FDA Ignores Improving Health with E-cigarettes



Isn’t there enough ‘proof‘ for anyone to understand smokers who’ve switched to e-cigarettes are improving their health? Is it acceptable for professionals to withhold information about risks? Why are professionals unable to tell the truth?

I’m telling you e-cigarettes are a safer, healthier, smoke-free choice to combustible cigarettes. It is an alternative for smokers who want to quit. Nothing more, nothing less.

I’m saying smokers who have chosen e-cigarettes found their health situation(s) improving dramatically.

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Improvements In Health

Imagine noticing your chronic cough is gone. Imagine reducing or eliminating asthma, bronchitis and blood pressure medicines.  Improving health conditions and benefits are nothing new. Isn’t it time for public health “experts” and government “officials” to use common sense? To listen? They certainly aren’t assessing their strategy properly. Imagine what the long-term benefits will be if they did.

When will the Food and Drug Administration stop using “children” and “flavors” as an excuse to restrict this product from smokers? When will we use the phrase “e-cigarettes are safer” without conjecture? They are not informing the public properly.

“If you could take every adult smoker and fully switch them to e-cigarettes, that would have a substantial public health impact.” Dr. Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner

Despite heavy speculation in the media, unreliable “experts” in public health – and an all out “war” by the FDA to regulate, restrict, tax and ban a device that works, there are significant and life-changing health improvements in users.



In December of 2014, I asked questions – over 7,000 people from 72 countries explained their experience with e-cigarettes. 42% stopped smoking in one day. 75% stopped within a month. 83% of participants were smokers for 20 or more years.

Below are just a few of those unedited statements. You can find every answer and comments left here or below.

vts #7

• I was diagnosed with asthma after smoking for 30 years. I attempted yet again to stop smoking using all of the approved NRT methods and again failed miserably. 6 months after my last cigarette, my doctor confirmed that my asthma is gone. No more inhalers, and I can climb mountains again.

• Bronchitis symptoms disappeared within a week of transitioning. My allergies have been virtually nonexistent. And the nicotine helps prevent my migraines without prescription medication.

• I have started to notice playing with my children has become much easier because im not out of breath.

• Many tests confirm health improvement

• About 2 weeks after I started vaping and stopped smoking I felt much better, and I noticed it first in my lung capacity.

• No chest rattles Much better breathing Faster recovery from heavy exertion

• I chain smoked. Pack – 2 packs a day. Since quitting smoking and now vapor, my breathing is definitely great. No more wheeze, no more cough. Haven’t had bronchitis or cold in almost 3 years. More energy. Even my skin looks better. I now do treadmill 2-3 miles a day. 🙂 I don’t smell like stale smoke. My family will have me around for a long time.

• All around I FEEL 200% better than when I smoked cigarettes and my physical capabilities are like they were 10-15 years ago, rather than being limited like they were at the end of my smoking days.

• I play football (soccer) once a week and used to struggle with getting short of breath, I can noticeably go much longer periods in games without the need of a “breather”

• I can breathe! I started bike riding. I can walk, ride, climb a hill, and even hold a conversation while doing so! I feel so liberated!

• While I am enjoying feeling better, such as no smokers cough, returning flavor of foods etc, I worry if I didn’t wait too late to stop. • Improvements in my health across the board.

• Like I said I was in the middle of a lot of medical problems and the told me that smoking cigs slows down the healing process so I talked to my Dr. and he said vaping was much better than smoking.

• I felt as smoking no restrictions. But while jogging, I noticed that breathing was better.

• When my roommate quit smoking my asthma (which is exercise induced) was a controlled normal peak flow volume averaging 225 liters per hour at rest, because he was smoking over a pack a day in my presence. When he quit my peak flow volume average increased to 340 liters per hour at rest. When I started vaping my peak flow volume increased again to an average of 455 Liters per hour at rest. I still have asthma, but it’s not exacerbated by being around tobacco smoke every day. All measurements are using a portable peak flow meter, which I use to determine if I’m having an asthma attack and need to medicate. I have not had to use my rescue inhaler at any point since starting vaping other than when I was sick with an upper respiratory infection in which my lungs were infected.

• I had been sick with URIs at least 4 times a year in each of the previous 10 years living with smokers. This last year I’ve only had one cold and it was a sinus infection and not bronchitis as all the others had been. Much better breathing overall. As my asthma is exercise induced I still have asthma, but I can do more even while exercising, than I could when I lived with a smoker instead of a vaper, and when I wasn’t vaping myself.

• I had asthma and I smoked (stupid I know) after i quit about 3 months I can breath again I have not used my rescue inhaler for a while

All 1,199 unedited comments are here in PFD form

Health benefits you’ve noticed since vaping


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One thought on “FDA Ignores Improving Health with E-cigarettes”

  1. I do not think that using e-cigarettes instead of cigarettes to help quitting is a good strategy. When I quit, I tried cigars for awhile but the urge to smoke cigarettes was greater than when I was strictly abstaining. Substituting e-cigarettes for cigarettes is like using near-beer to get over alcoholism, it’s a poor strategy that is more likely to lead to relapsing than to eventual abstinence.


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