Surgeon General: Everyone Nod In Agreement

The Surgeon General wants everyone to nod in agreement on some things. While some of you may, some of you may want to turn your head – as I’ll be taking a different approach for this blog. Let the record show, I’m being *nice.

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams,(MD) decided to clarify all things youth, e-cigarettes, and ‘epidemic’ on his personal Twitter account.

(All tweets below and his account are found here, or in replies, here)

I found it intriguing (as did others) he would take this route. Of course, a disclaimer on his personal twitter feed states, for safety: “Tweets/RT don’t represent endorsement or my employer.”

Before you choose to continue, please note

Fig Ramsey’s following two tweets.

There is no valid reason to threaten (adult) access to vaping products. There is no valid reason to threaten small businesses providing smokers the option of less harm.

Why is there is a risk of restricting, taxing, or banning less smoking in any form.

Based on this assessment of an “epidemic” from Clive Bates:

“Applying this proportion to the 2018 data would suggest about 4% of high school students are daily users (this compares to the headline 20.8% use in the past 30-days).”

WARNING: The following could, may, or might contain any or all of the following from Dr. Jerome Adams.

Start holding hands. He wants EVERYONE to agree… or risk harm reduction potential to adults (before his official announcement).

Draw your own conclusions to this unsolicited advice:

Think of the children™ is an appeal to emotion designed to create moral panic.

This was before the official announcement on Dec. 18th.

I thought teachers and parents couldn’t… but they’re everywhere… Think of the children™…

“Hard to obtain”

Hard to use around adults

“Few youth use any nicotine product (even cigarettes) daily

( I thought they were “easy to conceal”, hiding them in plain site?)

🎯 Instead, let’s use past 30-day use as a better metric, showing “potential” to teachers and parents. Not only does it sound contrived, inflated potential is also scary.

While you ponder your denial of an epidemic coming up over the course of this blog, bring your nose closer to the screen. Sound out the words. Take your time. I had to!

Link for this one, because I couldn’t believe my eyes.

🎯 Evidently, “Past 30 day use a better metric of youth use” gives a better potential to create an epidemic. Let’s move on.

But wait, that’s not the first time he said it.

He said it at 11:53 on the 8th of December here

Link to tweet

And seemed like he copied and pasted himself again only four minutes later at 11:57, just a few minutes after the one just above.


🎯 Seeming indifference and denial is the biggest threat (not youth use).

Out of context, he’s referring to patches and other methods here.

🎯 1st tweet: Complete denial of the epidemic is the biggest threat to adult access. Complete denial. Huh.

🎯 2nd tweet: 30 day use (remember above) is a definitive medically defined epidemic.

Again, below the “constant denial” is the biggest threat to less harm.

🎯 The second of the two is one of my favorite tweets. Feelings VS definitions on 30 day use.

Medical Definition of Epidemic:

“The occurrence of more cases of a disease than would be expected in a community or region during a given awareness.. A sudden severe outbreak of a disease such as SARS.” (Link)

The Carnival Barker’s definition of an “epidemic”

🎯 “If folks can’t accept using official medical / health definitions, then we can’t have a real discussion”. “

Medical Definition of Epidemic: The occurrence of more cases of a disease than would be expected in a community or region during a given time period. A sudden severe outbreak of a disease such as SARS. (Link)

🎯 Referring to an “epidemic” is a play on the word as an adjective, not as a noun. The bias of the definition “interpret data accordingly” and “metrics” – referring to 30-day use rather than ‘daily use’, as Clive described above, is propaganda.

Here, the “Primary threat” isn’t “him” or most public health advocates… it’s YOU.

🎯 He’s trying to help.

I’ll let you see the 3rd for yourself. Go on, now. Don’t be afraid.

Here’s sadly what happens when lack of information, education and contrived panics occur.

HE’s not talking about….limiting access.

🎯 Well – then there’s balance. But good luck!

On the third in this set, feelings, (not science or data) are bigger threat than anything he could ever say.

Below, his statement on the first tweet: vaping products work, but lack of balance is coming from “national sentiment”. Wait, sentiment is “an attitude, thought, or judgment prompted by feeling”.

The second, it seems what he posts is what the nation feels, or agrees with.

🎯 (Lots of obvious feelings, *oops I meant “science” in that Google alert on the third.) *I’m being nice.

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🎯 Now, he’s clear. Education and awareness . Can’t do much about the feelings of parents and communities. It’s out of his hands.

2nd: ALL must say and do their part to preserve this option. Huh.

Third, good luck (again!!!)

🎯 This ‘existential threat’ — is because of “continual refusal to acknowledge” thing is really… *getting on my nerves. (*I’m being nice.)

Trying to be funny with a pun. Uh oh, parents and teachers again.

WHAT are YOU doing to help?

🎯 I’m very *relieved the Surgeon General is not basing his findings on feelings. Wait! We can all work together. Uh oh, feelings are in the mix. Then, it’s not a threat. (*I’m being nice.)

Parents and teachers…. a showdown, and needing more acknowledgement is apparent.

