Flavor Bans Are Good for Smoking

Those in control are power tripping all over themselves trying to ban flavors in vaping products. Once a smoker, you shall never deserve pleasure derived from a less harmful alternative while you’re bullied to quit smoking their way by the same people having you by your short-hairs. Flavor bans are good for smoking.

Do they want less smoking?

Do “they” truly want less smoking, or control? The choice to impose any flavor ban is a choice to protect income derived from smokers (NOT tobacco companies as public health likes to imply) in the form of predicted and lucrative revenue in accordance with the Master Settlement Agreement.

Because officials are not in control, they are desperate to regain control of public opinion – and doing so fraudulently. Obviously vaping products work.

Why would anyone want to ban or tax a less harmful alternative to smoking? Why would you ban adult choice?

What do they know?

When someone stops smoking, food not only tastes better, sense of smell improves. The olfactory nerves from taste to smell are in overdrive within a few days. Senators, for example, are trying to ban flavors, but have enjoyed a “candy desk” since 1965. Really. In fact, surprise, now there are TWO.

With most, if not all examples of “stop smoking” programs comes the fact that taste buds return and will enhance the perception of flavors. That means flavors are pleasurable in the journey of a smoker choosing not to smoke. That means flavor bans are good for smoking.

You could take my word for it, or find examples of

  • “suggesting that the effects of smoking on olfaction may be reversible” here.
  • “The ability of olfactory stimuli to uniquely alter craving states and cognitive processes associated with smoking, and disrupt well-learned smoking routines, would offer a distinct and novel method for reducing cravings” here.
  • “Your damaged taste buds will recover relatively quickly and your ability to relish delicious food will be among the greatest rewards you will get for your efforts in quitting smoking.” here
  • “In two days, the blunted senses of smell and taste begin to sharpen again” here.
  • “Did u know quitting smoking can make food taste & smell better? Yum!” from National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) “SmokeFreeUS” here.
  • “A few days after someone quits smoking, their taste buds kick back in. Celebrate those strong taste buds with some delicious healthy treats!” (Another) found from NCI here.
  • ” Quitting smoking can help improve your sense of taste! Celebrate #NationalWatermelonDay by enjoying a smokefree afternoon & the delicious taste of watermelon.” from the Centers for Disease Control here.

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69,233 Former Smokers Show:

Fruit and dessert/pastry/bakery flavors were the most prevalent choices of the adult established, dedicated US e-cigarette users who participated to this study. The same flavors were also considered particularly important in their effort to quit smoking and to prevent relapse to smoking.

That is here, from Dr Farsalinos :

Patterns of flavored e-cigarette use among adults vapers in the United States

Also explained here:

Restricting Access To Flavored E-Cigarettes Should Be The Last Resort

Now comes another document from California:

“However, this doesn’t mean we don’t have plenty of peer-reviewed evidence that they’re invaluable tools. In fact, a new report concluded e-liquid flavors help adult smokers fight the urge to start smoking again far better than tobacco flavored e-liquids do.”

New Research Supports Something We’ve Said About Vaping For Years

Flavor bans are good for smoking.

Irony In Control

Is the number one priority actually reducing smoking rates? Either they want less harm, or they don’t. Either they want less smoking, or they don’t. Smoking rates for teens and adults are the lowest in history. Is that bothering them?

It’s clear “public health” has made their decision. They want to have fewer flavors – but keep “tobacco” flavor. Think about that. That means flavor bans are good for smoking. They want to ban choices that work at any cost.

To pretend banning flavors will not protect cigarette revenues means you live in a fantasy world. You can ponder that statement at one of over 30,000 Starbucks – while enjoying one or more of your 80,000 available flavors.

“Morals are standards set by those who want their standards met by others.”

After all, smokers, and former smokers do not deserve motivation or pleasure – only defeat, disapproval, and shame. How’s that feel?

The public officials (all) bleating they want less smoking is irony in control. They are still asserting their “authority” while trying to hold what little control they have left.

Less smoking, after all, really isn’t their goal. Quietly mentioning lowering nicotine on occasion, burying within press releases, without much fanfare, they are INVESTING over 100 Million Dollars for more cigarettes….. Flavor bans are good for smoking.

At the risk of sounding sound redundant, repetitive and repeating myself: Do they want less smoking? Those in control are power tripping all over themselves trying to ban flavors.

ASK THEM WHY they want to ban less smoking.

They are desperate.

Even Truth Initiative admits:

“Good public health policy must recognize this continuum and leverage this knowledge to move continuing smokers, as rapidly as possible, toward less harmful nicotine delivery products while simultaneously preventing the adoption of all nicotine containing or tobacco products among youth.“

The Truth Manipulative

Dave shows more lies:

The American Liars Association.


Industry go HERE.

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