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Warning ~ Government waste ~ Flavor Spam Update ~ Three Foot Juuls are on the loose ~ WAR: Heat Not Burn ~ Heart Foundation Misinterprets results of vaping study ~ Former CDC Director Tom Frieden Arrested


I’ve done some “WARNING” graphics because I find the whole process of the warning mandated by the FDA – well, idiotic.

Like this one I’ve made, as an example…

Just to poke the arrogant bear.

This week, I saw this post from Fig Ramsey, via Glenn Frazier Cate who did this short “WARNING” video.

Glenn has made a observational point much clearer.

Government Waste

Jim McDonald gives a comprehensive analysis of the (U.S.) National Institutes of Health is spending $1.4 million to fund a study looking at the results of vaping regulations.

Regulation of something they “don’t know enough about”…… is asinine… but I’ll call this the “cart before the horse” study. Of course, at the end of the study, it will inevitably say “more studies are needed” as they almost always… do.

Study Will Examine the Effects of Vaping Regulations

Flavor Spam Update

Serious stuff. 22,000 comments are real? Brent Stafford talks with Azim Chowdhury.

Flavor Spam (Update) | 95% Of Comments Submitted to FDA On Flavors & Vaping Deemed Astroturf

THREE FOOT JUUL’s are on the loose

A “scientific” and urgent concern from the “respected” New England Journal of Medicine. #ProTip: When you’re hyping up your propaganda, be sure to note your flaws before publishing…

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos asked if the original photo (in the article below) was photoshopped, and Dr. Christopher Russell pointed out the measurement flaw. Jukka Kelovuori added the correct (approximate) length to the photo below (according to the article).

Imagine what else “professionals” are getting away with. Can’t wait to see what other “facts” are presented in the article…

If you must – the article is (with a “do not link”) here.

Bad news: FCTC will declare war on heat not burn

Carl V. Phillips will explain to you how exactly the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) will, among other things (including e-cigarettes), ignore, demonize and try to destroy anything competing with cigarettes.

Bad news: FCTC will declare war on heat not burn

Heart Foundation Misinterprets results of vaping study

Imagine that? If I haven’t mentioned this before at least once, “Professor” Glantz is an idiot. In other news, here’s what happens when flawed science is endorsed by “respected” health authorities:

Heart Foundation Misinterprets results of vaping study

Speaking of idiots.

Dr. Gottlieb went on a mini-rant again about kids… nicotine… blah… blahhh  blahhhh…

So, lowering smoking rates of kids to the lowest historical levels – really – in history – because OF e-cigarettes… is obviously a bad thing.

If the kids were smoking, they would be smoking.

Increasing their risk of being smokers.

Does that surprise and dismay you?

P.S. “Synar Amendment”.

Stop posturing about nicotine. Leave the parenting to parents.

By the way, I am one of the consumers criticizing you, Dr. Gottlieb.

Former CDC Director Tom Frieden Arrested

Zippy… in handcuffs.

Now, like Glantz, another major figure in the tobacco control arena has some troubles. There is no safe level of public health experts.

Former CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden arrested on sexual misconduct allegations

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