I’m not your Winston Man: David Goerlitz

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For immediate release:

David Goerlitz announces the launch of his new show premiering Saturday, April 28th at 9:00 A.M. Central Standard Time on Vape Radio.

In my search to make a determination of what is real or imagined in the controversy of safety, effectiveness, vaping, I accidentally found a blog by David Goerlitz on a cold winter night in 2014  – enlightening me to things I never thought I’d read.

I messaged him never expecting a response. That response was not only within a day or so, it was extremely clear this man needed to be heard. Coorespondence with him was just the way I like it. No bullshit. No filter. Swift and direct. I’ve said he is the only man alive with this much knowledge, passion and common sense.

In 2016, he was featured throughout the film “A Billion Lives“.

David’s ready for a fight.

He expected “the anti-tobacco movement would embrace the vaping concept by at least 90% by the organizations he once worked for from 1988 until 2006 – like the American Heart, American Lung Associations, Tobacco-Free Kids and more) thinking 10% who reserve the right to be stupid”.

As we all know – that’s not happening.

100% percent have reserved the right to be stupid.

David G is not shutting up:

David f

I’ll quote David:

“In my quest in 2018 to get more than a million smokers OR more to transition to vaping because THEY tell me THEY are ready and convinced that it is their time, having done their research and homework on THEIR OWN regarding the benefits of vaping over smoking, I will be endorsing my picks for the best starter package to make the crossover not only rewarding and effective, but exciting and worthy of the effort.

I will be endorsing the best, affordable, safest, high quality products with long term satisfaction while you enhance the quality of your lives. This is your journey, controlled by you.

Along the way, I will be offering questions and answers programs as well as weekly updates with some of the best on the confusion thrust upon the Vaping and Wellness Community by Big Tobacco, BIG Pharma, FDA, CDC, ALA, CFTFK (CAMPAIGN FOR TOBACCO FREE KIDS) and the Media.

Along with Advocacy, we must put forth a Public Relations Campaign to stop the LIES, MORE LIES, MISINFORMATION and MYTHS surrounding Vaping as a viable alternative in taking your life back. Stay tuned: THE GLOVES ARE INDEED OFF.”


I join David on his Podcast: David G Model Citizen

A long time coming, David’s show will debut Saturday April 28th, at 9:00 A.M. on Vape Radio


Future shows will be announced!

More On David


Your comments are NEVER filtered, always encouraged and welcome on this blog.

There is definitely more to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.


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