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Flavors & E-Cigarettes. Taking Adults AWAY From Tobacco.


Holidays are coming up. Good times. Friends. Family. Gatherings. Social events.

I’ll bet my last tweet, there may, just may, be flavors involved in these festivities. Cookies. Candy. Pies. Cakes.

Grandma’s secret confections.

As a child, I LOVED anise cookies. LOVE them now. Mom doesn’t make them much any more, but MMMmmm. They were made with an anise extract, but damn they were GOOD.

Then along with the above goodies, adults will like alcohol at their respective get-togethers. I’ll bet there’ll be flavors in alcohol as well.

The recent photo below was via Pat McKone of the American Lung Association

liking FLAVOR. Imagine that. Damn adults. Hope that drink wasn’t consumed during official

Lung Association “business”.


Thanks, Jerry!

Part of the success of using e-cigarettes IS a selection of flavors.

No? They’re marketed toward children, they say.

Like my friend and pal, Tom Frieden of the Centers For Disease Control who has no integrity.

cdctomfriedenLike Senators who, despite the word “children”, have been seeing their ponzi scheme crumble. They are figuring out a way to replenish their MSA funds with NON-Smokers.

I want to be VERY clear.

E-cigarettes are not tobacco. They want it to be deemed tobacco.

To restrict, regulate, TAX and possibly ban. They want CONTROL.

They are wanting tax money for their states. It’s NOT about health. it’s NOT about children.

It’s a ploy saying children.

They’re addicting a whole new generation to nicotine, they say, when they lump e-cigarettes in with tobacco.

Well- guess what big tobacco wants to do:


If “big tobacco” has their way, they will keep menthol and tobacco flavors. Nothing else, and like above, they like the regulations…. it benefits them.

Here’s the goal in my opinion of tobacco companies and their play in the e-cigarette market:

#1. Try this e-cigarette. Flavors? NOPE! Just tobacco & menthol. Sorry.

#2. Didn’t work? Wasn’t effective? That’s too bad. Welcome back to smoking!

If children aren’t allowed to buy tobacco – or e-cigarettes, then there are serious problems worldwide with access by both retail shops allowing the purchase of said products, and parenting skills worldwide. Just for a moment, think about that.

If the tobacco control industry was doing it’s JOB by teaching children the dangers of tobacco effectively instead of passively, there would be less smokers eventually if they were DOING their job, and their job would become irrelevant.

The claims to children is actually becoming more dangerous.

Don’t try too hard, tobacco control expert, you’ll find yourself out of a job –

or maybe you could work at a vape shop!


Let us get to adults liking flavors, shall we?

Donuts have flavors. Liquor/Beer/Wine have flavors. Nicorette has flavors. Coffee shops have flavors- latte’s plateas’ fataees…. (sorry – I’m a straight coffee man). Ice cream has flavors….

And what about these adults at the Senate and their claims of children and flavors…

Ronald Reagan LOVED jellybeans. Those had flavors. Ronnie – by some accounts was an adult!

Do adults not like flavors? What about SENATORS?

The Candy Desk.


ADULTS like flavors. Flavors are just a part of the success with e-cigarettes. They take us AWAY from Tobacco.

See Randy’s Survey on Nicotine & Flavors!

I hear you asking – Kevin, with all this going ON, What can I DO?

You can become a member of CASAA here.

You can please SEE THIS NOW.

I asked the question again…..


These are just the last 100 answers. Unedited.

Upon starting E-cigs I used Fruity and Sweet flavour Eliquid as I did not want to associate Vaping with Smoking, I now enjoy Tobacco flavoured as I know The flavour will not draw me back to Cigarettes.
Tuesday, Sep 29th 6:40PM

I think I would have had success without the flavors, but they helped. Another aspect of flavors during the quit process is I didn’t have food in my mouth at all times. Previous quit attempts, I used food to try to ease the absence of cigarettes. But with vaping, it replaced that need to snack. This sounds crazy, but I know overweight people who are addicted to food as bad as I was addicted to cigarettes, and I’ve contemplated if vaping 0 mg would help them.
Wednesday, Sep 23rd 11:29AM

Without that initial, satisfying flavor, vaping could/would have been unappealing.
Sunday, Sep 20th 10:16AM

Daily I typically have 6 different tanks with variety of flavors to keep the taste buds awake !
Sunday, Sep 13th 3:58PM

I made a decision to not use tobacco flavours to best distance myself from cigarettes, a few months after I started vaping I was given a chance and tried a tobacco flavour once so I could compare and decide if I’d made a good decision, I didn’t much like it so it was a good decision.
I have some certain areas of flavours I like more than others but I really like being able to try other flavours to see if I like them more and some flavours don’t work with some other tastes from foods etc so having a choice is very beneficial.

