I am a consumer. I smoked for 30+ years. I stopped smoking accidentally with vaping. I write from a consumers perspective for consumers, about e-cigarette science, data, organizations, news and more.

My goal, in fact, my passion, is to speak blog to as many people as possible to present a fair, balanced opportunity for a consumer to understand safer alternatives to smoking, how and why they work or don’t. They can then make an informed and educated choice for themselves.

I include survey information, news stories, studies, science and data collected from a variety of sources on different types of “cessation” methods and… blog about them in what has been described by my friends across the pond at Vapers.org.uk:

His gritty distinctive style is ever-readable”.

After almost two years of being smoke-free, I was inspired to create and author “The Vaping Truth Survey” in 2014. This garnered over 7,000 participants worldwide from 72 countries.

I also created (with the help of others) the “Nicotine Addiction: An Open 30-Day Public Health Challenge…” and raised money for the team at ecigarette-research.org.

While no one met the criteria, the results of that challenge (and many links) are here.

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23 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Vaping Links,
    I am contacting you regarding a pro-vape Hip Hop music video I created. My name is Kensho Kuma, an independent artist from the Bay Area, California, and I am intending to spread awareness about vaping through this song. I was hoping that you could consider it for possible blog submission.

    Kensho Kuma x D-Wiz

    If you don’t deal with music videos, I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Kensho Kuma

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  2. Even one of the top medial authorities in the UK has said he believes Vaping is vastly less harmful than smoking and he has recommended it to be used by people who want to stop smoking… Still the EU want to enforce more strict regulations than there is on smoking… There’s a great blog about smoking Vs vaping at infinityvape.

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    1. That study is considered crap by the medical community. It has also never been replicated, which indicates that its a cherry-picked conclusion. Also, the panel contained several members who were accepting payments for e-cigarette companies. How do I know that we are talking about the same study? Because there has only been 1 peer-reviewed study published in the UK which claims vaping is less harmful than smoking. Lancet and BMJ both think its crap, and Lancet published the friggen Wakefield article



    2. If you need to go to blogs to get information, rather than a research database, dont you think you might be exposing yourself to biased research?


  3. Twitter has LOCKED my account, @TommyVape and the site is inaccessible. I was Tweeting to the FDA, AMA, and several health organization when I noticed at least 30 Tweets had piled up and were not being sent. Twitter management are authoritarian, and totalitarian. I like it, but I’m not in to the management. I’ll be on Reddit, ECF, and Gab.ai.


    1. What good do you think tweeting at the FDA will do? Go get an MD, get a license, and do a study. That’s what was done by all these people you are arguing against. You arent even on the same level. And please, dont claim that you are a doctor, I doubt you even have the mental capacity to make that lie believable (judging by the fact that you are supporting this ridiculous idea).


  4. I just stumbled on this site and I thought I might put my “two sense” in. I can safely say that I smoked cigarettes for 40 yrs, then switched to swisher sweet cigars for ten years (price was $3.00 cheaper). So we are talking 50 yrs….of starting,quitting,patches, suicide thoughts from chantix. I started vaping and occasionally smoked for 2 yrs. then just vaped for 1 yr. In the early 2000’s I was introduced to crack cocaine and “they” say giving up crack is the hardest addiction to give up. For me, smoking cigarettes was harder. Chantix was great the best thing they have come up with for cravings for cigarettes if you don’t mind the feeling of wanting to drive your car off a bridge doesn’t bother you. Anyhow, I quit vaping 5 months ago. don’t get me wrong, I still crave, but not like before. Thanks for reading…good luck to all trying to quit.

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  7. Dear Kevin:

    This brief Regulatory Transparency Project video, in which Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, Yale Psychiatrist Sally Satel, and I discuss vaping regulation, may be of interest. A link to the video is:

    Best Regards,

    Roger D. Klein, MD JD


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