Vaping In The News – August 12th, 2017


Vaping In The News

Then And Now ~ Bullying ~ What Are They Smoking ~ Politics ~ A Billion Lives

Then & Now

The FDA now headed by Scott Gottlieb, M.D. is not only on a “nicotine dangers” kick, they’re funding and promoting it.

Nicotine, as I’ve previously concluded for you, is not addictive without tobacco & MAOI’s.

Now, there’s another NIH article for you to consider on the association of addiction. They know better, they just won’t admit it.

“nicotine concentration was associated, albeit weakly, with dependence among e-cigarette users.”

Then and now: Consumption and dependence in e-cigarette users who formerly smoked cigarettes.

Are you familiar with INNCO?


Tobacco Free Kids loves to use the illusion of tobacco companies “bullying” their way into more sales… because I care, here are a few examples below.


Well, tobacco CONtrol isn’t immune.

They would NEVER control from within or bully their own…


Do you know about NNA?



Via Michael Siegel (bold & underlining is my emphasis):

“Importantly, only one perspective on this issue was presented to us in the trainings. There was no room for disagreement or challenge. These ideas were presented as scientific facts, not subject to debate. In fact, if we were to challenge the ideas, the implication was that we – ourselves – might be accused of working for Big Tobacco or receiving secret payoffs.

The most prominent and dogmatic idea presented to us was that “The debate is over.” There is no room for questioning of the link between secondhand smoke and chronic disease. Anyone who challenges that link or suggests that it is being exaggerated must therefore be a front for the tobacco industry. No reasonable person – acting of their own accord – would challenge this undebatable science.”

That is explained here:

Author Expelled from Smokefree Air List-Serve for Criticizing Unfounded and Inflammatory Smear Campaign Against Smoking Ban Opponent

Jeff Stier

…”legislators want to recklessly regulate responsible vape retailers out of existence.”

Always a pleasure from Mr. Stier:

NYC Moves to Snuff Out E-Cigs: “What Are They Smoking?”

Have you seen THR4Life?



Two distinct tweets caught my attention this week.

First, Randy Abreu, Esq. is running in New York……

And….out in Missouri… Austin Peterson is:

A Billion Lives

It’s been more than a year since my wife & I traveled to Milwaukee to the premier of A Billion Lives.

They’re not done, and neither are we.



In case you’re not on Facebook:

“After the big FDA news, there’s been a resurgence of groups looking to host educational screenings of #ABillionLives in their local theaters for politicians & media.

Great news! The major US theater companies will do another run, but will require about 50 tickets pre-ordered for each showing. No other costs, and group leaders will get 5% of their ticket sales to put towards advocacy.

Here’s the link to get started:”

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A Billion Lives

A Billion Lives


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