Vaping In The News: September 2, 2017


Vaping In The News – August 27th – September 2nd, 2017

What Trump’s FDA director gets wrong ~ First Clinical Evidence of Unharmed Myocardial Function in Vapers ~ Data-Driven Meta-Analysis E-cigs cause less smoking ~ BrandFire ~ New York City ~ Tobacco 21 ~ Youth ~ Seattle Smokers ~ Ruth Malone ~ Puff-N-Stuff – Nicotine ~ American Vaping Association

 What Trump’s FDA director gets wrong

“The FDA’s failure, to date, to acknowledge that e-cigarettes not only are safer than combustible cigarettes, but that they are much safer, results in confusion among would be consumers.”

What Trump’s FDA director gets wrong

First Clinical Evidence of Unharmed Myocardial Function in Vapers

Dear Professor Glantz,

Before you sharpen your pencil:

First Clinical Evidence of Unharmed Myocardial Function in Vapers


Data Driven Meta-Analysis

The wild, wild west of data driven meta-analysis just isn’t full enough yet – of meta-analysis about e-cigarette use. I’ve decided to go west.

Because data. Yep. I thought it was way overdue. Because data.

My Data Driven Meta-Analysis: E-cigarettes cause less smoking.

Via Michael Siegel:

Center for Tobacco Products is Lying to the Public About Youth Tobacco Use


Adam Padilla of “BrandFire” where the claim on their “about us” page brags of their approach as “creative and “It has the power to disrupt your competition”.

Mr. Padilla put out, on social media sites, a box showing a baby with “my first vape” on it.

It of course, spread around Facebook with ease – and on Twitter….

It turns out my new friend Adam at BrandFire has Pfizer (owned by Johnson & Johnson) listed as a client on their “client” page, but doesn’t show any dazzling “work” for Pfizer on “our work” page.

I looked.

How interesting. This must have been it.

Thierry Bonnevap tweeted this.

Choose the Auto-Translate at the top of the blog link By below to read more:
Who is behind the new false viral vapor ads for children?

Jim McDonald also had his say on Vaping360:

Is Pfizer behind the My First Vape meme?


Do you know about THR4LIFE?


New York City

With the Bloomberg regime off in the distance, the next generation of nannies want to pretend to lower smoking rates in New York City, or profit from those who keep smoking, regardless of the price.

Because of the failure of Bill de Blasio’s city to be fiscally responsible by budgeting what they have,  he’s decided, and includes e-cigarettes… that less people smoking… paying more for public housing… for not smoking… is the plan.

Oh, except New Yorkers being smarter than he is, and of course the black market that doesn’t exist.

Firmly stating “We are sending a loud and clear message that we will not let their greed kill any more New Yorkers without a fight”.

Greed can be misconstrued by “imposing a new 10 percent local tax on tobacco products other than cigarettes” and raising the cost of cigarettes from $10.50 to $13.00 could never be classified as “greed”.


It’s Official: A Pack Of Cigarettes Now Costs $13 In NYC


Tobacco 21

Here’s how their game plan “works” in writing.

Raising The Age Of Purchase For Tobacco Products: Lessons Learned from Tobacco21

Seems the plan isn’t working for compliance, or is it?

In my (highly acclaimed by me) opinion, as the age of purchase was 18, they are having a difficult time keeping their percentage at acceptable levels, and now want to raise it to 21 to recreate the problem.

If they raise the minimum to 21, they create a whole new class and “infringement rate” – and in the process, create more funding to do what “they’ve” already allegedly done.

Job security.

The plan is working to keep “control” relevant as I’ve predicted here and here.

Suddenly, in California, bad laws create bad people and relevance for tobacco control. Now they will “need” more funding to fight “it”.

The rates of “underage sales” failed 50%. They quietly (not to me) created more “problems”…

This is exactly what they planned. More “self-created” problems, more job security to “fight” it.

More proof that “laws” don’t stop “children” (redefined as 18-20 year olds as well) from tobacco use.

August 28, 2017: Tobacco Retailer Compliance Operations Cases

Sheriff’s report of the same:

Tobacco Retailer Compliance Operations

If there were only more 18-20 year olds like this:

Letter: Tobacco 21 will actually create more young smokers in Detroit Lakes


“most e-cigarette experimentation does not turn into regular use, and levels of regular use in young people who have never smoked remain very low.”

Young People’s Use of E-Cigarettes across the United Kingdom: Findings from Five Surveys 2015–2017


FDA Lies About Vaping While the CDC Inches Toward the Truth


 Seattle Smokers

Aside from taking exception to “Thus, the statement that e-cigarettes are addictive is true”, I actually was pretty impressed with this article from Alex Berezow and the American Council on Science and Health.

If Seattle Smokers Follow King County’s Health Advice, They Will Die

Ruth Malone

Last week, Christopher Snowden had a few words to say another idiotic statement from Stuff-N-Puff Glantz and “big tobacco”:

“This is the David and Goliath delusion on crystal meth. “

That shady link between Big Tobacco and nicotine gum

This week, Ruth Malone has more to contribute. SURPRISE!

“It doesn’t seem to make sense for a company that sells cigarettes to help smokers stop using them”: A case study of Philip Morris’s involvement in smoking cessation

Then, with his knife resharpened, Christopher Snowden took another stab by appropriately lunging at Ruth:

Get your story straight

I fixed the final thoughts for her.

ruth malone drivel.jpg

Poor Stan

I’m torn between considering Stan a punching bag or a punchline.

Time to make the donuts.

Teen Smoking Unconnected to Cinematic Smoking

Do you know about NNA?



My favorite subject.

Smokers’ understandings of addiction to nicotine and tobacco: A systematic review and interpretive synthesis of quantitative and qualitative research

Are you familiar with INNCO?

American Vaping Association

Via Gregory Conley:

Today, AVA submitted our comment on PMI’s modified risk tobacco product application for iQOS and its associated HeatSticks.


Outstanding. THIS is louder.

American Vaping Association Submission (PDF)

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