Clowns To The Left Of Me, Research To The Right

I invested a bit of thought for the title of this particular blog. It is my intent is to both entertain and educate. With clowns to the left of me, research to the right, on average, I trust I can reach my goal.

Normally I spend about two or three hours on any blog. While some flow naturally in under an hour – some take time. Depending on my schedule, some take a day or two.

While I’m pretty wordy, this one will be short – at least for me.

I’ll let this video below speak for itself.

Go ahead, click on it. You know you want to. It’ll take under a minute.

Send In The Clowns

I hope you enjoyed that. I did. Share it all you like. Or not.

Send In The Research!

Next, I’d like to share this video. It’s about struggles you may have experienced. It’s a bit longer at 2:11.

I hope you enjoyed that. I did. Share it all you like. Or not.

It’s been noted by a few about sharing and liking posts, calls to action, meme’s, videos, hand checks and such.

It’s all in good fun. Some things need to be shared with the right people, right away.

Like legislation, restrictions, bans, etc.

Some things are meant to make you think. Some things are downright funny. Some things are meant to engage you in serious thought. Some, like this specific post, is meant to be all of that.

The clown video above was inspired by this tweet by our friend DrMA:

There’s no such thing as SEIS, ENDS, or ENNDS. Everything else is #quackery and you’re a clown— DrMA (@mihotep) December 20, 2018

Lunar Rover

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The second video was inspired – believe it or not – from a deleted tweet (YES I wish I had an attention-grabbing screen-shot of it) from someone showing a photograph of a *guess who* ad similar to this I made.

In her tweet, she was concerned about someone under age seeing that ad. The top had the gratuitous nicotine warning, the bottom was the company name and the link to the study printed in black and white, with no child-enticing photos… in a newspaper. After my tweet to her here

…I got home the next day, I though – DAMN IT, GENIUS marketing! As I went back to take a screen-shot of her (I assume she thought twice about it -and deleted it) tweet, it was gone.

Sheer brilliance. It takes an average of thirty tries. They had typed it thirty times. They got away with using (a study/research/truth) without saying a word. Brilliance.

I couldn’t read the study the ad referred to but believe it was this one.

We should absolutely pay attention to what is shared in respective networks and groups. More importantly, what, like below, was not. Thanks to Ed for finding the link below from the Moffit Center from February……2018.

Why wasn’t this next link plastered all over mainstream media?

E-Cigarettes OK to Quit Smoking

In the end – this is about awareness and information.

Keep inspiring each other.

Like this with James:

Vaping: Let’s Get This Out Of The Way

Ah well, so much for not being wordy. That’s as brief as I can be.

Speaking of clowns: Clowns At A Vaping Convention

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4 thoughts on “Clowns To The Left Of Me, Research To The Right”

  1. Good work Kevin. Thanks for the chuckles. I needed one today. Proud of how much you’ve grown my friend. Very proud of you! Best to you and your family. Peace brother.


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