This is Why Tobacco Control Should not be Trusted


This is Why Tobacco Control Should not be Trusted

This guest blog is courtesy of two people I trust:

Kevin M. Price and David Goerlitz.

The current decline in smoking has been well-documented and has occurred because of a consumer based technology coming into the marketplace, not by the efforts of Tobacco Control (TC) groups. TC is primarily funded by Tobacco Taxes. It is a textbook conflict of interest because if they succeed at what they are trying to do, they will de-fund themselves. Let me make this a bit clearer for those of you reading this; Tobacco Control does NOT have the goal of eliminating smoking, period! TC is about control and power. Here are some of their proposed ‘fixes’ and what they claim their goal is along with what their true objectives are:

Tobacco 21- TC claims that raising the age to purchase tobacco products will reduce the numbers of new smokers by 25%. In actuality, it has done little to help reduce smoking or curb youth access since it does not make it illegal to possess tobacco products if you are under 21 and it has been largely rejected by a majority of cities and towns already. Raising the age to buy without the means to enforce it is a feigned attempt to appear to be doing a public service. The intended goal of this program is to inflate the numbers of ‘youth smokers’ by including the now ‘underage’ 18-20 year olds in their reports and surveys. They will further secure their funding by showing a jump in tobacco use overnight. Clever but not completely honest to say the least.

Flavor Bans- TC will claim that “Flavors are marketed to Children” and should be banned from all tobacco products. Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) has played a major role in helping people to stop smoking. It is estimated that nearly 13 million Adults in the USA have used smokeless tobacco (Vaping and Snus) with significantly higher success rates (67%) of never returning to combustible tobacco products again, using flavored products. Why would TC want to remove products that are magnitudes safer than smoking? Why would TC want to restrict access to something that millions of adults have found success quitting smoking with? If someone is trying to quit smoking, should they HAVE to use tobacco flavors to do so? The answer, they are well aware that doing so will cause many to return to smoking, completing the cycle of taxation and funding for their continued existence. It is not about public health, it is about their funding.

High Taxation- Tobacco has always been the target for taxes and revenue generators for states. The sin and guilt applied to smokers has been a psychological war going on for decades. ‘You smoke and should be ashamed of it, pay your taxes’. However, TC has completely ignored any and all THR products citing that ‘They are not FDA approved’ as their reasoning. Again, I ask you, Why not include THR products with a very high success rate and far less harm? It is an obvious ruse and it comes back to their funding. Call it ‘Tobacco’, tax it, and keep the funding coming in, rinse and repeat. Are you seeing the trend here? I hope so. On to the next…

Tobacco Control uses slight of words- If you listen to these TC groups speak, they will interchange the words ‘tobacco’ and ‘nicotine’ as if they are one and the same, they are not. Using this play on words they will say things like “Smoking kills 480k+ Americans each year. ____________ (add in any of their proposals above here) will save people from their deadly addictions to nicotine and create a healthier state/city in ____________ (enter city or state here).” They want to create the narrative so that people associate tobacco and nicotine as one and the same by continually using them together. Keep in mind that there are no studies that can prove nicotine is deadly or that it is ‘highly addictive’ as they claim. Not ONE study! Prove me wrong, I’ll wait. They do this so that they can include anything with nicotine in it to be taxed just like tobacco…to protect their funding.

Finally, I would like to point out that these TC groups are NOT required to communicate truthfully OR factually to the public. They are not bound by any state or federal laws to tell the truth. Having given you my professional opinion, I stand by the title of this letter in saying “This is WHY Tobacco Control should not be trusted”.



Kevin M. Price is the President of THR4Life. You can learn more about THR4Life here.

You can listen to David on his podcast, here.

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You can watch his latest interview with Norm Bour of VapeMentors below.



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