Manipulation of the Truth

Last evening I recognized Manipulation of the Truth. While all in the wording, the Truth Manipulative ® is strong. Everything is not as truthful as it appears, and should make you skeptical at best to the information allowed to be filtered to the public by the end of this blog.

It may surprise you, this isn’t just about vaping products. It’s about choice, and population level harm reduction. It’s as if they’ve taken everything (we’ve) known and packaged it into one PDF. Then, they deleted it, repackaged it and manipulated the truth.

Among other things quoted below, the organization and original PDF recognizes and mentions Nicotine Without Smoke from “Royal College of Physicians (RCP) (Royal College of Physicians, 2016).

This report recognizes and mentions smokeless tobacco and snus..

“The best evidence comes from cohort studies in Sweden, where a low-nitrosamine snus product has been heavily used for more than 50 years.”

It goes further:

This is particularly reassuring because if nicotine promoted cancer generally, these studies would have identified oral cavity cancer risk“.

I’ll call this the unfiltered version. Final draft, if you will. While I wouldn’t call it ‘perfect’, (there are general statements I disagree with), it highlights the importance of reducing harm from combustible tobacco. Imagine if they took that path.

Why would Truth Initiative remove an original PDF from consumer view?

This PDF asks:

“What policies and regulations can ensure that harm from nicotine use are minimized while simultaneously moving the entire population away from deadly combustible tobacco products?

This PDF admits:

While animal models suggest possible concerns for humans, more research is required to demonstrate if, and at what dosage and duration of exposure, nicotine might have possible adverse effects during adolescent and young adult brain development.”

This PDF explains:

There are large differences in the response and degree of dependence to nicotine within a population. At the two extremes, some may find nicotine has little effect or may even be aversive, while others find it very appealing and become heavily dependent

What are they trying to hide?

It also recognizes:

“…options to improve consumer-informed decision making by ensuring that accurate information is available …

It states:

The evidence available so far suggests that levels of biomarkers of exposure to toxicants related to use of these devices is significantly lower than for smoked cigarettes.


“Good public health policy must recognize this continuum and leverage this knowledge to move continuing smokers, as rapidly as possible, toward less harmful nicotine delivery products while simultaneously preventing the adoption of all nicotine containing or tobacco products among youth.

Amazingly, the title of this PDF is “Re-thinking nicotine and its effects“. It is authored by Raymond Niaura, PhD, Director of Science and Training, The Steven A. Schroeder National Institute for Tobacco Research and Policy Studies at Truth Initiative.

I hope you ponder why they took the time and initiative to put this all together, and why they chose to delete it. Imagine if this organization just stuck to the “truth”. Imagine the impact it could have.

Here is that version.

ReThinking-Nicotine – Truth Initiative

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One of the usual suspects mentioned the original PDF was from a couple years ago, which led me to the December 5th, 2016 edition of the news and a link – from

It was there I found the final edited version of their Truth Manipulative ® . A stark, filtered version (I crack me up) with large and very distracting graphics. Oh, there’s speckled, peppered, tucked and reworded truth within.

What are they trying to hide?

While all in the wording, the Truth Manipulative ® is strong and sprinkled between facts and distracting graphics…and I realized I’d been on this page before. In fact, I’ve quoted some of it!

I can only come to the conclusion those who read the original wanted it filtered to their narrative. To coincide with a manipulation of the Truth.

Their narrative. Their snippets.

With a “download report” button at the top, here is their filtered version.

Their final released statement shows:

More research is needed to understand how e-cigarettes might help smokers completely switch from combustible tobacco products.

It claims:

Currently, most adults who use e-cigarettes continue to smoke combustible cigarettes. If this pattern holds, it will substantially limit potential positive health impacts from e-cigarettes.

Why are they manipulating the truth?

Shockingly – in part – it states:

Furthermore, any public health benefit from e-cigarettes will not be fully realized in an unregulated environment. The FDA must regulate and carefully review these products to ensure that they meet the public health standard established by the Tobacco Control Act. Only then will consumers, health care providers and public health officials be able to reliably evaluate and identify products that are of the highest quality and are most likely to help smokers completely switch from cigarettes.

Truth Manipulation:

“…adding e-cigarettes to the market may yield some benefit, but will likely save fewer than 2 percent of lives that otherwise would have been lost to smoking…”

WHY would they remove the original PDF? Seemed – even by my standards, – not perfect, but reasonable and truthful.

It reminds me that they’ve done some cherry-picking before.

It’s at this point I normally would go into a fevered babbling tirade, but choose not to do so for this blog.

I’ll let you compare the two and find the differences from the PDF above – in contrast to the public link below.

Besides, “fewer than 2 percent” really isn’t important, and while all in the wording, the Truth Manipulative ® is strong.

Action needed on e-cigarettes

I’d like to thank A.J. Moll for resurfacing this subject in a tweet for me to find, along with this tweet from Edward Hubert linking to the (unfamiliar to me) PDF from Truth Manipulative ®, and Jukka for being on the ball as well.

Added 6/13/2020:

Truth Initiative Presentation Template:

David B. Abrams, Ph.D., while a part of John Hopkins, he also was at Truth Initiative at one time and is no longer there. He wrote this in 2014.

Why don’t you see it? Here it is:

What science says: Operationalizing methods to estimate net public health impact. Data trumps dogma.

You should see this.

You really should. Or shall. Could? You know you want to.

Oh, go on – make a decision!

The Truth Shall Set Ye Fret

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