🎯 In fact, we all need to work together, or there will be NO OTHER CHOICE from parents, communities, teachers to push for elimination.

Acknowledgement again.

1st tweet below – the reference (out of context) is about approved methods to quit smoking here, but is true for vaping products (and mentioned) as well.

Second – well… *careful what you threaten, above you said “the threat isn’t from Government”. (*I’m being nice.)

On the 1st below, as a consumer, I expect you to do your *job. The fact becomes opinion. (*I’m being nice.)

On the 2nd, the ‘debate’ is contrived by effort, not real interest. Name calling. Appropriate or not, public official: feelings. If feelings are hurt, please see here, or here

🎯 On the third, it isn’t lessened, the chances of being “heard” remain the same.

🎯 The 1st below – “respectfully you still aren’t listing to (or ignoring)”

2nd: “lessens chances….”

🎯 3rd: I will keep calling a contrived set of monthly numbers a fraudulent and fabricated epidemic.

Finally a bit more of the feelings and name calling – meh. You are a public official.

For “credibility” the Surgeon General states publicly:

🎯 1/3rd youth who vape are vaping marijuana”.

Wait, the monthly ‘epidemic’ numbers are 1/3rd marijuana use? Wait, one-third of the monthly numbers are not “nicotine”? And “advocates” are expected, threatened and almost demanded to “acknowledge concern” and *admit there’s a problem? (*I’m being nice.)

The office of the Surgeon General states “Surgeon General provides Americans with the best scientific information available on how to improve their health and reduce the risk of illness and injury.”

(*Updated* 1/29) In the duties of providing the “best scientific information available”, this is where he doesn’t in his role as Surgeon General.

Instead, opinion. Again.

Stated in one of the tweets above “complete switch to ecigs better than smoking many times”. So far, the Surgeon General has chosen to “dutifully”, unequivocally, with prejudice, advocate the regulation, restriction, tax, and ban of what is a far less harmful product.”

I once admired “authority figures”. I presumed I was always being told the truth by those holding offices, titles, and degrees. Then, by accident, I didn’t smoke anymore. Slowly, over time, I’ve found appearances, power, prestige, fancy titles, and proof by assertion from those in charge – *demand respect rather than earning or deserving it. (*I’m being nice.)

For me to subscribe to anyone coerced into submission, I’ll need to see facts first. In fact, I am concerned and want answers. In fact, I’ve been asking for answers. In fact, if I saw a concern:

In fact, to suggest “vapers” are not concerned or to accuse anyone of “not listening” or ignoring anything is *unprofessional and *childish. (*I’m being nice.)

I’ve been asking, and addressing this concern for some time.

Funny you *mention “indifference”. Along with others you are *berating, I have been “concerned”. (*I’m being nice.)

For example, in December of 2016:

  • I politely questioned Micah Berman at Ohio State.
  • I asked the UCSF Children’s Medical Center for data.
  • In June of 2017 I inquired with American Academy of Pediatrics President Collen Kraft.
  • In November 2018, I asked the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

For me, to “work” *together”, I’ll need to see more than claims of children consistently being “treated” for “nicotine addiction” and diagnosis of “brain damage” by pediatricians. I don’t find my request wanting case studies, data, progress, outcomes, results “unreasonable”. With a ‘meteoric’ rise, surely, these studies must exist. (*I’m being nice.)

I’ll need to see groups of children stealing patches and gums from Walgreens to get their nicotine. Those can be hidden from adults to satisfy the alleged “uncontrollable craving, seeking, and use of” nicotine in any and all forms.

“You don’t see nicotine junkies breaking into Walgreens to steal nicotine gum” ~ Aaron Biebert

So far, I’ve seen an orchestrated coordinated effort to convince the public of things that are *not true. (*I’m being nice.)

“You should fight for your lives and your health. It is absolutely irresponsible and dangerous behavior to ban e-cigarettes.”

~ Dr. Farsalinos

Added 012/06/2019:

From November 30th: “E-cigs and vaping as harm reduction not inherently a problem (though we need to continue research to ensure overall & max harm reduction)”………..

This is the only tweet I can see offhand worth its salt, and it is on his personal account, not the Surgeon General account.

Fig said it best:

🎯 “I blame Scott Gottleib and Jerome Adams & the multitude of other “leaders” of healthcare for their misinformation campaigns against vapor, for such vile lies that are coming out of our public health agencies. It’s zero wonder why public trust is fading.”

🎯 “Thousands of American vapor businesses are at risk of closing their doors & filing bankruptcy, because of the antics of Scott Gottleib & Jerome Adams.”

“Never stop fighting for what’s right”

~ Agent Ania

“If you see vaping consumer advocates constantly ranting on, it’s because we are trying to stop you lot fucking it up.”

~ Sarah Jakes

There’s only one solution – Unity and aggression.

~ECF, Oliver Kershaw

Let the record show, I’m being nice. Let parents and teachers do their jobs. I’ll suggest you man up and step up, or step aside, Dr. Adams. Otherwise, I’m a couple times behind on telling you to *kiss my ass. (*I’m being nice.)

This blog, because she liked snark, is dedicated to AgentAnia.

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