Submit your comments to the FDA: I am not an anecdote

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The FDA is still accepting comments about flavors and the role they play. As a consumer, it is imperative to submit your comments.

The consumer group, Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association, (CASAA) and industry group, Vapor Technology Association (VTA) have teamed up and created a simple form for consumers to fill out. It’s easy, and by doing so, you give authorization and “declaration” because your comments may (or may not) be printed out and/or used in other advantageous ways in fighting current and future legislation. 

I asked questions about the site established by CASAA and VTA and I received direct answers. I assure you, their site is fine.

Not only is your submission is sent to the FDA, it is also saved separately. The form (and idea) is brilliance in my opinion, and is a simple way to have your comment submitted to the FDA.

The deadline is the 19th of July.

On the 25th of June

Carl V. Phillips mentioned there was an oddity on the number of comments submitted to the Food and Drug Administration and is questioning the integrity of the comments:

“There are unconfirmed reports that anti-tobacco extremist, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, is behind the astroturfing.”

CASAA Calls For Comments On FDA Plan To Regulate Flavors


With that, and a bit of digging from Brent Stafford – in CANADA, there may be much more to the story… from spamming the FDA to who could have been responsible…

Brent Stafford of Regulator Watch releases this video in a coherent and professional manner, gives us more in this video below with more questions than answers…..



Flavor Fight | FDA Should Listen to People Not Bots


As a consumer, if you’re paying attention, we are inundated and overwhelmed with half-assed information. Just fighting for the right information is hard enough.

What we should not have to be fighting is the FDA or whoever spammed comments into their system. At the time of this blog, the comment period does end Thursday, July 19th, 2018.

I don’t care what the FDA‘s problem is, I care about flavors and what it will do to deter both current and future consumers, and the industry as well.

I’m going on instinct. If their process falls apart, we’ve done our part.


Again, I strongly encourage and suggest you (and anyone who vapes) personally fill it out using their website and form by going here.

If you are uncomfortable using their site, you can also still submit directly to the FDA by  going here.

Aside from my thoughts of what a waste of time and effort this is to regulate, restrict, tax and ban flavors and nicotine… because it is NOT tobacco…  there is purpose… don’t let the FDA or anyone else shut you up.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – with a stunning manipulation with both definition(s) and science are still currently seeking information related to the role that flavors play in “tobacco” products.

If you didn’t know:

E-cigarettes, & nicotine specifically is not tobacco

There is no “gateway“. 

There is no smoke.

The FDA is also still accepting comments on “lower nicotine” in cigarettes here.


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