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Vaping In The News – November 17th, 2018


Vaping In The News covers media stories on smoking, vaping, snus, heat not burn, e-cigarettes, exposing tobacco control, public health, government, regulations, policies and more worldwide.

“The largest threat to Public Health is an informed consumer.”

Youth tobacco and nicotine use – proportionate and responsible reaction ~ Lunar Rover ~ First Annual VapinGreek Consumer Advocate Award ~ Juul, because Juul ~ Nicotine and children ~ The political economy of vaping ~ VTA Executive Director, Tony Abboud, joins CNBC’s Power Lunch ~ FDA to Announce Ban on Sale of Most Cigarettes ~ Kids As Clickbait ~ Cranky Old Broad ~ Employers to discriminate against smokers

Youth tobacco and nicotine use – proportionate and responsible reaction

Written and submitted by

  • Thomas J. Miller: Attorney General of Iowa
  • David B. Abrams, Ph.D.: Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences, NYU College of Global Public Health
  • Clive Bates: Director, Counterfactual Consulting, Former Director, Action on Smoking and Health UK
  • Thomas J. Glynn, PhD: Adjunct Lecturer, School of Medicine, Stanford University
  • Lynn T. Kozlowski, Ph.D.: Professor of Community Health and Health Behavior
  • Raymond Niaura, PhD: Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • David Sweanor: Chair of Advisory Board of the Center for Health Law, Policy and Ethics

Youth tobacco and nicotine use – proportionate and responsible reaction

Lunar Rover

I would like to proudly announce and personally welcome LUNAR ROVER | Premium eLiquid as a sponsor to my blog. They not only produce cocktail and fruit flavors, they also have a range of tobacco flavors ranging from 0-18 strength.

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If you didn’t know, Lunar Rover also sponsors Phil Busardo’s Taste Your Juice and Phil and Dimitris’s Smokers Show.


Speaking of Dimitris, I’m proud to have been honored with the first annual VapinGreek Consumer Advocate Award during the Vape Expo in Las Vegas last week – and was taken by complete surprise when it was presented by one of the very people I admire.  (Thank you also to Bill Tarling for telling me to watch it – but not telling me why).

In the vast and varied world of what is the ‘vaping community’, inspiration can come from many. One person I’ve listened to is Dimi on various platforms of advocacy since early 2015. I found a voice within the United States with educated opinions, predictions and warnings of the what was going on in the industry, explaining to consumers (me) what was going ON. I found someone who was “calling out those who attempt to stifle the truth” of something I personally fight for. No holds barred. Affiliations and status don’t matter.

My sincerest thanks to Dimitris for recognizing me in such a way – and creating an award to honor consumers in the future just like me. I’ve met a few of you. There are a lot of us.

Thanks also to Mike Peterson of ‘Vaping and the Mic’ for capturing the video of Dimitris presenting this award here.

Juul – because Juul.

If I were still smoking and it were the first experience to try, it would have worked on throat hit alone. I also understand why Juul attained the lions share of and threaten the “cigalike” market.

Just because ‘you’ don’t like Juul doesn’t mean they don’t work. This is my friends’ son below. I’ve known him his whole life. By his choice, I gave him a Juul a few weeks ago. HIS unsolicited testimony is exactly what shops need to be attentive TO – the smoker trying to make an informed choice.

With Gottlieb’s announcement of “voluntary bans” comes an opportunity.

For brick and mortar shops, by restricting or not carrying consumer choices such as starter kits and only low nicotine strengths with high powered (and complicated to some – think of the help asked for in your groups) mods is restricting an adult consumer choice, pleasure, and possible transition to not smoking…

👉JUST like Gottlieb intends to do.


2018 National Youth Tobacco Survey

All the rage, e-cigarette use “among teens” is up. No surprise. In fact, I predicted it last year. I’m not going to link what you probably already know. Instead, I’ll babble a bit. What did they NOT talk about?

E-cigarettes have cut youth smoking by a gazillion percent from 22.7% to 6.3% in 8 years. No one said a word about actual tobacco use… Yet. Still. These are the “things” they’ll need to backpedal on:

  • “E-cigarettes lead to – or are a ‘gateway’ to smoking” – incorrect.
  • “We just don’t know” – incorrect.
  • “They don’t work” – incorrect.
  • “Synar Amendment” – intact.

Of course it’s complicated. Smoking rates at historic lows seize future revenues of funding, grants, state & federal budgets, along with “free” patches, gums, lozenges, prescriptions…and so on. And bullying. Who will take over bullying of smokers? “Think of the children™”.

Remember the “gateway theories” with 3X’s or 5X’s or 7X’s “more likely to smoke” claims innundating your lives. None of these teens have succumbed to smoking? None have gone on crime sprees for patches and gums…

Here’s how I explained it directly to Tobacco-Free Kids.

In a tweet.

I crack me up.

Along with that, I’ll give you the numbers.

Youth "tobacco" rates

Amelia Howard

Nicotine and children

I’ve asked…. “How many children are addicted to patches and/or gums? I’ve asked  the American Academy of Pediatrics and their Presidendt for stats, data case studies (and possible arrest records). They didn’t answer me (!), but Joe Gitchell of Pinny Associates did.

