U.S. Health Groups File Suit To Expedite More Smoking


Political front groups have admitted efforts of doing their alleged “jobare useless to “protect children”. Again.

The “American Academy of Pediatrics and its Maryland chapter, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Truth Initiative and five individual pediatricians” filed a lawsuit in a Maryland court on March 27th to expedite more smoking in the United States.

Basically it states:

Because we’re unable to fulfill our “mission statement” of “protecting kids”, we oppose any opportunity for adults to stop smoking with a less harmful product that we’re not fully collecting taxes on. Until we’re happy, ain’t nobody gonna be happy.

“The leading cause of funding for tobacco control is taxes derived from smoking.”

“Think of the children™”

They’re not doing enough. Saying “nicotine” is tobacco and creating National Tobacco Day in 2016 just isn’t enough. Knowing gateways do not exist isn’t enough. Not proving  “nicotine addiction” or gateways exist just isn’t enough.

Each political “non-profit” front group wants the Food and Drug Administration to “act quickly” to regulate, restrict, tax and ban “e-cigarettes” for fear there will be less smokers.

“What are the health implications of deceiving smokers by regulating e-cigarettes as “tobacco” products”?

Also stated in the press release:

“the groups strongly support the FDA’s new efforts to reduce nicotine levels in *cigarettes*….”

FDA review “should remove from the commercial marketplace those tobacco products that pose the greatest health risks

Wouldn’t that be cigarettes? Maybe it’s just me.

“Show me the latest photo of a professional tobacco control / public health “expert” “protecting” a child from “tobacco” and I’ll show you an unemployed expert.”

A recent interview on ABC Australia with Matt Myers has a telling quote about “lower nicotine cigarettes”. I think he was having a hard time reading the monitor.

“Our FDA has laid out a comprehensive scheme…”  “to have – use products that won’t kill them.”

Coming soon to a convenience store near you:

xxii sign 1.JPG

You can find out how to keep smoking  – with lower nicotine cigarettes here.


When you’re done, and because e-cigarettes are classified as tobacco (I swear people don’t know this), I IMPLORE you to (respectfully) comment directly on the “proposed rule” of 2,826 others (as of 3/28/2018) on “regulating flavors in tobacco products” here.

Recommended reading from Jim McDonald here:

Anti-Vaping Groups Sue the FDA to Reinstate the 2018 PMTA Deadline

And recommended from Carl V. Phillips here:

Anti-Tobacco Groups Sue FDA Over Vape Ban Timing. But Why?

Then, for good measure, I suggest watching this from Dr. Steven J. Allen and the Capital Research Center.


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