Truth Initiative manipulates tobacco numbers

TRUTH lies

Stunning claims of a rise in tobacco use among adults for 2017 as they are now alleged to have hit 17.1% nationally just two weeks after the Food and Drug Administration’s head clearly stated it was down to 13.9%.

On June 19th, 2018, Food and Drug Administration’s Commissioner Dr. Gottlieb decided to tweet the latest statistics about the national smoking rates among adults had dropped to 13.9% for 2017.


Truth Initiative, established and relying on tobacco sales to stay in business, as part of the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement, decided to put out this tweet on July 3rd, 2018 claiming the “national adult smoking rate is 17.1%.”

The smoking rates went up 3.2% nationally in just two weeks? Huh.

I cannot stress this enough.

Truth Initiative claims the adult smoking rates ROSE 3.2 percent in just two weeks.


Now, I’m no good in math so I recruited a mouse to do it for me… to no avail. He’s still a good rodent. Toss him some cheese for his effort!

I ask silly questions

When will they be made accountable for their accounting and other errors?

I asked Dr. Gottlieb about rectifying the issue. I predict government in action will be government inaction.

The truth is, Truth Initiative is lying.


When a political front group disguised as an anti-tobacco group classified as a non-profit organization manipulates smoking rates because their very existence relies upon the sale of tobacco, why are they still in business…what else are they lying about?

This group, with other groups, are directly influencing and shaping laws and regulations. The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is no different.

Corruption and manipulation of public opinion is their business.

Classifying “nicotine” as tobacco is just one example.

You may think wrongly that organizations such as “Truth Initiative” and “Tobacco-Free Kids” is such a worthy and monumental cause to stand behind.

You could never be further from the “Truth”.

Money, by way of funding, is their ONLY motivation. They have no initiative to tell the truth.

I can let Paul explain it better here about the “Truth”:

The Truth Shall Set Ye Fret

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