FDA: Full of intent, no purpose for smokers.


Intents and purposes

The reason for intent (objective, goal) is to have desired results from an action.

The reason for which something is done is considered purpose.

For you who say “for all intensive purposes”, stop doing that. Although, in this instance (for your entertainment and mine), there may be are short-sighted “intensive” purposes for the head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to act they way he does.

I’ll move on…

In another effort to have intent without purpose, Dr. Gottlieb of the FDA decided wait, was told no.. that’s not it, tweeted gleefully yesterday by following a tried and true tradition employed by politicians, “experts” & wanna-be a scientists by processing utilizing the “Think Of The Children™” script with some tweets. A favorite standby, deep with tradition used simply to manipulate public opinion.


I love and miss George Carlin. Eight seconds that will make your life more fulfilling:

The bigger the lie

Guilt. You know, the bigger the lie becomes, the harder it is to cover up.

It’s much more difficult to ignore. Gottlieb has been beaten into submission admission of the account of lower smoking rates among adults because OF e-cigarettes is obvious, yet subtle.

However, according to Dr. Gottlieb, even if kids are, according to the governments own numbers, smoking less because of e-cigarettes (they are), it is “still not an acceptable trade“.

First, allow me to point out Dr. Gottlieb “mentioned” science, almost as if it were being considered. He’s mentioned it in a different context here:

“FDA will always promote science based decision-making and seek the counsel of expert advisors”

On with the frovility extraordinary promise… of regulation.


Before you move on, allow me to point out e-cigarettesnicotine” is now defined as a “tobacco product“.

(Lowering nicotine in tobacco is another contrived “option“…)

He seems to “want” to preserve an “option”…. and may “believe”… sounds very sciency so far:


Then on the bottom…  no child… whoops… (laws) should ever (think of the children™) use a tobacco product. Still with me? Excellent.

That tweet did not go unnoticed.

Dr. Farsalinos weighed in:

Clive Bates weighed in:

(Heavily, this is 1 of 7 from Clive).

Sarah weighed in:

Amelia Howard weighed in:

I completely understand why alleged professionals can’t refuse to say what’s on their minds. I understand.

They have no balls.

This statement from Sheila Vakharia, PhD, from December will forever be one of those rare moments where professionals SPEAK UP clearly and publicly.

Clown shoes for effect:

glantz clown shoes

MY statement.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:

“If “children” are *already smoking, they’re *smokers* regardless of age.”

It’s fine to fail using 12-17 year old kids with already *known* dangerous drugs. “Think of the children™.”

Pfizer’s quit-smoking Chantix fails study in adolescent smokers

“You feed your baby nicotine in her mashed-up vegetables, and no corrupted medic has ever dared to claim this is a bad idea since nicotine is so closely associated with the B vitamin group….”

~ Chris Price

I’ll end this brief (for me) blog with sentiment from another one of mine from December:

Despite the illusion created from Dr. Gottlieb on down, (or up – from puppeteer in my opinion):

Kids sure don’t smoke like they used to.

Here’s Mawsley’s take from across the pond:

Gottlieb’s Grotty Games


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