Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids Market E-cigarettes and Tobacco to Children.


“Without question, no one markets cigarettes or e-cigarettes more to children than Tobacco-Free Kids. No one.”    (Me.)

Since the 1970’s, there has been a ban on advertising of tobacco. In 1970, President Nixon signed a law called the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act  – banning cigarette ads on T.V. and radio – beginning January 2nd of 1971. (Link).

Over the past four or so years, I’ve watched what looks like breaking the law to me, but – some are above the law.

The “Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids” was set up by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 1995, (the largest shareholder in Johnson & Johnson – who make “cessation” products). They don’t accept money from tobacco, but as long as smoking continues, (like “lower nicotine” cigarettes) there is an abundance of children coming on to the smoking market for their “product(s)”.

WHY would ANY anti-tobacco group, much less the self-proclaimed CAMPAIGN for TobaccoFREE Kids” WANT to endorse and literally encourage and help introduce more cigarettes of any kind INTO the market?


CTFK – as a “non-profit” is – evidently – above the law. They can lie. Manipulate. Misdirect. They can say “anything” they want. Why do they have such influence over tobacco legislation?

They not only are a political front group, they are directly (Matt Myers) involved in every aspect of tobacco including laws and changes in the law to suit their needs since around 1995.

According to Wikipedia:

“Matt Myers engaged in negotiations with Philip Morris circa 1997 to determine terms of a Master Settlement Agreement, and again negotiated with PM in 2004 to create legislation to allow the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to regulate tobacco.”

It (the Master Settlement Agreement) looked good on paper. Before the ink was dry, The Master Settlement agreement had tobacco companies signing up to “pay” the government. Well, smokers (like you & I) paid, tobacco companies collected, and the government took the money.

How’s that go so far? They spent the money before they had it in their hands. BILLIONS of dollars.

Here’s a link. Here’s another.

While the public is under the impression of an “upstanding” non-profit organization trying to help “children”, they are as powerful a political force in changing, adjusting and manipulation of public opinion and legislation and the outcome(s) as the politicians who DO their bidding. They can say and do, evidently, anything they like.

No repercussions. Immune from public scrutiny – (other than my and others’ tweets) they literally can say – and tweet – anything they like.

Let’s chat about job security.

Tobacco-Free Kids  “actively prevented the FDA from raising the age of cigarette sales nationally to anything above 18”.    Think about that.

That’s here:

WHY can children still purchase cigarettes?

Nobody cares. Wait, not enough people care.


To the self-created and “orchestrated” Juul “epidemic”.

clearly part of an orchestrated campaign

~Carl V. Phillips

In my opinion

There is more to this “Juul” story than we can see. The company was “asked” for documents. They are for raising the age of purchase of their product and tobacco to 21. It makes me curious why a company would do that willingly, voluntarily, without a court order. Is this smoke and mirrors?


Friendly fire for something I don’t see – yet? Are they for sale? Is this a setup to become a tobacco company purchase? Is their “closed system” product one that can go “over the counter” as FDA director Gottlieb suggested last week, and is at an advantage to make people like CTFK happy?

Silly questions in my head.

Inspired again by a “Cranky Old Broad”, (SKIP!) to go on an excursion of sorts, I went back just over a month  – due to the thought of CTFK being “off” on the weekends just to see how many tweets there actually were about the “Juul” product, and how they were portrayed to the public by CTFK…and “the children™” they allegedly are helping.

Now, if you’re under the impression this organization is geared towards kids, I’ll let you make your judgement on the impressions you see below. Like manipulation of the public perception every time they use any variation of “Think of the children™”.

I’ll let you see just how reverse psychology works.

Remember, “e-cigs” are a tobacco product since “National Tobacco Day” and no one is allowed to advertise a tobacco product. I know, they’re not “advertising”, they’re “educating”…


Added 6/10/2018:

This came across my eyes and is WELL worth the read before you continue down my page:

The Big Lie (Vaping, children, flavors)

Added 6/10/2018:

Now, the tweets… of course, and with my comments….


Between March 28th and May 5th, The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids have tweeted no less than –26– times themselves about Juul. They’ve retweeted no less than –16– times.

Grand total, at least –42– times. Here are their “unorchestrated” tweets:

Before you scroll….I’ll bet you a dollar you can’t find a “gateway to smoking” in these tweets……. I WONDER what happened to that…..


Well, I’ve kept you long enough.

Wait: Added 10/26/18:

First, there’s Amelia:

So Altria is going to remove a bunch of their e-vapor products

and much more than you may realize, covered VERY WELL and highly recommended – by Amelia Howard:

So Altria is going to remove a bunch of their e-vapor products

THEN, To follow Amelia’s thread just above, I ask: “Kids”? “Juul”? “Epidemic” or:

“domestic cigarette shipment volume during the third quarter to the end of September, at 29,698 million, was 3.7 percent down on that of the third quarter of 2017, 30,828 million.” Its discount-brand volume was down by 6.8 percent to 2,614 million.

Devices vaporized

Ok, I’ll leave you alone now.

“Anybody who tells you Juul is a panic or an epidemic in America is deceiving you”~ Iowa Attorney General ~ Tom Miller 👇

1. Fun stuff to orchestrate unorchestrated things. “Think of the children™”.

2. Highlighting the unorchestrated craze as low key as possible on Good Morning America. “Think of the children™”. There’s force and drawing.


