Good news: “treating cancer and preventing cancer” with combustible cigarettes


Treating and preventing cancer.

Can you imagine the responsibility and privilege of announcing there is “good news for treating cancer and preventing cancer” by smoking combustible tobacco? Neither could I. This is what stupidity looks like, this is what “experts” will persuade the public to believe.

Dr. Norman E. Sharpless (bio) was sworn in as the 15th director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) on October 17, 2017. Among the items on display on his “I love me” wall, he holds medical degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is also an idiot.

Dr. Sharpless announced confidently arrogantly on Twitter on March 19th – that there was “good news” from sister organizations, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Note, he didn’t link a study, no research, not even a hint of proof in his statement. View his tweet and decide if it could easily be taken out of context.

Take your time.

“Two big announcements from sister Federal agencies over the weekend. on coverage for NGS and on nicotine levels in combustible tobacco. Both good news for treating cancer and preventing cancer.”

The theory

This is how proof by assertion starts, folks. Not only is “Both good news for treating cancer and preventing cancer”a blatent and misleading LIE, it’s – according to the government, impossible, unless they’re lying about that as well.

The theory is smokers using lower nicotine cigarettes will be less “addicted” with lower levels of nicotine – and (wibbleword alert) may, might, could, or potentially smoke less – or not at all, and allegedly, they then would, could, may, might or potentially reduce their risk of “X”.

My theory (please indulge me) is if they’re minimally or “non-addictive”… smokers (kids, youth, middle-aged, elderly) will smoke all they like.

After all, the government says they’re non or minimally addictive!

Now, with “prevent and cure cancer”… that’ll be so great for.. oh never mind.

Think of the propaganda™.

Public misperception that very low nicotine cigarettes are less carcinogenic

I asked Ned directly: “Are you clarifying the reduction in nicotine in the product(s) are also reducing other cancer causing chemicals?” (By other, I did not mean nicotine itself.) No response.

Either way, NICOTINE does not cause cancer. While I am not a “qualified expert” like Ned, I’ll safely assume (and correct me if I’m wrong) combustible tobacco in any form, including “very low nicotine” (VLN) probably can’t “cure” cancer. I was STUNNED a professional would say anything close to what I read, let alone tweet it. In writing. In public.

More Clarification

As of the date of this blog, I have received NO response. Wait, I take that back.

I also asked Cliff Douglas (bio), (“VP for Tobacco Control, American Cancer Society, and faculty, University of Michigan School of Public Health”) about the theory, because this isn’t something new… although a generation has passed, it has been tried before.

By linking this 1989 article, I asked Mr. Douglass directly “what exactly will be different” here, he proudly exclaimed confidently arrogantly, “Approximately everything“.

Beyond believable, I again asked for clarification on the levels of combustion, etc. and have not received a response.

Big surprise. I also KINDLY (I know, right?) asked Cliff to prove nicotine addiction here, where, if he was “able to provide documentation with my criteria” I would personally & publicly donate $50.00 to a charity of his choice.

I’m still waiting.

I’m a curious bastard

I’ve ASKED umpteen TIMES (sorry I yelled) about combustion to various useful idiots. Health benefits… you know, I point out silly things to officials as I have hereherehere.

I’ve asked Dr. Gottlieb of the FDA about how smoking more cigarettes with lower nicotine could… well, this is becoming silly. Either way, I had JUST asked Dr. Gottlieb just the day before.

I’m asking things THEY should be explaining:

Is combustion reduced? Will health benefits increase? Will other ingredients be reduced? Will this cause more casual smokers? Can you define “minimally” or “non-addictive”? Is this nothing more than prescribing smoking? What is being added to tobacco to reduce nicotine?

And over…

I am redundant. Repetitive. Repeating myself. Over & Over.

And asked… Stephanie Morain (Asst. Professor of Medical Ethics & Health Policy with Baylor College of Medicine) in May – since she tweeted the the importance of a “substantial” reduction in tobacco-related mortality.

Nobody likes answering my questions.

Update 3/12/19:

Now the National Cancer Institute (NCI) want 15 to 19 year olds to participate in a “reduced nicotine” smoking study:

Evaluation of Very Low Nicotine Content Cigarettes in Adolescent Smokers

Now Ned’s been announced “acting director” of the FDA:

National Cancer Institute Director Ned Sharpless named acting FDA commissioner

That’s not all……..

Ned, among others is not alone in miraculous claims…

Here’s another idiot. Former FDA Commissioner Robert Califf:

Who do these people work for? Who makes them accountable for irresponsible statements? Where are the requirements they are held accountable?

Now, if smoking combustible tobacco causes cancer, then how could…

Oh wait….. you could be stunned to know Dihydrogen Monoxide is dangerous.

This is a public health theme scheme continuing to boil.

I should listen to Carl V. Phillips:

“There are far more of them producing lies than there are honest experts to counter them…”

Tobacco Control Tactics: Elephants, Big Lies And The Nigerian Prince Scam

I respect and admire you, Carl, but I’m not shutting up.

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