users who have never smoked

Content analysis.

Content analysis of homeless smokers’ perspectives on established and alternative smoking interventions.

California Smokers’ Helpline Marks 25th Anniversary

I tweeted the account that was bragging, asking a direct question.

Nothing to see, move along.

California Smokers’ Helpline Marks 25th Anniversary

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A Billion Lives

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Organizations & Politicians LIE about E-cigs. It’s a business decision.




In the never-ending onslaught of misleadings articles about vaping, this one,  by Maggie Fox  (Senior health writer @NBCNewshealth Science/Health/Tech)  was titled: “E-Cigarettes should be a last resort, heart doctors say“. There is clearly a discrepancy or three in this one. There are no mentions of any heart doctors in the article , instead the title guides the reader straight into the American Heart Association.  It is possible to assume crack staff  writer Maggie may not know the difference between heart doctors and the the AHA? A quick search doesn’t show Nancy Brown is a heart doctor. I could be wrong.

Please continue smoking:

According to the article, the  AHA, evidently, would prefer smokers to keep smoking  – and if you must, only try e-cigarettes as a last resort. CEO at the AHA, Nancy Brown states “the FDA should HURRY UP and regulate them”. We don’t want to dilly-dally  with regulations, do we?  Evidently the Heart Association’s intriguing “last resort” thing is a new POLICY. Those funds won’t just appear in the bank on their own, FDA. Hurry up. Toot-suite. Quick, like a bunny – before the public finds out what organizations and politicians are UP TO.

The comfort level must be almost unbearable with the film A Billion Lives due to be released shortly. Once it’s out, the lies will be exposed, and the public scrutiny of regulations will begin. Chop-chop, FDA. They can’t hold their lying breath forever!


Fox takes innuendo to the standard level, eluding to the usual wrong “children” stats (discrepancies are here & here ) while misinforming her readers. There’s the obligatory lie statement from Nancy Brown : “We are fiercely committed to preventing the tobacco industry from addicting another generation of smokers”.  Of course there’s the obligatory lie statement of vaping being a gateway, and nicotine being the root of all evil.

The link in the article – to the lies statement from the American Heart Association – is “not released” and unavailable. So, who are the doctors saying last resort? Brown was quoted in the article, stating “We fear that any additional delay of these new regulations will have real, continuing public health consequences”.

Yes, Nancy Brown, the business decisions you make health consequences are that the public will believe your lies and continue to smoke – since e-cigarettes will be treated the same in your world. Regulation in the form of taxes, is the goal. Remember when LESS smoking was the goal? Milk is not beef, syrup is not wood and nicotine is not tobacco. Deny it all you like, Research does exist, Nancy.


The Lung Association.

The Lung Association, headed by National President & CEO Harold Wimmer, has a business decision stance as well.  Out in California, my pal, Senator Mark Leno – after being defeated with SB140 last year, has revamped his effort to have e-cigarettes “accurately defined as tobacco products”. Olivia Gertz – the CEO of California’s chapter of the Lung Association is found here gloating stating she’s “proud to co-sponsor” legislative efforts with her business decision “to increase the state’s dismal national ranking in tobacco taxes“,  where they also mentioned the obligatory youth and health lie statements like above, yet taxes are the goal….

Bear with me as I’ll babble incessantly for your amusement:

Dismal ranking, Olivia? Embarrassed much? You’re worried about appearances? Is this a mirror check? LESS tobacco tax revenue = LESS smoking. That’s from all those vapers NOT smoking. Um, You’re WELCOME? Remember when organizations wanted us to NOT smoke?  Didn’t anyone plan properly for a drop in revenue from the “tobacco control efforts” over time taking the credit? SURPRISE. We’re doing YOUR job as well.


Now, as SFATA pointed out, former smokers  who use e-cigarettes – along with the tax in California – and believe me, this will be EVERYWHERE:


That’s not acceptable.

