Do You Know Nicotine? Addictive. Evil. Life-changing?

The use and consequences of nicotine have been investigated by award-winning Milwaukee filmmaker Aaron Biebert with his latest film, “You Don’t Know Nicotine“. The original release (originally scheduled to premiere in May) will premiere Saturday, September 26th.

The scenario of a full audience inside a theater can not happen, so with ingenuity, it will be shown outside, drive-in style, where social distancing can be adhered to. Following the film, there will be a “question and answer” session held with the director and possibly other members of the crew/cast.

Since the mid-eighties, anti-smoking messages of “nicotine” being addictive and evil have been around (and widely accepted) since I can remember. The most popular description of nicotine (above any other) is that it is dangerous, and “more addictive” than heroin. That’s life-altering.

What is the truth about nicotine? What is being suppressed, and why? Do we know the truth? I’m sure I cannot know everything about nicotine, but I, and the public certainly want deserves to know more. You Don’t Know Nicotine is about to tell the world.

What Are The Questions?

What will we learn from this film?

  • How addictive is it?
  • Does nicotine cause cancer?
  • What does it do to a teenager’s brain?
  • Are there benefits for adults using nicotine?

Good or bad, no matter what I think I know, I want the truth. So with that: I asked:

What is your goal for this film? Here’s his response.

“I want the world to know that issues surrounding nicotine affect more than just those who use it. There are many important issues being discussed right now around the world, but this topic has to be wrestled with in a more thoughtful way. We believe this movie can help jump-start that global conversation. We’re excited for people everywhere to see it.”

Important links:

Website: You Don’t Know Nicotine

Press Kit: You Don’t Know Nicotine – Electronic Press Kit

You can support this independent film: The Film Collaborative

Changing The Conversation

The fact that addiction may or may not be true is now trivial to me but I still want to know many things. Is it ‘hooking a new generation’ or is it experimentation? Is it really dangerous or addictive on its own? What, if any, are the benefits of nicotine?

I have selfish motives for supporting this film and its topic. Not really ‘public’ until now, my wife has Alzheimer’s. I know of research being done with nicotine to fight Parkinson’s and schizophrenia.

I am intrigued, and want to know if nicotine is what we’re told it is: addictive and evil. I also want to know if they are concealing or suppressing life-altering information.

I can’t tell which ‘side’ is right or wrong, and I’m not sure who’s going to appreciate the outcome of this film. With an open mind, maybe we all will.

Good or bad, I am looking forward to the findings of this film even if it may make some (including me) uncomfortable. What I expect from Aaron Biebert and his seasoned team is thought-provoking truth.

Want to know more?

This film premieres Saturday, September 26, 2020.

Website: You Don’t Know Nicotine

Press Kit You Don’t Know Nicotine – Electronic Press Kit

You can support this independent film: The Film Collaborative

Here’s the trailer:

2 thoughts on “Do You Know Nicotine? Addictive. Evil. Life-changing?”

  1. I’m in the UK, so can’t attend the film, but I can’t wait to hear all about it & watch it when it available to all.

    I’m awfully sorry to hear of your wife’s illness. There are some videos on You Tube showing the huge difference cannabis can make. I’ve also, as I’ve come across them, retweeted many comments directed to the FDA about a med, which I think is called something like Norcan or Norcal – I could be wrong about the name, but I think it’s similar. Apparently, FDA have been sitting on approving it for about 10 years, so something to look into if you haven’t already. Very best wishes to you both, Nicki x


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