NGO’s Can’t Quit Lying

While we’re still waiting on President Trump to make decisions on banning flavors of less harmful products, or keeping them on the market, the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) posing as “public health” have no real interest in the health of the public, are politically and financially motivated. They can’t quit lying, and have completely lost their minds.

Credibility and trust is lost

Can they quit lying? I didn’t think I’d have to use their own words against them, but I personally tracked down, quoted, and linked the hard to find (often halfhearted but necessary to voice – just to cover their asses) these comments and positions of these NGO’s and government officials for a reason. THR4Life also took the time explaining to consumers the positions of many of these organizations in a blog called “What consumers need to know“.

WHO will hold these NGO’s accountable?

They KNOW better: E-Cigarettes Are Saving Lives

They KNOW better: Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes

Questionable motive

Now, some have chosen to lose their comprehension of less harm and replace it with fear and hysteria, and here we are.

If it were about smoking and public health, NGO’s would take advantage of the all-time (13.7%) lowest smoking rates EVER by supporting (and making public perception better) the less harmful alternatives like snus and vaping products. Instead, not only are NGO’s lying, they’re telling small businesses (and consumers like you and me) to quit lying. Doing so is misleading the public. Period.

THC deaths and illnesses gave them their only advantage to confuse the public lie to the public with malice. With that, they stretched the lies further by pointing directly at “youth” initiation, and directly blame flavors (and marketing) for something anyone under 18 (21 in some states) are illegally purchasing.

Quit Lying.

It is they who cannot quit lying. In the quest to flip their narrative, irresponsible tactics of NGO’s have completely ignoredsubstantial and immediate benefits” of Harm Minimization with less harmful products like snus and vaping products.

They are using their influence to lie to the public (consumers who need proper information) and ultimately – the world.

When will they quit lying?

They’ve consistently justified “keeping potential consumers of legal products ignorant about this information” and withheld differential risks of less harmful products.

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American Heart Association

The American Heart Association (AHA) decided to start a campaign called “Quit Lying” last week – including what I considered a wonderful hashtag.

I’ll let Dr. Brad Rodu explain the hypocrisy of the political front group no, that’s not it. Body parts no, that’s not it either… oh yeah, the AHA’s actions here:

Open Letter to the American Heart Association: #QuitLying

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society has revised their position by saying “The revision seeks to clarify ACS guidelines in light of recent spikes in e-cigarette use among youth and young adults, combined with the lack of regulation by the FDA.”


Cliff Douglas (below) is “VP for Tobacco Control, American Cancer Society, and faculty, University of Michigan School of Public Health.”

I’m not sure if he had a moment of clarity or guilt, but I give him crap when he’s being obstinate, so I’ll give him kudos for tweeting this today.

The article he linked isn’t bad, either.

American Medical Association

Now it seems thousands of members of another NGO, the American Medical Association ( I can’t technically call this political front group a “body parts organization”)

So – thousands of medical professionals suddenly can’t seem to recognize the difference between clearly tainted, illegal products, and less harmful alternatives because they are “not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as smoking cessation tools”?

Influential U.S. doctors group calls for ban on vaping products

Note: The American Lung Association has never stated anything positive about vaping products to my knowledge.

I noticed around 2014 – if a “public health” official’s lips are moving, they’re probably lying. They’ve never stopped.

In light of Trump wanting the industry to be taxed $100 million a year, (that CONSUMERS will incur) and the uncertainly of who the “diverse group of advocacy, industry, non-profits, medical associations, and state officials” President Trump is meeting with on Friday, can we trust Trump with the heavy influence of NGO’s above?

Between saying flavors will be banned, cancelling meetings with the Office of Budget and Management, the D.C. rally on the White House lawn, THOUSANDS of tweets like #WeVapeWeVote and #15Sec4Vape , letters, phone calls to the White House – and pressure from other sources, will Trump come to his senses?

This was tweeted while writing this blog

It seems there WILL be opportunity to change the conversation… Jim McDonald covers that here:

“That means the independent vaping industry and consumers will be represented at the meeting.”

AVA’s Conley, VTA’s Abboud Will Attend White House Meeting Friday

After all, if consumers don’t have a voice at OUR table, I ask government to enforce the current laws, parents to parent their children and leave adults alone.

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5 thoughts on “NGO’s Can’t Quit Lying”

  1. I’ve never thought of them as NGOs. If I were to compare them to the NGOs that the American government uses to overthrow democratically elected leaders, of other countries, then they were created to give misleading information. National Endowment for Democracy, Human Rights Watch, USAID, and others, have a tendency to outright lie, or exaggerate, when Washington DC wants to take over a country that isn’t giving us the resources we want. Saddam never had weapons of destruction and Washington DC knew it! They wanted the oil!

    Sorry, I’m tired of the lies in every area of government that I encounter!

    I also hear Canada has treated a 17 year old with Popcorn Lung, caused by vaping eliquid flavors. They always have to demonize this industry! *SMH*


  2. We should stop educating ourselves. What the tobacco-relapse lobbyists have mastered is spamming news outlets with their “information”. What’s needed at this point is a *succinct* PDF to clear up their omissions, statistical misdiagnosis and who’s funding whom. Blogging and twittering doesn’t undo the well-funded PR campaigns which the media hysteria is created from.


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