Epidemic from Surgeon General is Fraud

Fraud Of Epidemic Proportions

Despite lack of evidence, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams straightened his gig line and took his orders by announcing (and will stand by) his fraudulent claim of e-cigarette use by teens being categorized as an epidemic. Prefaced months ago as ‘preliminary data’ and ‘unreleased numbers’ by Dr. Gottlieb, anti-tobacco groups began chanting warning signs of an ‘epidemic’ to mass media early in 2018.

ADDED October 2019:
“It’s hard to see the decision to declare an epidemic before the data was released as anything but a calculated, cynical move to drum up concern.”
There is no epidemic; the US public is being hoodwinked.”

The word “epidemic” has been sung in unison in a few church pews, school halls and a high number of city council meetings with concerned scowling parents, teachers, and other self-important people holding positions over the summer. If you listen closely, you can still hear it echoing.

After (finally, whew!) releasing the much anticipated “Monitoring the Future” (MTF) data showing past thirty-day use at 26.70%, the Surgeon General climbed in his pulpit and boldly announced a problem officially classifying e-cigarette use among teens an ‘epidemic’ – using 30-day figures, not daily use. “ANY” vaping.

All inclusive. Fraud. Lies. Manipulation of data. Misrepresentation. I’ll get back to that. The results showing daily data from the Surgeon General is… well, it isn’t available.

As valuable tax dollars and thousands of labor hours counting the ‘real cost’ go to waste, wouldn’t any reasonable person find it imperative to have daily data?

Odd Epidemic

Specifically, ‘nicotine addiction’ is blamed for the epidemic. For you die-hard officials, pay attention: gateway to smoking claims are out –  but flavors are still in play, “nicotine addiction” is the primary focus. Marketing is blamed as well. (Hope I didn’t lose any of you there.) Those sneaky teens are industrious. Clearly able to outsmart a nation of adults –  the FDA is now trying to figure out “what to do” with those unruly teens.

Updated 01/23/2018: From Clive Bates (bold/color my emphasis): “Applying this proportion to the 2018 data would suggest about 4% of high school students are daily users (this compares to the headline 20.8% use in the past 30-days).”

That’s here: The great American youth vaping epidemic. Really?

Updated 01/17/2018:

Below, in an “unofficial” capacity, Dr. Adams stated “1/3rd UNDERAGE are vaping marijuana”

VERY important point.

Alcohol: 30.20%

Illicit drugs: 24.00%

Marijuana: 22.00% (?)

Vaping: *2̶6̶.̶7̶0̶%̶ Vaping Revised: *17.8%

That admission raises NUMEROUS questions of what #data was asked, answered, separated, but not released:

No nicotine patch or gum use was reported

While nicotine addiction is blamed, surprisingly, no teens had tried to hide their addiction by advancing to the much less conspicuous nicotine patches or gums. Isn’t that surprising? They didn’t want to conceal their… well that’s just odd! Maybe they wanted to get caught. Ah, well. Kids.

Added 01/19/19:

Well, if there’s no other… I suppose this would… oh, never mind. Now the Surgeon General has no excuses. The answer is here!

Solution Announced for Vaping Cessation

Unethical hypocrites censor valuable information for fear of their own fiscal health.

No Proof Of Epidemic

I’m officially announcing a problem with dependence on a 30-day number having an end goal to restrict adult access. The ONLY goals are to regulate, restrict, tax and ban e-cigarettes.

“we’re going to encumber adult smokers by putting in place restrictions that make these products less attractive, or harder to purchase by adults.” (Source)

The restriction on adults rests on NOT showing daily use.

What we don’t know about the survey:

  • What users were of legal age
  • What users did not use nicotine
  • How many were smoking and switched
  • Why is marijuana included with “any vaping“?
  • Why is “use” defined as in the past thirty days, not daily

I looked for answers to these questions. If they’re available, I can’t find any. I don’t know if they asked the question of “daily use“,  they didn’t want to know, or they don’t want anyone to know. Must be really bad!

Wait a minute… one of the largest answers to show teen use, with the claim of an epidemic hanging over every adult who will be restricted from access while every hack journalist and public health official’s fingertips burn up keyboards… and they didn’t ASK about daily use?


There’s nothing left for the government to do but falsely claim an ‘epidemic’.

I have a “feeling” daily use was not asked (or withheld) on purpose. It is much more convenient to alter sentiment, tone, perception, and MISrepresentation to the public of a manufactured “epidemic” because it isn’t what it “seems“.

Why this crack staff didn’t think it was important to ask what should be the obvious (and truthful) answer is beyond me. Results released do not show daily use. If you’ve “used” an e-cig in the past 30 days does not equal using them for the past 30 days.

They ask daily use for alcohol, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and other (but not all) questions.

One would think the most important answer to dig for would be daily use on any question.

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What Don’t We Know?

