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“The largest threat to Public Health is an informed consumer.”

Vapers: Tell the FDA You’re Not Merely An Anecdote! ~ ACT now to stop the EU Vape Tax ~ Are e-cigarettes tobacco products? ~ Speaking of scientific integrity ~ Milestones ~ The duty of curiosity ~ Chemical Leak ~New PA budget strips Philadelphia of power to regulate cigarette sales

Vapers: Tell the FDA You’re Not Merely An Anecdote!

There are 426,863 comments as of today. I would LOVE to see a million or more. Get everyone you know who vapes to fill this out.

Vapers: Tell the FDA You’re Not Merely An Anecdote!

You can also go here as well.

ACT now to stop the EU Vape Tax

What about this? From Alan Beard:

“Come on everyone else (any country from anywhere) consider signing NOW”

Act now to stop the EU vape tax

Are e-cigarettes tobacco products?

It’s all about science. Allegedly.

First comment already in the publication garnered a double-take from me… I didn’t know there were “tobacco control products” or that they are both available in addictive and non-addictive forms.

Eric Lindblom
O’Neill Institute for National & Global Health Law, Georgetown Univ. Law Center:

“…addictive tobacco control products are much different from those that are not.”

What? Tobacco control products? Addictive and not? You lost me…. is it just me?

Now, the question needed to be asked to professionals? Is nicotine tobacco? NO. Are e-cigarettes tobacco products? NO.

Let me say: ANYONE saying it is – is WRONG.

E-cigarettes are NOT tobacco. In fact this  –  says (bold is my emphasis):

“…this judgment is the product of policy developments around the role of the FDA and their ability to provide regulative guidance and authority relating to a range of products.”

“If all products containing nicotine derived from tobacco were labelled as “tobacco products” internationally, then nicotine replacement therapies would be classified as tobacco products, which they are clearly not.
As a scientific journal, definitions matter, and a legal ruling in a single country is not a sound basis for determining whether a certain definition is valid.”

Via Paul Barnes:

Are e-cigs tobacco products?

Via Jim McDonald:

Academic Journal Says Vapes Aren’t “Tobacco Products”

Speaking of scientific integrity:

I do love seeing no, that’s not itpointing out  dammit…  that’s not it…

Trying to find integrity. What’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for Alice (⬅️One of AgentAnia’s favorite blogs)…

I mean Ruth, below. She hasn’t answered me, either.


More anecdotal evidence….I remember smoking around 9 years old. I don’t know when I started, but I certainly know May 23rd, 2013 was the day I, and my wife I stopped.  In under 48 hours. Accidentally.

The duty of curiosity

“…..As public health advocates, we can choose to stand back and issue condemnations of a situation we don’t like. But if we are serious about health, we should invest our time and energy in changing that situation for the better.”

Clive Bates:

The duty of curiosity

Chemical Leak

I emailed Thermal Circuits directly as I saw – what didn’t seem to be right… At the publishing of this blog, I still did not receive an answer.

Jim McDonald covered this blown out of proportion “story” here:

Did a Chemical Leak Hospitalize Dozens at a Vape Factory?

New PA budget strips Philadelphia of power to regulate cigarette sales

Another pristine admission of the ponzi scheme….(bold/underlining is of course, my emphasis)…

“If governments are addicted to proceeds from the sale of tobacco products and they say that’s why they can’t protect kids, the public is going to see through that.”

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