More choice is always a good thing, it allows people to find something they personally like as what they like others quite possibly will not. It would be very bad if we lost that ability to choose flavours like we can now.
Sunday, Aug 16th 3:11AM

Taste is so subjective, I believe it’s very important for a lot of options to exist so each individual can find what works for them in regards to keeping them off of combustibles.
Friday, Aug 7th 11:05AM

I never liked tobacco flavors, I started off with a mocha flavor and as more flavors became available I realized I prefer desert flavors above all others. Apple pie, custards, sugar cookie etc. I don’t believe I could have quit smoking with tobacco only flavors.

Sunday, Aug 2nd 8:43PM

I am a flavor junkie
Monday, Aug 3rd 4:16AM

Flavours in e liquids are what makes this product so successful. At first, most start out with a e-liquid similar to their favourite cigarette brand. Once you move to flavours, the desire to cheat is greatly diminished. Flavours keep us from carving cigarettes, much like personal taste, each person has their own favourite flavour palette. I prefer fruit, dessert and candy flavoured e-liquids. Another person may like custards, or sour type candy flavours.

Friday, Jul 31st 11:26PM

I did not want anything that tasted like tobacco once I decided to stop smoking. I don’t think I would have been able to stop smoking if I did not have the choice of many different flavors. It took a while to find the flavor that was just right for me so that I was able to completely get off of cigarettes.
Wednesday, Jul 29th 10:49PM

Always changing flv
Tuesday, Jul 28th 3:02PM

tobacco flavors are my favorites
Monday, Jul 27th 4:49PM

I tend to gravitate towards different flavors depending on my mood/etc. For example, currently I’m on a fruit kick but a couple weeks ago, I was vaping custards. Variety of flavors is important as many people don’t want to vape tobacco flavored products.

Monday, Jul 27th 3:30AM

without the option of various flavors i dont think i would have been able to stop smoking it took trying several to find one that worked and now i enjoy having choices of flavors.
Sunday, Jul 26th 4:30PM

I started with a tobacco flavor that was absolutely terrible. It took a dragonfruit flavor and a coffee flavor that I rotated back and forth to finally get me to quit.
Saturday, Jul 25th 8:46PM

I never enjoyed the flavor of tobacco! If I had to choose between tobacco flavor and flavorless, I would go with flavorless!
Sunday, Jul 19th 11:12AM

Flavor is key.
Sunday, Jul 19th 9:50AM

screw tobacco
Sunday, Jul 19th 5:43AM

I LOVE the flavor thing. When I was on my trip, I had a vape pen with a berry e-juice. I only had the pen for convenience–not for intentional quitting. I found myself craving the flavored vape, even though I mentally thought I wanted a cigarette at first. When I realized the variety of flavors available, I knew I found a brand new way to enjoy having a vice whereas all the other smoking cessation products are so medicinal or they require the person to stop enjoying themselves. I didn’t start smoking just for the nicotine, and I certainly didn’t start with the expectation that I’d be chain smoking. Ever. I started because I wanted to enjoy an occasional
Saturday, Jul 18th 11:10PM

The flavor that helped made me quit cigarettes was a blueberry honey flavor and the flavor that i vape the most is a pear mint flavor.
Friday, Jul 17th 6:19PM

I love the wide variety of flavors I can obtain. Tobacco cigarettes have only a small handful of options.
Friday, Jul 17th 5:46PM

I hav an every day flavor that is my go to that I have been using for atleast 1.5 years now though I do try new flavors as there may be a new one that I like more.
Monday, Jul 13th 4:45PM

LOVE to try what’s new in flavors. just because I am an adult doesn’t mean I lost my taste buds
Monday, Jul 13th 2:11PM

