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I AM NOT AN ANECDOTE ~ David Goerlitz  ~ Smoking hits new low ~ Sufficient evidence ~ Sex, cars and e-cigarettes ~ Battery Safety ~ FDA: Full of intent, no purpose ~ Gottlieb’s Grotty Games ~ American Cancer Society Falsehood ~ My Mother Said ~E-cigarettes: Harm reduction faces obstacles ~ Tobacco Control Tactics ~ Science ~ More Science ~ Cancer


Are you? Well, explain yourself:


David Goerlitz

It gives me great pleasure to announce I have officially joined David Goerlitz on his Podcast. I’m in charge of coffee and bail.

DavidG Model Citizen Episode Three

Smoking hits new low

Shhhh… Imagine that… I’ve seen little hype about this.

Smoking hits new low; about 14 percent of US adults light up

Sufficient evidence

Ever wondered where bias comes from? Me too. Of course, there is sufficient evidence, but if your website only link two items to the question, how can Nurses (busy as they are) be “informed”?

Are there sufficient evidence-based findings for the RN to have an informed conversation…

Sex, cars and e-cigarettes

Speaking of less harm:

Sex, cars and e-cigarettes

Battery Safety

NO laughing matter – James Jarvis has been working with Battery Solutions to properly care and dispose of batteries in his shop. Here, their site explains safety, storage and shipping of lithium-ion batteries.

This program (or one of your choosing) is an EXCELLENT way to strike up a meaningful and educational conversation with your customer(s) about battery safety and recycling.

Why wouldn’t you?

Why do lithium-ion batteries explode?

FDA: Full of intent, no purpose

Here’s where Dr. Gottlieb continues “redoubling” efforts while he tries to explain explanations on Twitter. Double-speak, if you will… and a few counters from those you probably already know….

FDA: Full of intent, no purpose for smokers.

Gottlieb’s Grotty Games

Here’s Mawsley’s take from across the pond:

Gottlieb’s Grotty Games

American Cancer Society Falsehood:

I sense a tone in Dr. Rodu’s writing. More of that, sir.

American Cancer Society’s Combustible Tobacco Statement Contains Falsehood

My mother said…

We should listen…

Guest blog: My mother said…

E-cigarettes: Harm reduction faces obstacles

WHY is that?

E-cigarettes: Harm reduction faces obstacles

Carl V. Phillips

I highly recommend reading Carl…….. because CARL.

Tobacco Control Tactics: Elephants, Big Lies And The Nigerian Prince Scam


The FDA claims nicotine is tobacco. These people do not.

“notably that e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco or generate side-stream emissions…”

“E-cigarette particle concentrations decreased rapidly following exhalation due to evaporation”

Characterisation of the Spatial and Temporal Dispersion Differences between Exhaled e-cigarette mist and Cigarette Smoke.

More Science

Carbonyl emissions from a novel heated tobacco product (IQOS)

Always paying attention, Dr. Farsalinos and his team have conducted the first ever independent study comparing IQOS with the commercial tobacco cigarette and a commercial e-cigarette.

Carbonyl emissions from a novel heated tobacco product (IQOS): comparison with an e-cigarette and a tobacco cigarette

Also from me

And in other inappropriate stupidity, Dr. Sharpless of the National Cancer Institute:

Good news: “treating cancer and preventing cancer” with combustible cigarettes

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