I, among others, have decided to take Dr. Adams to task. Line by line. “Past month” use is not equal to “daily use” and therefore does not constitute any meaning of ‘epidemic’.

On the survey, “alcohol” is 30.20% for “past month” use. Quite high! On the surface, I would call that a huge concern. No one said ‘epidemic’. I wondered why.

I myself conducted a survey in 2015. 85% of medical professionals agree: Ecigs are safer. 96% of medical professionals think nicotine is safe.

What I did tell you is true. What I didn’t tell you is 84 professionals took the survey. With a snappy headline, you’d have to take my word for it.

One thing I’ve learned over the past few years is – it is pretty simple to lie, cheat, manipulate and mislead statistics.

It isn’t what they tell you … it’s how and what they decide to tell you.

Epidemic Illusions

The Surgeon General – and FDA Director Scott Gottlieb – elude to the data speaking for itself. “Epidemic proportions”. No one has uttered a word of an epidemic of alcohol use or illicit drug use.

By the way, I know you were shocked about that alcohol use. Relax, daily use of alcohol is significantly lower, reported at 1.20%. That’s an extremely dramatic drop in what on the surface looks like a very high and concerning number for “use”.

They want to install vaping detectors in school bathrooms.

Will breathalizers also be available?

The only conclusion is for me, they didn’t ask – or report it – on purpose. If it were truly an epidemic, certainly daily use would be the most intriguing and telling figure for what would be an “epidemic” and the most important question asked.

Illicit Drug use for 30 days is at 24.00%

Proof By Assertion

Jerome Adams, on his personal Twitter account, stated in this tweet, he’s “not against e-cigs as potential harm reduction option for adults”, he asked: “everyone- ESPECIALLY adult ecig and vaping advocates- to help address epidemic ecig use in our young people“.

You want “everyone” “on board” with propaganda, Dr. Adams? Especially advocates? People like ME? Well, you’ll need to step back, answer the questions many have asked within, and I’ll get back to you.

I asked our friend Vlad to do some math. The root of square evil is a percentage of some sort… either way, he’s a smart rodent. I’d have guessed 10%.

I thought it would be higher – in fact, I would guess – without having kids in school – that “daily” would be found to be at least 10-15%.

What we DON’T know:

  • How many users used nicotine? (Thank you EcigN8!)
  • How many users were smokers?
  • Why are daily rates not asked or shown?
  • Why is marijuana included with “any vaping“?
  • How is an adult product in the hands of “youth“?
  • How many of these students questioned were of legal age?
  • What steps are you taking to amend the Synar Amendment?
  • Will you stop non-profits from marketing tobacco and e-cigs to minors?

Why Don’t We Know Daily Use Numbers?

This section was intentionally left blank.

You’re welcome.

Moving on… there are feelings to contend with.

Epidemic Of Feelings

Dr. Adams has said it isn’t about feelings. “Folks… may not like it, they may not think 30-day use is appropriate measure…”

You’re right, I don’t like this “30-day” use smokescreen to exclaim “Medical definitions“. “Crisis“.  “Epidemic“. Feelings.

Wait a minute:

You do.

Surgeon General feelings 2.jpg

Ok, got it, it’s not about feelings. I’ll go with propaganda.

Manipulation Epidemic

Dr. Adams was “Indiana State Health Commissioner  – until becoming Surgeon General and was in charge of that state’s Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission”. While he held that position, he owned stock in tobacco companies.

I’ll repeat that:

While he held that position he owned STOCK in TOBACCO companies.

Also covered by Politico here.

Incompetence Epidemic

Fine, incompetent may be harsh.

Dr. Adams is suffering from nothing less than cognitive dissonance.

Added 1/07/19

In fact, “Over 94 percent of teens are not regularly vaping.”

Is 🍒 cherry-picking data a sport for public health?

The latest survey data from the Centers for Disease Control only reveals any e-cigarette use in the last month, but previous data showed that fewer than 6 percent of teens (including 18 year olds, who can legally purchase e-cigarettes) vaped habitually (20-30 days a month).

That shows selective cherry-picking will do.

Unfounded E-Cigarette Panic Puts Public Health at Risk

Added 01/14/2018

Speaking of asking: Helen Redmond has this to say:

“The survey produced large-seeming percentages by asking teens if they’d vaped in the past month, the past year, or ever, but omitted to ask about the most frequent use, which you’d think would be the cause of most concern.”

A Harm Reduction Guide for Parents of Teens Who Vape

Clive breaks it down before the numbers were official:

The missing data may reveal how much of the so-called ‘epidemic’ is basically trivial use.”

More heat than light

Dr. Rodu also breaks it down:

“Reducing youth access to e-cigarettes appears to increase youth smoking rates”

The Surgeon Generals Misguided Report on E-cigarettes.

Personally, I consider you all intelligent and capable of thinking for yourselves, and I’ve scribbled about that here:

Dear friends, family, parents, educators and medical professionals

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