There were “perhaps 2 adolescents may have been never smokers who used NRT”.

Use of nicotine replacement therapy among never smokers in the 1999-2006 National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys.

The political economy of vaping

This is the “should not miss” part of my blog, because this isn’t about health. Or “children”. It is, however:

The political economy of vaping


The Harmful Campaign Against Vaping and E-Cigarettes

VTA Executive Director, Tony Abboud, joins CNBC’s Power Lunch

…and he did it properly.

FDA to Announce Ban on Sale of Most Cigarettes in Convenience Stores Due to Addiction of Hundreds of Thousands of Youth to Cigarettes

Oh boy…………….  I could not have written this better even if I tried.

FDA to Announce Ban on Sale of Most Cigarettes in Convenience Stores Due to Addiction of Hundreds of Thousands of Youth to Cigarettes

Kids As Clickbait: Tobacco Control & Its Unethical War on Vaping

Dr. Glover talks about extremism and exploitation – and – well, defines tobacco control.

Kids As Clickbait: Tobacco Control & Its Unethical War on Vaping

The Cranky Old Broad.

Wait, that’s not it. Skip. Yes. That’s her name. I affectionately and lovingly get away with calling her that. Because she is, but that’s not why you’re here.

Tobacco Harm Reduction Takes a Hit in Minnesota

Lawmaker pre-files bill that would allow employers to discriminate against smokers

DrMA echos my sentiments:

Lawmaker pre-files bill that would allow employers to discriminate against smokers

Lunar Rover thumbnail_624x90

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Shame, Guilt, Fear, Pressure & Refusal. The Former Smoker.


Was there a reason for you to stop tobacco use?

I’ve asked you that very question. Interestingly enough, you’ve answered! Health  reasons and MANY other answers to stop tobacco use from family members having cancer to having children come up.

For this blog specifically, I’ve chosen the ones I felt expressed guilt, shame, pressure or “refusal” to stop tobacco use.


You’ll see that shortly. These are YOUR voices. Your comments.

Keep in mind, we’re vaping. We’ve stopped smoking- for the most part – stopped tobacco use, and the Governments, Public Health & more are all on the boat to criticizing us for NOT smoking.

Imagine how they’re trying to shame, guilt and pressure us AGAIN

for something that is NOT smoking.

I’m doing my best – with your help, to not let that happen.

Was there a reason for you to stop tobacco use?

I’m going to let these answers speak for themselves.



Unedited as you left them, so far – over 2,000 of you from 47 countries around the world are speaking out again.

I’ve chosen but a few comments left on the survey so far.

Needed to stop “stinking”, my selfesteem got too low, withdrew from social settings

was even refused medical treatments while smoking

First time family asked was a bad experience said I would never do it again. Second, girl friend at the time,now she’s my wife, dragged me kicking to a vape shop tried a few flavors in two weeks was able to buy all the stuff needed and was off cigs totally.

I cried myself to sleep MANY nights fearing I would never be able to quit smoking cigarettes

My granddaughter at age 20 months saw me smoke for the first time, March of 2015. I not to smoke inside her parents house, I always went out side. She and I were outside. I was standing 20 feet from her. I was smoking. She squished up her face that she could smell my cigarette and she said, No No, NO gamma, * oh the Shame, I put it out instantly, that I then was god I wish there was a miracle that I could quit! – it came the next month.

For me, my family pleaded with me for years to quit, my wife pleaded with me constantly to at least try to quit. Inside, after failing so many times to quit, I felt hopeless and alone. Dying by my own hand, and felt somewhat left out by the medical community at large. The condemnation by my doctor for still smoking was a sting to me.

How could nobody  understand how much I was affected by the absence of even small doses of nicotine. The rage and mental fuzziness that  I experienced from the total lack of nicotine fell on deaf, or condescending ears. Was it something inherently wrong with me? No, My brain had been forever altered when my mother smoked to term with me, and I was pre-destined for a nicotine addiction. Not my fault, and nothing morally wrong with the consequence of this. I am just one who is in need of nicotine for normal brain function. Vaping offers this to me, with the added benefit of harm reduction.

I was being shamed and guilted into trying to stop by society. I was a second class citizen as a smoker; discriminated against in a way which would be illegal if it were done to any other section of society. I was happier smoking for the perceived benefits of the habit – weighed less, less depressed, less stressed – but hassled endlessly by the anti smoking propaganda.

My children wanted me to quit so i would be around for a long time. Since quitting i am able to play with my kids without getting winded as easily.

I thought I enjoyed smoking, but knew it was not healthy and felt shame that I could not just give it up. I made quit attempts, but I wanted to smoke more than I wanted to stop.

around 1980 -kids were little and many in my peer (church) group did not smoke

I was total that surgeons will not operate on smokers, being obese doesn’t help as well.

My boyfriend and I went too a party one night and we were the ONLY smokers there; everyone else was vaping, we went into our local b&m the next day and made the switch.

i felt dirty using cigarettes.

Due to the constant persecursion of smokers and not being able to smoke anywhere.

The more nagging by government,employers workmates the more determined I was not to quit.

Those are just a FEW examples of what you’ve said. YOUR voices.

I thank you for it.

See Ecigarette Research.Org here

See M.O.V.E. Here.

As always, Keep On Vaping On