As the sense of taste returned flavors were the greatest part of vaping and still are. On a side note, I know many users that vape flavors because they are Diabetic and it helps them with cravings.
Monday, Jul 13th 12:55PM

I pretty much have one special flavor I use consistently but get free samples with my orders, which is fun to try. Flavor was a big part of being able to quit.
Monday, Jul 13th 12:37PM

I mostly use the same flavour, but occasionally switch just for a change
Monday, Jul 13th 1:07PM

Flavours helped me enormously. I love trying new flavours. As my taste and sense of smell has returned, flavours are even more important. I’m addicted to flavour!
Monday, Jul 13th 11:54AM

I started with tobacco flavors initially, but found that just increased my desire for a cigarette. Part of wanting to quit smoking was also to get away from the smell. Why would I use a tobacco flavored/smelling e-liquid when I can use grape or raspberry, or other pleasant tasting and smelling e-liquid? I also found that removing the tobacco flavor/smell helped decrease my urge to have a cigarette.
Monday, Jul 13th 9:36AM

I absolutely LOVE the flavors that are available now! I have a major sweet tooth and have found the sweet flavors to not only curb my cigarette cravings but also satisfy my sweet tooth.. I have been able to lose a few pounds because I am not eating junk food as I was with cigarettes.. Another additional benefit? I’ll take it!
Monday, Jul 13th 7:10AM

I mainly use tobacco flavors but sometimes enjoy other flavors for variety.
Monday, Jul 13th 6:31AM

The dissociation of the nicotine intake and the taste and smell of tobacco was vital. I use fruity and bakery type flavors, and now the taste and smell of tobacco is disgusting to me.
Sunday, Jul 12th 10:39PM

I used exclusively tobacco at forster and then moved to fruit
Sunday, Jul 12th 9:19PM

I like my flavors, they are and always have been what keeps me vaping instead of smoking.
Sunday, Jul 12th 7:18PM

I have flavor-ADD. I like switching flavors because it keeps things new and fresh for me. Having a variety of flavors, especially dessert and drink flavors, really helped me get away from tobacco because they tasted so much better.
Sunday, Jul 12th 7:33PM

I’ve stopped smoking. I can’t see myself stopping vsping. Even if it’s 0 nic. It’s kind of like a hobby and I enjoy the clouds and flavour.
Sunday, Jul 12th 7:03PM

I have one or two flavors that I use predominantly, but occasionally “mix it up” – The variety of options makes staying away from tobacco easier.
Sunday, Jul 12th 5:12PM

The variety of good flavors is what helps keep me away from cigarettes.If I were only limited to a few then I would resent the restriction and feel once again as if my choices were being controlled by something other than my own free will.
Sunday, Jul 12th 4:06PM

I love having all the flavors to choose from. I don’t use any that are tobacco flavored. I enjoy having the candy, fruit, and drink flavors. I always have several tanks and several flavors to choose from.
Sunday, Jul 12th 4:42PM

For me…I would go back to smoking without flavirs…Period Full stop
Sunday, Jul 12th 1:57PM

I have 2 or 3 regular flavours but like to try others as often as I can in case I find something I like even more!!
Sunday, Jul 12th 2:19PM

My husband and I now make our own flavors!
Sunday, Jul 12th 2:41PM

I stayed away from ANY tobacco flovored e juice.
Sunday, Jul 12th 2:04PM

Favourite is vimto flavour.
Sunday, Jul 12th 12:50PM

The variety of flavors is what held my interest in the beginning. There is a learning curve to different equipment. I think if flavors were limited there wouldn’t be as big of an incentive to work through all of the fiddling and fixing the equipment
Sunday, Jul 12th 10:50AM

In the beginning, I didn’t want anything that would taste like my smoke. It’s always been about what taste good. I did NOt have much choice when I used fire to smoke. Now I use tobacco flavors as well as other flavors.
Sunday, Jul 12th 7:20AM

Variety of flavors is one the best parts of vaping!! Absolutely!
Sunday, Jul 12th 5:38AM

Once one can taste again, between 3 days and 2 weeks from quitting smoking flavors become extremely important as that is where one derives much of their pleasure from vaping. Restricting people to only menthol or “tobacco” flavors would be detrimental to vapers everywhere.
Sunday, Jul 12th 3:06AM

