ECigIntelligence Annual U.S. Consumer Survey 2018


Real People, Real Answers

It’s survey time for U.S. consumers. The largest consumer group in the United States, CASAA, and EcigIntelligence have teamed up once again for you (and all your friends who use e-cigarettes) to take and share the survey. I completed it in approximately 10 minutes.

Data and research are important.

Challenges in the United States are far from over. Your voice counts. As a consumer, your data is both necessary and imperative.  Information obtained from surveys can be (and are) used by consumer and trade groups to inform our local, state and national legislators, regulators, media, research, along with public health officials and importantly, other consumers are able to consider making an informed choice to switch to a less harmful alternative.

A word from Alex Clark:

“Once again, CASAA is pleased to share the annual ECig Intelligence consumer survey with our members. As you may remember from previous years, CASAA works cooperatively with ECI to develop survey questions that aid us in our advocacy efforts and help take the pulse of the vaping community.

Your participation in this survey will help inform regulators, advocates, and commentators as we all work to build policies that benefit consumers.”

Thank you!

Alex Clark

Get to it, TAKE the SURVEY!

ECigIntelligence Annual Survey:

USA – Consumer Survey 2018


If you’re not a member, become one, it’s FREE:  CASAA.


If you’re interested:

Previous CASAA surveys can be found here.

Recently, the largest survey on flavors was done, submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and can be found here.

Mine from 2015, was also submitted to the FDA (twice) and can be found here.

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A Billion Lives


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