3. Love the adjectives… and action verbs… baby pacifier…. how they can make me quiver.

4. Adult teachers are evidently – according to Newsweek, unable to handle disruption in class.

5. Those sneaky little rat teenagers are making grown adults FRET!

6. Strong-arming a company into voluntary submission to do nothing about what it isn’t already not doing sounds very unsuspicious and … bullshitty.

7. These things must REALLY be gutting tobacco profits.

8. Take your time, boys… all part of the bigger show.

9. PARENTS! Are you paying attention? Imagine if they were smoking instead? “Think of the children™”.

10. (No “orchestrated” panic going on here – or media name dropping)

11. Oh, adding Dick into the purge urge.

12. Places, everyone. This is urging because it is immediately urgent.

13. Here’s where they clarify make a feeble attempt at posturing – because, after all, there is no “orchestrated” panic.

14. Now, who doesn’t like a collection of decades of deceit on display? I wonder if the exhibit shows tobacco control propaganda…..

15. Nothing orchestrated about “skyrocketing”…”Think of the children™”. 

16. No panic or target orchestration intended by adding in “the Marlboro

17. “Threaten”… “addict”… “must act”…  nope, no propagantist material within yet…”Think of the children™”….and dammit, the media is rehearsed right.

18. Warning! “Think of the children™”.

19. “craze” “must act“…

20. “hooking”… by the way, if you’re new here, nicotine is not addictive.

21. It is extremely important to have the head of the organization propagandizing propaganda properly

22. Parents and school administrators have a tough time asserting their authority... evidently. If you own a Juul, you can now accessorize along with your outfit, evidently.

23. Here it’s rampantly popular…

24. It’s a worry among doctors and health groups… a propagandist craze…

25. If you know, you should be talking to your child, but read this because – well, you should know this first. (Note the “inside middle schools” part, where teachers and administrators- those in charge – just can’t control middle school students, evidently….)

26. Bored yet? I’m trying to keep your attention…

Oh slang, You dirty unforgiving term for teen decadence.  OOH! Skyrocking!



These were retweeted by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Same rhetoric, same goal.

27. Crack down… steps… baby steps… I’m seeing a trend for the next one…   is there ever not more to be done?

28. Laurie likes action words: “cracks down”.

Very propaganda-like – good for her. Although I didn’t read her story, I’m sure it is beyond intriguing.

29. No less than 800 likes… was there just a phone call and “Hey, Bob… could you send us some documents?” Was there a court order? Who cooperates with the government willingly? Hmmm.

30. I don’t want to likely misinform anyone, but saying “especially dangerous” gives one a direct connotation to smoking being safer. Why would you want to do that?

What would be the initiative to telling the opposite of the truth? <– See what I did there?

31. I wonder what caused this “surge” in popularity? Anyone?

32 & 33. Technically the same tweet (the lower one), but gives the upper one extra umph in Twitterville. Dick has some balls, mentioning the gateway without mentioning the gateway. I’m very disappointed in the vagueness of his tweet.

Note he’s so mad he’s sent two letters.

34. The illusion of a gateway, but they’re starting to know better.

35. Tweeted about and retweeted…

36. Not mentioning “Juul” specifically, but in the graphic…

37. When you are among friends, you retweet.

38. Fashion on its own from earlier… too important not to retweet.

39. I didn’t realize there were so many adult strugglers.

I strongly suggest counseling for these professional academics to get ahold of themselves so they can get control of children.

40 & 41. “Opinion”. (Two-fer again).

42. Suing. Classic silliness. What are they “suing” for? I’ll give you – for this tweet – the “gateway” effect….. within the context of the tweet.


Earlier we covered the “e-cigarettes are tobacco”. Now we will briefly move on to tweets “about” cigarettes… now remember, class – advertising of tobacco products is still illegal.

Same rules – around the same time frame, but “they” don’t advertise. “They” (tobacco control, government and public health groups) only tweet about news about tobacco…

Well, guess what is in the photos…


I’ve called them out on it… plenty of times….


1. An awesome graphic of “not advertising” on social media.

2. Yep.

3. (Retweeted)

4. Love the “not advertising” on this one.

5. Images of smoking… remember this is an anti-tobacco CONtrol group.

6. Wonderful Marlboro image. (Their partners.) No reverse psychology here….

7. More common is the press deciding multiple brands should be shown.

8. (Retweeted) – A wonderful closeup of Newports.


Those are just a few… in the past month or so… and is how a political front groups acts as if they are “educating” children while operating as a caring non-profit “for the children™”.

I hope you’ve read this far:

From Carl V. Phillips:

“The New York Times and Washington Post published party-line articles about this within minutes of Gottlieb’s statements, making clear that their endorsement of the FDA’s message had been pre-arranged.”

That’s here:

FDA Joins Orchestrated Attack On Juul. Or Did They Start It?



“Anybody who tells you Juul is a panic or epidemic in America is deceiving you” ~ Iowa Attorney General – Tom Miller

Iowa AG Says Teen Vaping Is ‘Hardly An Epidemic’ And Is ‘Life -Saving’ For Adults

While finalizing this blog for today…. Solace Technologies “has received at least one buyout offer from a company”…

Who bets Tobacco-Free Kids “didn’t know” this in advance….

Who will it be, Reynolds Or PM?

These 4 Guys Just Made $3.7 Million Selling Nicotine Salt Juice

Will “Juul” be in negotiations to be bought out next?

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  1. Do you still stand by this Kevin? Has the high nicotine salts factor changed anything? Do you think it is more addictive than normal nicotine?


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