Vaping In The News – A Ruckus – September 14th, 2019

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The largest threat to Public Health is an informed consumer.

What a week. There was a ruckus. Allow me to try to describe the ruckus.

10 September:

Gazillionaire Bloomberg announced he was spending spare change found around in a cup holder in his car $160M on an initiative with Tobacco-Free Kids to ban flavored e-cigarettes.

Mutual Admiration Society [MAS] member and World Health Association (WHO) useless idiot “Director General” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus — pissed all over himself applauded the effort to ban flavors.

11 September:

Then, President Trump meets with Health & Human Services puppet Alex Azar found here and here. Azar proudly left the meeting announcing he will be “finalizing policies that will clear flavored e-cigarettes from the market”. He reiterated it again here.

This opportunity didn’t go to waste. This was a well-timed advantage by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to capitalize on deaths in the U.S…. a bit of momentum.

After all, this wasn’t about products that are used daily by millions who have switched to a less harmful product. This was about illegal black market Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-containing products that use similar devices as vaping products.

Funny, ha-ha, because on September 9th, the FDA themselves had already released this statement.

What was that ruckus about? Manipulation. The opening presented itself, and “public health” wasted no time to nail a spike through advocates hearts, strengthening their effort to shut down an industry who’s goal is affording smokers choice and opportunity of a less harmful product.

The truth does come out – this, in fact, is illegal black market products they should’ve been focusing on – but it’s too little, too late for some. But there is more to this.

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Trump – for some reason, changed his mind – and tweeted it. Not completely, remember – Azar was “finalizing”… meaning those plans were already in process.

Either way, a much #louder ruckus I and others have tried to figure out how to create for years, Years, YEARS, has reared its pent-up frustrated ugly head nationally – and done some good. In the process, it created a momentum of its own.


I can’t find a direct link to the statement(s), but saw calls to the White House opposing this decision overwhelmed the switchboard with wait times and busy signals.

Things I saw:

Gregory Conley (American Vaping Association) is front and center on CNN (here and here).

Paul Blair (Americans for Tax Reform) on Fox News Live WITH Matt Myers of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Tony Abboud (Vapor Technology Association) professionally explains the industry stance here on CNBC Squawk on the Street

I, as thousands of others, have tweeted my sentiments to President Trump. After all, they lied to his administrative face.


Cherry – who’s just getting started in her journey as a consumer………

is making everyone aware of New Jersey… and another circle is complete with a fresh voice, a sharp eye, and inquisitive, educational spirit. I needed to see that.

Along with Cherry, Michael McGrady is reporting about

The Cries (and Lessons) from Michigan

I tried to describe the ruckus

What I witnessed were spectacular moments over the past week. I saw a shift in the “vaping community”. I saw what seems like the largest national momentum by industry and consumers I’ve never seen. Lets keep that up. This battle is FAR from over.

There are people from the industry going to Washington this coming week. I am confident they are beyond adequately skilled to voice the professional position(s) of their members.

Here’s a thought

If you aren’t supporting one idea, support another. It is, after all, your choice. If you don’t think something is being done “right”, be inspired to create something better.

You can call the White House at 1-202-456-1414.

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An idea from Bill Tarling: Snail mail. What if everyone reading this blog spent 10 minutes and .55 cents – and mailed a letter to the White House in opposition to a ban. Imagine being inundated with thousands of letters? You can’t delete paper.

Just to keep it fresh in the President’s mind.:

The White House

Attention: President Donald J. Trump

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500.

Oh, and there’s a consumer driven march on Washington being planned as I type. United Vapers Alliance. More is coming on that.

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Your comments are NEVER filtered, always encouraged and welcome at the bottom this blog. There is definitely more to come.

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One thought on “Vaping In The News – A Ruckus – September 14th, 2019”

  1. I do want to tell you what I think! It’s all BS! It is totally unfair for all us law abiding adults to be penalized for other adults not being able to supervise their children! I am quite sure all those that have been hospitalized with lung illnesses have all used black market vapes and don’t want to admit it for fear they will be looked down upon for going that direction and be in worse trouble than just using a vape product! Yes 6 people died,that’s horrible! But we aren’t to blame for that! Put the blame where it needs to go! Innocent people should not be persecuted for the faults of others! Black Market illegals are the the problem period! I know of parents that let their kids vape just so they don’t go to cigarettes because they know vaping is much safer. I don’t approve of that of course but I do understand. And I think our law makers are using this to drive people back to tobacco products for their gain,”MSA” they all benefit from it! And not only are they hurting the consumers but more importantly ruining businesses and thousands of people’s lives! Signed “Mad as Hell”


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