Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Food and Drug Administration

Dr. Gottlieb: E-cigs CAN Help Smokers Quit And Improve Their Health

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Food and Drug Administration

Dr. Gottlieb of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tweeted “e-cigs can help currently addicted adult smokers quit; and improve their health.” If you had internet connection issues yesterday, it may have been jolting shocks of horror from ‘experts’ seeing what he tweeted.

This isn’t the first reference to less harm, Dr. Gottlieb has passively stated in the past: “If you could take every adult smoker and fully switch them to e-cigarettes, that would have a substantial public health impact”. He’s also stated:

“E-cigarettes may present an important opportunity for adult smokers to transition off combustible tobacco products and onto nicotine delivery products that may not have the same level of risks associated with them.” (Source)

That’s pretty big news no one is hearing over the incessant chanting from others. If a “substantial public health impact” is a goal, Dr. Gottlieb will have to speak up. (I can barely hear him.) How about, oh – I don’t know, maybe a press conference with a mandatory presence of the alleged “health leaders” for a start.


Dr. Gottlieb will have to speak up if a “substantial public health impact” is a goal:

In the four years (hard to believe, today) since the release of the results of my consumer survey, I have finally seen a credible and official statement saying “e-cigs can help currently addicted adult smokers quit; and improve their health.” from the Commissioner of the FDA.

This isn’t a secret. No one is listening. It’s something consumers have said all along.


Not only did he tweet those words, he also tweeted a follow-up about improved health.


I can’t be so arrogant to believe these tweets came from my urging, but I was shocked to read what Dr. Gottlieb said. Maybe he isn’t using his (this is funny) mute button! I’m skeptical, he’s at least tweeted it – with a comment about improving health. Twice. Vape shops are not permitted to say that. In my book, it’s better than a poke in the eye.

I can’t ask for… Wait, if the goal of reducing smoking is the goal, I’ll expect much more.

In my excitement, I mistakenly linked the Surgeon General from his personal account on a few nudges. However, I included him in other tweets in his “official” capacity. So far, no reference to this new study has been made from his personal or official account.

No “health group” has mentioned Alex Azar’s statement below. This information is NOT foreign to Dr. Adams or Dr. Gottlieb. They were present when U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Secretary Alex Azar spoke these words:

Quote is at 3:35 on this video

No surprise

Those ‘experts‘ I referred to above? The horror must’ve made them leave early to grab their favorite flavored Starbucks coffee. With Gottlieb making a statement like he did, I was eager to see if the American Heart, Lung, Cancer, or even Tobacco-Free Kids may, might, or could have mentioned it.

In conducting a quick general twitter search for the article link and found –ZERO– mentions from those organizations front groups. So much for a public health impact.

If smoking is “the single largest preventable cause of death and illness in the world”… and all “health” organizations are about health,  and improving health, then why does my pal DrMA below need to raise awareness of their omission a day after Gottlieb’s statement …


Scepticism and merit

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Picking Up Momentum

Tammy and others went all out:


Our friend James Jarvis did as well.


I’m in the middle

The headlines are wonderful, the truth is the average number of attempts for a smoker to stop is 30. The success rates of gums and patches are about 7%. The average success of e-cigarettes is 70% (low end), or more, and they know it, government funded research proves it. Downplaying it, giving it no attention isn’t informing the public. That doesn’t improve health.

Change The Conversation

It’s time for public health and politicians to make a decision:

They want less smoking, or they don’t.

They want less harm, or they don’t.”


If making public health a priority and “improving health” is their goal… With all we do know, EVERY single township, official, city, who have regulated, restricted or banned 18, 19, and 20-year-olds from less harm and choice should be questioned – having an opportunity to explain themselves.

EVERY news outlet should be screaming about improving health with e-cigarettes, and interviewing every single township, official, city, health group and expert in the area who restricted or banned those choices.

Consumers (like me) take it upon themselves to blog, tweet, write their representatives out of passion and conviction. If I’m doing it wrong, I’m willing to learn.

This just happened. At least that’s what I heard.
This is 2019. (“Hi, Fig”!)

These are the types of thing you may not be aware you, as a business, giving smokers a healthier option, are up against:

Original Tweet

Sometimes I pick my battles carefully.

Careen is responding to my “Vape Shop” photo. I imagine she’s being engaged with. Link.

It’s time for vape shops/industry to make a decision as well.

I know, love, and respect some business owners who are fighting by themselves for their customers, and future customers, either through a local or state industry organizations. If you’re not aware, you’re not doing yourselves any favors.

If you are in business giving smokers a healthier alternative to smoking and don’t change the conversation quickly with local, state and national lawmakers…… ahh, who am I to say what you should do. After all, it is your business.

I would read about this (here and here, or listen to this man and act accordingly with any representatives about youth, adult choices less harmful products, and more here:

Senator Burr (R-NC) Floor Speech on FDA Ban of Menthol Cigarettes

Senator was also in this discussion with Mitch Zeller in 2014.

Please see my last blog: You Don’t Know Nicotine.

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