Michigan Governor Declares Cigarettes Safe

Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan has arrogantly declared cigarettes are safe and will remain available for consumers of all ages in her state. “Alternative nicotine products” will be banned to protect the children ™.

It seems the words “regulate, restrict, tax and ban” will not catch on (in that order) as I had envisioned. Michigan, like San Francisco, has chosen the word “ban” for less harmful products to protect the children™ … I’m happy to report however, cigarettes are safe.

They aren’t banning all vaping products in Michigan, only “alternative nicotine products”. At last check (pretend I made a phone call here), cigarettes are safe from being banned in the state. To protect the children ™ .

Any normal human being would think laws are in place to protect the children ™ restrict underage purchase of booze, cigarettes, and other adult products. Don’t all laugh in unison.

Dr. Brad Rodu already explained underage sales of tobacco is poorly enforced and violation rates are “extremely high” in states like Michigan earlier this year.

(For reference on federal/state enforcement of underage sales, see what no one likes to talk about: Synar Amendment).

The Governor posted this… To protect the children ™.


A less harmful CONSUMER choice is being eliminated. Without experience, consumers (of any age) may try to mix e-liquid themselves – and it will create a black market.

To protect the children ™ .

ELIMINATION of vape shops, restraint of trade – creating a monopoly for, or eliminating competition for cigarettes and smoking cessation drugs. To protect the children ™ .

Civil disobedience is already here:

There are other implications to protect the children ™ :

This arbitrary decision by Governor Whitmer, challenged or not, has created an unscientific template for the other 49 states to admire, assess, modify and then implement implement to their own needs to protect the children ™.

The American Vaping Association had a press release here.

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Mutual Admiration Society member Frank Pallone was quick to show support to Whitmer. I was compelled to ask a silly question:

I can’t take – as a consumer – any threat as an idle threat. If just ONE of these threats, taxes, bans, etc. takes hold… it’s a snowball to hell for everyone. I don’t really believe for one second most understand how swift that hill will accelerate the process.

I’ll readily admit I may not explain things ‘just right’ all the time, so (in the spirit of the name of my blog) I’ll point you in the directions of the links you need to see to better understand why cigarettes are safe in Michigan:

If you are in MICHIGAN, you should already have gone to CASAA here:

Action Center

You should visit Jim McDonald here:

Michigan Governor Bans Flavors by Executive Order

You should see Dr. Siegel here:

Michigan Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes is a Terrible Policy with Devastating Public Health Consequences

And in accordance with VITN rules, you should go here:

Juul Labs Announces Support For Michigan Flavor Ban


I found (then Senator) Whitmer announcing legislation (in 2008) to ban “toy” lighters years ago here.

Interestingly, I couldn’t find Whitmer trying to ban cigarettes anywhere (to protect the children ™).

Finally, in my best Morgan Freeman voice:

Cigarettes cannot and shall not be banned and are protected by law, in accordance with the Master Settlement Agreement.

12/12/19 Update:

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