At the very beginning, Ry4 helped to satisfy the flavor craving for tobacco. Since, I’ve not wanted a tobacco flavor.
Sunday, Jul 12th 12:18AM

I used tobacco, bakery and candy flavors.
Saturday, Jul 11th 9:32PM

I prefer fruit and berry flavors, although I have an arsenal of flavors including dessert, nut and candy flavors that I will occasionally try for a change.
Saturday, Jul 11th 1:23PM

Like many new vapers I had (mistakenly I now realise) thought I would only be able to use an ecig if it was as close to the smoking experience as possible (better the devil you know?) After trying a few different tobacco flavours – none of which tasted anything like real rollie tobacco – moved onto a mix of tobacco and chocolate. Now vape berry and chocolate flavours. It is important to me now after over 1 year of vaping that I do not inhale anything that tastes or reminds me even remotely of tobacco. Have no desire to try confectionery, dessert, menthol, mint, overly sweet or alcohol flavours.
Saturday, Jul 11th 11:10AM

Trying delicious new e liquids is so much fun and has become a hobby/treasure hunt for me find new vapors.
Saturday, Jul 11th 6:28AM

After trying different flavors, I came to realize how nasty tobacco tastes.
Saturday, Jul 11th 1:13AM

When I quit buying tobacco flavors I quit thinking about having a cigarette. Without flavors, I would probably have gone back to tobacco.

Friday, Jul 10th 11:48PM

I love fruit flavours, dessert flavours and the occasional tobacco flavour if it has caramel or vanilla overtones.
Friday, Jul 10th 10:34PM

I have three different flavors a day. and when I change liquid I change flavors. I have about 12 flavors to choose from. some sweet some caramel and some minty fruity.
Friday, Jul 10th 10:13PM

If there wasn´t no flavours I think I wouldn´t be interested. Flavours were the interesting part.
Thursday, Jul 9th 2:23PM

best to get away from tobacco flavour as fast as possible, once done you don’t like the taste of it anymore very fast and wouldn’t dream of smoking a real cigarette
Thursday, Jul 9th 10:03AM

Flavors played/plays a huge part for my sucess!
Tuesday, Jul 7th 11:55PM

I like spice flavors. My big 3 are clove, cinnamon and peppermint. I DIY my own juice, and am thinking about ordering some citrus flavors to see what I can make.
Tuesday, Jul 7th 10:58PM

Flavours are paramount
Sunday, Jul 5th 10:54AM

On day three of this switch, without a fruit flavoured juice, I would have gone back to smoking.
Friday, Jul 3rd 8:50AM

I went straight to the eGo-style vapor pen and my first flavors were vanilla and red cinnamon. I didn’t want anything that looked, felt, smelled, or tasted like a tobacco cigarette!
Tuesday, Jun 30th 8:49AM

Thanks to the flavors of e-cigs, I actually dislike the taste of real tobacco so much now, that I can never enjoy smoking tobacco again.
Tuesday, Jun 30th 3:22AM

Flavors are hugely important. I try 5 or 6 new flavors each month and have 4 regular flavors that I always keep on-hand. Without flavors I do not believe I would have quit smoking.
Monday, Jun 29th 3:10PM

I have my favourite, but I like to try others as well, if I hadn’t been able to try a range of flavours in the shop vaping would never have worked for me, what I like bears little resemblance to what I expected to like.

Sunday, Jun 28th 10:19PM

one of the main factors in me quitting was after being a dual user for a couple of weeks i couldnt handle the taste of a cigarette anymore even my normal brand that i smoked two packs at day of at one point tasted awful to me and since my cravings were taken care of i stopped.
Sunday, Jun 28th 12:40PM

Flavors are the reason I don’t use tobacco
Sunday, Jun 28th 10:34AM

I normally switch between 3 flavors but im always willing to try new ones
Sunday, Jun 28th 10:47AM

Hate tobacco flavors
Sunday, Jun 28th 11:00AM

Flavors are so important. Fact is cigarettes do not taste good to me and that was the first thing I wanted rid of was the taste of one.

