$9.3M Worth Of Nicotine Seized

After months of multiple undercover investigations between the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), authorities announced they have seized 372,000 pounds of pure nicotine with a street value of over 9.3 Million dollars in one of the largest busts of its kind. Ever.

Agents took 19 adults and 487 children into custody. One agent claimed “they were living in deplorable conditions“, while another said this bust was “the beginning of the end of the nicotine trafficking underground- wait, one of ’em’s getting away…”

Wait, what?

You’ve never heard of a nicotine bust before? Neither have I. If I’ve fooled you with the unbelievable headline, that’s the point. “Sorry, not sorry”. (Please see my disclaimer at the bottom of this blog.)

Meanwhile, high ranking public health officials such as Surgeon General are still saying things like: “But studies show that nicotine is, pound for pound, as addictive as heroin.” (Link)

Cigarettes, and vaping products are illegal to purchase for anyone under the age of 18 21.

While claiming an “epidemic” of nicotine use , he also states “Truth is few youth use ENDS OR tobacco daily. It’s mostly sporadic, because access is illegal/ difficult and sporadic.” (Link).

(Also see “My understanding is the data will likely be released in a few weeks, and the timeline so far is similar to past years. No hiding or manipulation” (tweet) on pending “daily use” of epidemic data.)

I can’t wait.

Let me ask you a question:

Why is “nicotine” not found on the DEA’s list of drug threats found here?

My very smart mouse friend calculated the “street value” of nicotine “pound for pound”, here.

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Maybe nicotine itself isn’t the big “threat” after all.

In fact, health groups want tougher enforcement of current laws. The American Heart Association “argued there isn’t enough enforcement of the current laws… ” and would ” like to see the burden shifted to the sellers of tobacco products.”

The same article stated American Cancer Society’sAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network “also are opposed to legislation” and opposing laws on raising the age of tobacco to 21.

The unintended takeaway from that article is:

Enforce current laws. There’s no need for funding or new laws.

According to the Virginia Smoke-Free Association’s post on their Facebook page, they also opposed this legislation.

“The VSFA wasn’t the only one’s that spoke against these ineffective, adult restrictive, political stunt bills. In the past 12 months in Virginia there were 1335 inspections for sales to minors for tobacco products. Out of that 251 were sales to minors, 234 issued Warning Letters, 17 Civil Money Penalties, 46 warning letters were for Ends/Eliquid and 3 of those were B&M Vapor Shops.”

Imagine the headlines if the focus was not on “nicotine”. Imagine the level of education that could be obtained worldwide if only a documentary were to be made about nicotine. How it’s been hailed as a wonder drug. How “it” does not cause cancer. What “is” nicotine, by itself, without tobacco or combustion?

So, what is nicotine? Is it as harmless as caffeine?

Maybe I don’t know all there is to know, but I’m guessing these people will find out. You can give a buck or not (literally!).

You Don’t Know Nicotine – Documentary Film

Until then, I’ll keep looking for nicotine busts in the news and try not to fool you with a catchy headline that isn’t true.

This blog was inspired by this “headline” tweet, and in the spirit of my “Big Vaping” blog from 2015.

As promised, here is my disclaimer, now to also include “snippets” and “narratives”.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep trying to tell consumers what they need to know.

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