Sorry, didn’t mean to yell. Who’s in charge? Where is the evidence and science to arbitrarily make things up? WHERE are the leaders? Why aren’t more in “public health” acting like Jim? Who will be the last organization standing? They are lying. They are making business decisions. If they have their way, they both will be. The AHA and the ALA were once well respected organizations within America. They once put their efforts towards helping people stay healthy (and educated, supposedly) in the minds of millions. Now they’re choosing instead to lie recoup millions of dollars in revenue, a day, keeping their business decisions and lies motives at bay to the general public at any cost. Their business decisions are now costing lives.

These (many) organizations who are now placing themselves squarely in the middle of the ring, hell bent on convincing the public they are fighting the good fight on vaping. Their only goal is to L I E to keep pressure on public opinion with the ONLY goal of “regulating” e-cigarettes for the sole purpose of keeping themselves in BUSINESS with tax revenue.

Accountability cannot come soon enough.



You, as an individual MUST be aware of what’s going on:

Inform yourselves.


Your favorite online or brick & mortar retailer MUST be making every effort to keep you COMPLETELY informed of these issues.

If they aren’t a member of a state or national organization FIGHTING for THEIR business, I strongly suggest you find another place to do business.


Please, blow social media UP. Tell your non-smoking – non-vaping friends & family members they are being LIED to by these organizations and politicians worldwide.

TELL them about A Billion Lives.


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My challenge to ANY public health professional that nicotine is not addictive on it’s own.


E-cigarette Research is HERE.

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How You Vape. Are you a lung or mouth inhaler?


While we assume that most cigarette smokers inhale, is this true of vapers?

Please let us know how YOU vape:

87 people, from 11 countries ! 🙂

This is quietly dedicated to one person. I love intriguing questions. I’m all about learning.
This one, done “undercover” & without any fanfare, didn’t get a lot of responses, but I didn’t “push” it. I didn’t tweet it like crazy. Just a few times and let it go. It was such a great question I decided to use a different style of survey to see if it would find it’s own way to the vaping world.
That experiment failed enormously as far as “how far will it go” which was fine. It seemed there was no real interest once I “put it out” a few times, an answer here, an answer there, so I’ve retired this on its own, but absolutely is intriguing enough to be added to my next survey.

Before we go any further, the lung effects with Bernd Mayer are here and with Dr Farsalinos here.

Also on the survey, “anecdotal”: I can breathe again

The question posed:

While we assume that most cigarette smokers inhale, is this true of vapers? Please let us know how YOU vape:

— I draw vapor into my mouth, and then into my lungs, and then exhale: 54.02%
— I do both:  20.69%
— I draw vapor directly into my lungs and then exhale: 17.24%
— I draw vapor into my mouth, and then exhale without inhaling: 8.05%


I’m in the “I draw vapor into my mouth, and then into my lungs, and then exhale” crowd, thanks for asking.


If you haven’t seen The Vaping Truth Survey Final Analysis, Here it is

If you haven’t seen @vapedupgaming ‘s AWESOME survey results, go SEE them: It was not mine, it was his, here are his results: Nicotine Flavor Survey, Here it is.

I just released this survey. It’s on the blog here:

Health Care Professionals & E-Cigarettes Survey

Or on it’s own without the blog here: Health Care Professionals & E-Cigarettes Survey

Please DON’T take it unless you’re in one of these fields:

Any Medical Professional worldwide is encouraged to take this survey about E-cigarettes. Doctors, Nurses, Researchers, Surgeons, Pharmacists, Specialists, Technicians, Dentists, Assistants,Tobacco Control & Smoking Cessation Experts are encouraged.

I’m not looking for just the people who are in favor, I’m looking for the one’s who are not. Everyone and anyone in those fields. I’ve tweeted directly TO Simon Chapman & Stanton Glantz. They can choose to take it, share it or ignore it just like everyone else. I’m not looking to get “one side”. You’d think I would since I vape…. well, no. I want the truth, just like research. Nothing more, nothing less.

There IS another survey, NOT mine, many have encouraged it including Doctor Konstantinos Farsalinos. (He’s the face of I took it, the maker has been questioned I believe a few times, and was encouraged by them as well.

Your Perceptions and Experiences of Using Electronic Cigarettes

Finally, not a post goes live without M.O.V.E. If you don’t know about M.O.V.E. You need to!

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