Sunday, Jun 28th 9:46AM

Vaping is good and the flavors help alot. Flavors are basically oral fixation that help neglect my craving for cigs.
Sunday, Jun 28th 4:47AM

Mainly mint toffee, don’t do tobacco flavours any more
Sunday, Jun 28th 3:01AM

I stick to the fruity or candy flavors mostly.
Saturday, Jun 27th 11:45PM

Yes we adults do like nice flavours ! Strange that all public health organisations claim it’s all aimed at the kids ! get real people .
Saturday, Jun 27th 10:36PM

Love the choices of flavors & all the different tanks & mods to choose from
Saturday, Jun 27th 9:18PM

I love the candy, fruity, bakery flavored e-liquids.
Saturday, Jun 27th 7:05PM

Lemon Cotton Candy! Who knew? I love it!
Saturday, Jun 27th 2:25PM

I have found that finding the right flavor(s), plus the right nic level allowed me to quit smoking, once and for all.
Saturday, Jun 27th 2:57PM

I like my naturally extracted tobaccos but different flavors help break up the monotony
Saturday, Jun 27th 11:57AM

When I first started I used a tobacco flavor and it was good but it didn’t replicate the flavor of a cigarette completely so it just made me want actual tobacco so I switched to fruit flavors and it was much easier to quit and not think about cigarettes anymore.
Saturday, Jun 27th 10:15AM

I HATE tobacco flavours, they are awful. Hate the tobacco co flavours too, so artificial and nasty.
Saturday, Jun 27th 5:27AM

Vaping a strawberry cream right now. AMAZING. This, and cinnamon rolls are my favorites. Blueberry muffin…
Saturday, Jun 27th 1:19AM

I try out new flavors all the time
Saturday, Jun 27th 12:28AM

I have found both for myself and others that I know, it is much easier to quit on a non tobacco flavor.
Friday, Jun 26th 11:44PM

Reduced flavor over time, now i use almost none flavor.
Friday, Jun 26th 11:38AM

I started out with tobacco flavors, and once I tried fruit and others flavors couldn’t stand the taste of tobacco flavors anymore
Thursday, Jun 25th 8:08PM

One of the best and most immediate results achieved when quitting is not having to taste or smell tobacco smoke anymore.
Thursday, Jun 25th 3:55PM

I found it fascinating that I could vape banana, waffle, cotton candy, and so many others. I have to say that if I could no longer vape them I think it would be a very sad day for me. As if somebody said I could no longer eat my favorite foods and could only eat gruel for nourishment.
Thursday, Jun 25th 1:59PM

I did not stop smoking until I tried cherry flavor. That got me to throw away the cigarettes, now I use lots of flavors everyday

Thursday, Jun 25th 2:37PM

I enjoy vaping many different flavors. If I had only one flavor to vape it would be very boring.
Thursday, Jun 25th 11:37AM

I still have most of a bottle of “tobacco-flavored” liquid going unused, because it tastes awful. It was flavors like grape and caramel apple and vanilla and cupcakes that helped me get past smoking. I don’t think I could have done it without them.
Thursday, Jun 25th 12:18AM

I enjoy bakery, fruit, and drink flavors (coffees and teas mostly)
Thursday, Jun 25th 12:26AM

I ONLY vape FRUIT flavor e-liquids.

I find all others unpleasant including tobacco, menthol, desserts, custards, beverages and candy.
Wednesday, Jun 24th 10:02PM

At first, I used tobacco flavors when I was a dual user but when I quit smoking all together I didn’t want to even taste the tobacco so the variety of flavors made it easy to keep vaping. If I get bored with one I pick another. If I had the small options of cherry, vanilla, tobacco or menthol (like the 1st generations offer) I’d still be smoking cigarettes.
Wednesday, Jun 24th 1:21PM

I switch flavors constantly though the day. I found early to start with switching flavours when I felt like smoking stopped the desire for tobacco. Later I found switching flavours also helped when I got vapers tongue. Vapers tongue is when vaping and it starts to lose flavour.
Wednesday, Jun 24th 7:58AM

Once I find a flavor I love, I keep it with me at all times. If Im searching for the next flavor I’ll keep a few different ones handy.
Wednesday, Jun 24th 9:01AM

I have 3 flavors that I stick with. I do not really go looking for new ones.
Wednesday, Jun 24th 6:32AM

I started with tobacco flavours but now I never use a tobacco flavour which I think helps
Wednesday, Jun 24th 12:32AM

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